Monday, December 20, 2010

5 More Sleeps!

I received the cover of "A Crazy Day" this week, and had to put it up. I'm so excited with how it turned out! One step closer!
This past week, I didn't get as much done on the layout as I had hoped, not too surprising. I think I am going to give myself a little break through Christmas, and then hit it. I really want to be here in every sense for the holiday, and made an executive decision to give myself permission to do so.
I should still have "A Crazy Day" in my hands by the end of April, which is right in line with the time frame I was aiming at.
This week, I finally heard back from the Calgary Board of Education. They wrote me to inform me that they won't be picking "Lexi" for their recommended resource list at this time. They didn't give a reason, so, me being me, I probed for one. Here's hoping they take the time to answer that probe! In the meantime, onward and upward!
So, as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to take a little break for the holiday, so my next blog will be on Jan 2, 2011. Yep, gonna take a tiny breather to focus on family, then hit the ground running!
Have a great Christmas and Fantabulous 2011!
Until Then,
May your every possible Christmas wish come true a thousand fold.
May your favorite songs be beautifully sung, and your favorite stories, well told.
May you witness a child's Christmas splendor, and see it through their eyes.
May you retrieve that "I Believe" memory from your heart and claim that innocent prize.
May your "next years" be ever bigger and better than the ones you leave behind.
May you carve from them the future you want, with every opportunity you find.
May you and yours be happy and healthy throughout this season of cheer.
May you have nothing but smiles, laughter and big bear hugs to bring in the brand new year!
See You Next Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 More Sleeps!

Well Hi,

First off, I think it's only fair to tell you I'm writing this with very little sleep under my belt, so if it doesn't make sense, I apologize.

Ok, this past week.

Well, I'm really excited to tell you that I almost have all the coloured illustrations for "A Crazy Day" from Hazel! They look fantastic! It's going to be so cool to have book #2 in hand! I really didn't think I would get as worked up as I did with "Lexi", but I so am!

I'm haven't completed the layout yet, but am working on it. I'm just a bit undecided about a couple of things. I find this is the toughest part for me. It can be a little intimidating. I know it probably sounds dumb, but, this decides how this book is going to present itself to the world. I do my very best, try to make minimal mistakes, and once it's out there, I hope it comes across to people as the story and book as a whole, the way it's been living in my head! I've still got some time, though, all is good.

Also this past week, I was reminded once again why I simply love hanging out with kids. They are so sweet, adorable, funny, mischievous, destructive, and absolutely lovable! Ok, now I have to give a couple of examples, in case you don't believe me. lol

A five year old I know, within a five minute conversation, told me all about her new Calgary Klein underwear, and how she got to eat the chocolate from her Advil calendar early that day!

Then, a certain 2 year old I know (ok, my grandbaby), was heard explaining how drinking his milk helps with his flu symptoms! To top it off, later, his auntie was playing with him and was about to blow on his belly, when he pipes up with " Auntie please stop, that's inappropriate"

Yes, this is why I love hanging out with the munchkins of the world!

Now, for the upcoming week.

Well, I see layout work in my future along with some grocery shopping, more baking. (I'm almost done!), some baby snugglin', diaper changing, grandson playing, and more layout working. At the end of the week there will also be some heavy duty mom visiting.

You know, I look at my life, the way it is today, and everything that has brought me to these moments, and I am so incredibly thankful. I may live in a house with drafty windows, drive a car with a million miles on it, and have a bank account just a touch short of that million (lol). But, I'm doing what I love to do, I have an incredible husband, awesome kids, a genius grandson (ok, it hasn't been made official yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!), a wise and strong mom, brothers and sisters that are second to none and great friends. It's a privileged life I lead, indeed.

Until Next Time,

May these last weeks before Christmas be richly dipped in hearty, belly laughter.
May all snippets of joy grow to completely fill, your happily ever after.

May the stockings get hung so carefully and sweetly, on that famed chimney with care.
May they be filled with lovely treasures and not boring old Calgary Klein underwear.

May you have your fill of eggnog and rum and maybe a sweet or two.
May you know when to say when, before your that girl dancing alone, With. One. Shoe.

Have a Good Week!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

20 More Sleeps!


Well, as you can see from the above illustrations, I've started to receive some of the colours from Hazel! They look awesome! The more I see, the more excited I get to have the finished book in my hands.

Ok, as for the past week. My brother surprised me by showing up in Saskatoon for an impromptu lunch date on Tuesday. It was good to see him, needless to say a visit with my baby bro trumps a consult with the laser place, so I think I'm going to reschedule the appointment for early in the new year. There is just too much going on between now and New Year's to squeak it in. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes, in case any of you are thinking about doing it.

More baking is in the freezer, slowly but surely that will get done. I did make up a new cookie. Caramel Chocolate Cookies. All I will say is it involves cream cheese and Werther's caramel chocolates. If you would like the recipe throw me an email to that effect, and I'd be happy to send it. .

I finally found out a bit more about the Sask Writers' Guild. I'm happy to announce that if you go onto their website and "Search Saskatchewan Writers", you will find me there. This way, it makes it way easier for schools and libraries to find me if they so choose.

Another kind of neat thing that happened, that I didn't know would, is that I received an email from the National government library archives. They want 2 copies of "Lexi's Magic Clothes." One to lend out and one for safe keeping. It's pretty cool to think that my great great grand kids will be able to find a copy, if they ever to decide to look up their grandma some day.
Now, for the upcoming week. Well needless to say there will be more baking involved, turkey buying, now that I have a head count, will happen. I also need to finish decorating my house. I don't have even half of the snowmen up that need to be put up! You see, it's kind of a running joke in our family about my snowmen. I have several, ok a couple of hundred, lol, of all shapes and sizes that are the heart of Christmas decorations in this house. My girls and my hubby tease me continually about it, but I know deep in their hearts they like them too!
Also, this week, Monday, after work I have a date with my 6 year old nephew. I'll be done work and he has no school that day. I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty certain that there will be some sort of Super Mario involved. Tuesday, my good dear friend is coming to town and we are going to meet up for some lunch and a little mall crawling. I'm looking very forward to it. Wednesday, I need to get those copies of "Lexi" off to the national library thing a ma jigger, and of course, baking!
Until Next Time!
May your Christmas tree go up without a fuss, without a bother.
May it fit without trimming it and never run out of water.
May you find all your decorations in tact, with nothing either broken or in disarray.
May you find them all, especially the ones the kids made out of glitter and paper mache.
May all the bulbs in the twenty foot string, glint with brilliant light.
May every delicate ball stay completely out of a busy toddler's sight.
May the eggnog flow, and the carols ring, to fill your home to the top with Christmas cheer.
May there be sleigh rides, snow ball fights, and hot chocolate, and maybe a glimpse of reindeer.
May you be grateful for those around you, that are here for that hug and that kiss.
May you look back fondly with a smile, not tears, on those, the ones we miss.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

27 more Sleeps!


This week Hazel finished the sketches for "A Crazy Day"! Next, the cover design. I've sent her what I picture in my head, now she does with it what her brilliant artistic mind does with that, and BOOM! There it will be, the cover!

After that comes a practice in patience for me. The colouring process takes some time, as it should. But, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to show up while I'm waiting to see them.

It's probably a really good thing that Christmas preparations will keep me relatively distracted. That way, I hopefully won't be driving Hazel nuts!

In the whole Christmas scenario, I'm happy to report that I only have 2 more people to buy for! I have a few batches of cookies, muffins and some fudge in the freezer! I'm so loving my new mixer! It definitely is better than doing it all by hand!

Also, while Hazel is busy with putting colour to the sketches, I need to work on the layout of "A Crazy Day." What type of text, size of font, any use of bold or italics. Or, if I should maybe use some colour. I need to figure out the wordage for each page, how that will lay on each page. This is where I do my best to put it all together so it comes to reality the way it's been living in my head for the past year or so.

I guess what plays in my mind is that "Lexi's Magic Clothes" has done and continues to do more than I ever expected. I really hope that I can prove to myself more than anything, that it wasn't a fluke. That "A Crazy Day" will be as good or better.

These are the bits of self doubt that can get in the way of a person chasing a dream. I want to be very clear that the nigglings of doubt are not coming from anyone but me. My family and friends have been nothing short of incredibly supportive. I have always been my harshest critic and probably always will be. But, it's not always the worst thing, it really makes me put in 100% on everything I do.

I despise the feeling of looking back at something and thinking I could have done better. I always want to know in my heart that I absolutely did everything I could, that way there are no regrets.

I think I'm getting better at it with time and age, the kicking myself in the butt with 20/20 hindsight incidences are getting fewer and farther between. This is a good thing, as my butt was getting pretty sore through my 20's and 30's!

Now, for the upcoming week!

Well, more shopping (malls are already getting nuts!), more baking, some work on layout, more baking, work, laundry, decorate house, more baking, wrap more presents, prep for Christmas party we are performing for on the 11th, more baking, oh and did I mention baking? lol
Oh, I also have my consult with laser eye place on Tuesday! Hope they have nothing but good news!

Until next week,

May everything you need to happen, happen without cause.
May you avoid any talks that involve "there isn't really a Santa Claus."

May the spirit of the season fill you, from the top your head to the tip of your toes.
May any parties attended not include a dress tucked in your pantyhose.

May simple, happy, kind surprises be bestowed on you all week long.
May you pay them forward to others, for it will fill your soul and make it strong.

May you and yours enjoy a happy healthy hope filled holiday.
May you enjoy all the preparation work, but take the time to play!

"Lexi's Magic Clothes" would make a great stocking stuffer! Tell all your friends! (Shameless plug finished)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, let's see, where to begin.

This week went pretty well. Didn't miss any whole days of work for weather only one half day. You guessed it...more snow!!!

Dentist went well on Wednesday, and the craft fair was fun that afternoon as well. I was able to get caught up with some friends, sell some books, buy some stuff, in general, have a good time.

One lady told me, after kind of just standing there and staring at the books for a couple of seconds, how she thought it looked familiar. Apparently, she had seen and read a copy in the waiting room at one of the hospitals in Saskatoon, while her husband was in for an appointment.
She said she really enjoyed it,which is so nice to hear.

I sure hope the little thrill I get every time I talk to or hear of someone reading and enjoying "Lexi" never fades. I don't think it will because it's kind of like hearing nice things about your kids, you never tire of that either!

Friday, when we got home, I was rushing around, putting purchases away, getting things organized for the weekend and in the midst of the bustle, checked my email to find a pleasant note waiting for me. It was McNally Robinson in Saskatoon needing another batch of "Lexi" books! Apparently they were down to their last few again and wanted to stock up for the holidays!

Last night was my husband's work holiday party. It was a great time! Lovely meal, followed by 2 hours of stand up comedy that had us in stitches. Laughing until I cry is one of my most absolute favourite ways to spend an evening. This is why I try to do it on a fairly regular basis.

Also this week, I received more illustrations from Hazel. I wish I was more computer savvy and was able to put some up on here. I'm not giving up, I will figure it out. Hopefully in time for next week's blog.

For the upcoming week. Like most everyone out there I am getting ready for Christmas. I'll be shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating etc. In addition, I'm hoping to come up with some kind of clever, inspirational, free, fun, did I mention free, way to market "Lexi" for the Christmas season. I would love her to be in countless stockings, everywhere! Don't laugh! It could happen!

Also this week, I'm hoping to find out more about the Sask writers' guild, and what the benefits of membership are.

Until next week;

May all the shopping carts you push have had all their wheels aligned.
May none of them have that one stuck wheel that makes you feel you're driving blind.

May traffic be slight wherever you may roam.
May the skills of fellow drivers always be equal to your own.

May all the messages on your phone be nothing but good news.
May any telemarketers only call with offers that you would choose.

May none of your children need your assistance with homework once this week.
May they not have one squabble with a sibling, and be oh so sweet.

May they suddenly discover that chocolate cures cancer, obesity and insomnia.
May they find too that ice cream has this capability in it's formula.

See you next week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who says you can't mix business with pleasure!

Well hello there! Long time no see!
I'm sorry I wasn't able to get my blog up last Sunday. I thought I was going to be able to, but didn't have wifi at the trade show and for some reason could not piggyback into my friend's wifi at her house. Not sure why, had her password, tried it on all the systems that my computer was showing as available. Hey, if one of you guys has an idea, please let me know. That information may very well come in handy another time.
Enough of that. The Mistletoe Craft and Gift Show in North Battleford was awesome! My oldest daughter came along, and there, we teamed up with one of my oldest and dearest friends.(bottom,center photo). Crystal, my daughter was a great sport dressing up as "Lexi."
I was able to meet a lot of very interesting people throughout the weekend, had a blast hanging out with Dana and Crystal, and sold 49 books!
Once again, without "Lexi," I would not have had this same opportunity.
Now, for this past week;
Well, I went to work Monday, pretty typical day. Tuesday, on the other hand was not so typical.
My husband and I attempted to get to work, but the roads were just too bad. They weren't exactly great when we started out and got progressively worse as we went! Highway was covered in slow/slush/ice. Yay Saskatchewan!
So with Wednesday being my usual day off, Thursday being Remembrance Day, and Friday my family didn't need me because they were getting company for the weekend. I had an impromptu 6 days off!
I took advantage of being home during office hours and ticked some things off my to do list.
*confirmed dentist appointment
*booked in for complete physical ( say it with me, yay!)
*booked a table for our local craft and gift show
*booked a consult with an eye laser place
*booked hair appointment
What does it say about me that the thing on that list that gets me most excited is the eye laser place? I know it sounds a little scary, but, my eyes need help and I'm terrible with glasses. Especially if I don't need to wear them all the time, I'll just end up losing them!
During this time off I also managed to put a few miles on my treadmill and break in my new mixer, which gets the assist in knocking off two batches of cookies to pop in the freezer for Christmas! That's right, Christmas baking has begun! lol
Now, before you nominate me for sainthood for being such a diligent little worker bee, I feel it necessary to inform you that in and amongst said time off, there was also some gratuitous Oprah, Dr. Phil, and movie watching. I also managed to sing through my entire collection of Christmas karaoke songs(60)! And before you ask, because I can! lol
Oh! I received the first sketches from "A Crazy Day" from Hazel! They are AWESOME! I showed you the character sketch last time, and I tried to give you a peek of what the actual story sketches look like, but I couldn't get them to load for some reason. I will figure it out and pop a couple on next week if I can.
So, for the upcoming week. Hopefully it will remain a normal work week, roads permitting. Wednesday is my above mentioned dentist appointment and the local craft fair. I'm looking forward to the fair, will get to catch up with some friends!
Oh, did I mention that I am now an official member of the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild? I'm not exactly sure what all the benefits of it are yet, it's still pretty new. I'll definitely keep you posted!
Until next time,
May all on your Christmas list give you obvious hints.
May you find all of the gifts you seek in the bargain bins.
May all you buy through the internet be delivered in one piece and on time.
May you be the millionth customer and win all the purchases you made on line.
May your office parties be truly fun, no awkward moments with the boss.
May the weird guy from accounting not striptease like last year, giving his undies a toss!
May your Christmas bonuses be huge and come with a big pat on the back.
May you be able to spend them freely without thought of the bills in a stack.
May you come out on the other end of this pre-Christmas season, with nothing but good experiences and a smile.
May you realize when all the craziness is over it was definitely all worth while!
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hi! You guessed it! This is the first peek at the main character in "A Crazy Day."

If he looks familiar to some of you, that's because Hazel did such an awesome job of turning my grandbaby, Ethan, into an illustration. Her talent never ceases to amaze me. I sent her a few photos, and asked that she made him look 4 years old instead of his real age, 2. Blows my mind.
I can hardly wait to see the sketches as they come in!

Ok, let's see. This past week was a tough one. It was one of starting to work through the loss of my Father-in-law, getting back to our "normal" routine as best we can, putting final touches, and performing a Halloween karaoke show last night.

The former is a work in progress, and the latter, well, strangely enough, seemed to be the ideal thing to help with the former. Maybe it's because while we are doing a show, we are pretty focused on making sure everyone else is having a good time. In doing that, I think it's pretty much impossible not to have some of that good time rub off, no matter what your frame of mind or heart. This is the first time we've had to do a show so close to the time of such a loss, who knew it would be so therapeutic.

Now, onto the upcoming week!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday the Mistletoe Show in North Battleford!

I'm looking very forward to it. It's going to be such a good time. Spending the weekend with one of my oldest and dearest friends, and my oldest daughter is coming along to be "Lexi" at the show!

So, this week needs to be spent in preparation. Get t-shirts made, get books together, book stands, float, order book, (in case I run out of books from selling so many!), hey I can dream, can't I! lol Putting my daughter's "Lexi" outfit together, figuring out logistics of travel, packing, etc.

I just hope I don't forget anything important! Being my first time doing one of these, I would have no way of knowing until I get there and need whatever it is!

I think the whole paranoia of forgetting something stems from when the girls were all 5 years old and younger and we went to my brother's wedding. Yep, 3 hours cramped in a too small car with four cranky kids. we get to my parents' house, get everybody tucked in, fall into bed to go to sleep. Then it hits me! I left every stitch of dress clothes for my entire family hanging in the laundry room, at my house! With everything you have to pack for four small kids, playpen, play clothes, books and toys for the ride, I didn't want the clothes getting squashed at the bottom of all that. Well, they didn't get squashed! lol
But, my hero, my hubby, made the trek home and back, early the next morning, and nobody had to go to the wedding naked.

Anyway, I'm thinking this may explain why whenever I go anywhere, I always have a niggling feeling that I have forgotten something.

So, I am check listing myself into a coma trying not to do that to myself this time. Will it work? Probably not, but I enjoy the idea of the illusion!

Thanks so much for reading my babblings.

Until next week,

My wish;

May you really be in every moment with everything you are.
May you find something good in it no matter how awful or bizarre.

May you squeeze some joy from everything, even if you don't feel your heart is able.
May you spread that joy to all you meet, with the ease of passing food around a table.

May you feel in your core the contentment of being your real self.
May you know in the deepest part of your soul that that is truly good enough.

See you next Week!

To order 'Lexi"

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This past week.... the only thing that matters.... really..... is my Father-in-law passed away.

Yes other things went on, good things, happy things, but, as we all know, when something like this happens, a bit of a sad shadow is draped over happiness.

So, this week, I'm not going to tell you about the places "Lexi" and I went, or the places we will be going in the upcoming week.

This week, I'm going to ask that you indulge me, and give me a pass, until next week.

Until then....


May your heaven be filled with tuned guitars,
May the fishing trips there, be the best by far.

May you look down upon us and see your whole family thrive.
May you see us daily appreciate that we are full of life.

May you rest where you are in comfort, painless and peaceful as a spring rain.
May you rest knowing you passed leaving the very best of yourself in the ones who remain.

We love you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Short and Sweet!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! Is it just me, or as soon as thanksgiving is over, you start feeling like Christmas is just around the corner?
Well, let's see.... ah yes, this past week. Well the Halloween prizes are done! Yay!!!! Still need to nail down costumes for Randy and myself yet, suggestions?
I've booked the 21st off for reading "Lexi" in Rosetown. Turns out I'll be reading twice that day, to the pre-kindergarten class just before lunch and another group of kids right after lunch. I'm looking forward to it, I get such a kick out of the munchkins.
I still, however, have not started on a check list for North Battleford. I will, though, this week for sure! I've been trying to think of clever ways to draw interest to the "Lexi" booth. I would love to do something fun, but would like to stay on this side of screaming like a Carney! lol Again, any suggestions would be welcomed!
And, no I still haven't made that call to Outlook elementary. I had planned to do it on Wednesday, but ended up nursing a pretty sore neck that day. Still am, really. It's kind of an amusing story, if it hadn't ended in a mild case of whiplash!
On Tuesday, after work I was on my way to my sister's house for lunch. There I was innocently waiting at a red light, when I got hit from behind, and pretty hard, too! That's not even the best part, it was a COP!!!! I pulled over, and she came running up to my car apologizing profusely. I felt bad for her, she looked 12, and probably would have been in real trouble if I kicked up a stink. I felt fine, and there wasn't any damage to my car.(When she hit my foot was knocked off the brake, I think that's what saved the bumper!) It wasn't until that evening that my neck started flaring up. It's starting to let up now, though, I just have to be a little kind to it, and let it rest here and there.
AAAnnywaaay, I still need to call Outlook! This Wednesday, for sure!
Also this week, COSTUMES!!!
So you'll have to forgive me if this week's blog is a little shorter than normal, as typing too long makes my neck yell at me.
Until Next Week.......
May all the places you travel have the scent of wild flowers.
May you linger in your happy place for hours and hours and hours.
May your nights be extremely restful and your days even finer.
May you never have the stress of a cheating Chilean miner.
For a list of where you can find Lexi, please check out my first few blogs, as that was before I became lazy! lol

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks, You Bet!

Well, hello there;

On this thanksgiving weekend, I would like to start off this post with a big thank you to Mother Nature for giving us, here in good old Saskatchewan anyway, the most gorgeous October weather! I don't remember an October when you could go outside in shorts and tanks!
It's Awesome!

Okay, down to business, or as close to business as this blog ever gets, anyway.

This week I managed to knock a few things off the list. I put the order in for more Lexi books, and they will be here a full week before the North Battleford trade show! Give me a Woot!

My business cards showed up in time, and look pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I found book proper uppers (still convinced that's their official name). On a suggestion from one of you guys, I went looking for a recipe book holder. I was sadly unsuccessful at a store that should most definitely carry such items. On my way to the car, deciding where else I should try, the dollarama store caught my eye. To make a long story short, I found a plethora of holders. I think they are intended for art or photos, but they work great for holding books!

I'm still figuring things out for the Halloween Bash, but I'm not too worried, I still have time, right?

The Rosetown Fall Festival was fun. the adult author they said I would be sitting with ended up being a friend of mine who writes books of short stories, Helen Mourre. I hadn`t seen her in a long while, so it was great to get caught up with her!

It didn't end up being a big selling day for "Lexi", I can't complain, though, the reason she wasn't selling real well was because most of the people that came by already had a copy! How cool is that!

I did sell a few books, though, one to the Kindergarten teacher from Biggar, for her classroom. Gotta love that!

I was also invited to read to the kids at the public elementary school in Rosetown on October 21st.

Oh, I almost forgot! I found Lexi's monkey! It will be perfect for North Battleford where my daughter is dressing up as Lexi!

All in all, a banner day!

Now for the upcoming week!

I will have to buckle down on Halloween things this week, for sure. Finish prize stuff and figure out costumes!

I will need to book the 21st off of work to do the reading in Rosetown.

I definitely need to start putting together a checklist for North Battleford so nothing gets forgotten. Will be interesting, as I don't really know for sure what I will need. Oh well, winging it has been working pretty well so far! lol

I also should give the Outlook elementary school a call, as I was approached about when I might be doing a reading by a mother of students from there yesterday at the festival. I was planning on seeing if they wanted to do one anyway, but now that I've had the proverbial kick in the pants I will get on it.

For now, I need to go and finish prepping for our thanksgiving supper!

Until next week, Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be hot and the stuffing be grand.
May your potatoes be lumpless and your veggies not bland.

May the pies be plentiful with crusts that are flaky.
May all the calories leak out so you remain lanky.

May you be surrounded by those you hold dear.
May you fondly remember those not near.

May you have nothing but warmth from those you've always known.
May you simply enjoy having everyone home!

I know lazier and lazier! lol

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's All Good


Well, this week went pretty well, I think. I'm looking forward to hearing back from the Greater Catholic School Board in Saskatoon. I did get my business cards ordered, here's hoping they get here in time for Rosetown on Saturday. If not, they will definitely be here in time for North Battleford. Mom's doc appointment went fine, other than they were waaaayyy behind and it ended up taking 2 hours for what ended up being a 5 minute actual doctor visit. Sheeesh!

Some prizes are now taken care of for the Halloween Bash on the 30th at the Milden Hotel. I do need to get a few more, though, and some door prizes. We did get some posters up, just need to put up a couple more, then I can tick that off of my "to do" list.

I didn't get more copies of "Lexi" ordered this week. I had to put it off for a week. I'm waiting for clarification on a pricing issue, but should be good to go by Wednesday. Will be cutting it closer than I like once again, but there really isn't anything I can do about it.

The best thing about this past week is....... "A Crazy Day" is now officially ready for Hazel! Now, I just need to get the funds together to get her started,and we'll be off and running! Should be good to go by about the 20th. Even a little ahead of the schedule I had set for myself. I really need to stay on task with this one. You see, because Hazel is such an incredible illustrator,her talents are being demanded more and more, which means her schedule is tight. I'm so grateful she is able to do "A Crazy Day."

Oh, I almost forgot! The copyright for "A Crazy Day" is in the books! I can't tell you what kind of a thrill that gives me. It's like the copyright makes it really official. In my mind, anyway, the copyright is what takes it from a "story" to a "book."

Now, for the upcoming week.

I absolutely, without a doubt need to order more copies of "Lexi" by Wednesday. If not, I won't have them in time.

I need to get my caramel apple pie made on Wednesday and get in the freezer for next weekend. I also need to get a couple of pumpkin ones done or there could be a riot! lol

I need to find a couple of book propper uppers ( I'm sure that's precisely what they are called) for the upcoming shows. I think plate stands might work ok, but will have to check it out.

I'm still on the quest for the perfect Halloween costumes for the hubs and myself. We'll be checking some out on Monday, after work.

I need to get in touch with the Sunwest School Division and see about doing some readings. I haven't done any for a bit, and I have to say, I'm missing reading to the munchkins!

Well, I think that's about it for this week. I'm looking forward to doing this festival in Rosetown on Saturday. It's different from anything I've done with "Lexi" so far. Another example of "Lexi" taking me places I never would have gone. I'm a bit nervous, but it is new and different. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't sitting on a few pins and needles about it! lol

Until next week,

May you come across something which gives you unbridled joy.
May you find that lost something be it an earring or toy.

May your mind wander to someone who puts a smile on your face.
May your feet take you somewhere that's a new,exciting place.

May your heart hug somebody you don't even know.
May you hear something profound that makes your spirit grow.

May any torment or stress simply quiet and cease.
May all your senses be embraced by serenity and peace.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't Worry Be Happy

Hello Again,

First things first, I must confess that I didn't get my business cards in order in order to order them. I became a little sidetracked this week. I did, however, book us a karaoke gig for Halloween!

It'll be a blast! Now, the trick is to come up with costumes for the hubs and I that we haven't already done. Hmmmmm.....that will take some thought, as in the 10 years that we've been doing the karaoke/dj thing,we have covered a significant amount of territory in that department. We've been known to be fairly creative as far as costumes go, we've been Vegas lounge singers, cop and inmate, dead people on many different levels, surgeon and patient, characters from tv, hmmmm, yep will take some thought. I may need to delve into my tickle trunk for inspiration. It has been picked over by my daughters over the years, so I will have to go with what is left. Although, I'm not sure what I can make out of inflatable breasts, a purple feather boa, and a rainbow beanie with a propeller on it!

Ok, back to business. I did get an email from the Board of Ed in Calgary. They apparently have a meeting toward the end of November in which they review and consider new books for the library. So, I will have to not so patiently wait for news until then.

I also received an email from the greater Catholic Board in Saskatoon, but it was more or less simply letting me know that she had passed on my information to the person in charge of learning resources. She did, however, give me contacts and encouraged me to get in touch of all of the individual schools in the division about doing readings.

"Crazy Day" is coming along pretty well. I am still on track for having it ready for Hazel by the end of October. I do find it a bit hard to focus on it with 100% of my attention with all the "Lexi" stuff going on, but I guess that is one of the differences of doing the second book compared to the first.

It's kind of like when your second child is born, you want to take just as many photos as you did with the first, you want to be as painstakingly meticulous with the second baby book as the first, but it's very hard to give 100% attention to the second one, with the first one running around yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" You don't love the second one any less, the second child doesn't suffer from any of it, it doesn't make us evil, it just makes us human. I guess, like most adults of the female persuasion and maybe Moms even a little more so, I will have to give myself permission to be human, and accept the fact we can't be perfect at everything, every second of every day! (Although we come damn close!)

So, on to the upcoming 7 days. I will need to divide my time a bit this week. I need to follow up with the contacts given to me by the Greater Catholic Division. I need to get business cards done. I need to take my Mom to her Doctor's appointment. I need to put prizes together for the Halloween Bash I mentioned earlier. I need to get posters up for said Bash. I need to order more books for the upcoming trade shows. I need to buy a few office supplies to take to the trade shows. Oh yeah, and I should probably, go to work, clean the house and do the laundry, plan thanksgiving dinner, and buy the makings for that.

Please don't think I am complaining, because I most definitely am not. I am very grateful to have contacts to follow up on about a book I am sooooo happy about having in my hands. I'm grateful to be ordering business cards that people have cared enough to ask for. I'm happy to organize things for the Halloween Bash, it's so fun to entertain people and make sure they have a great time. I'm so incredibly happy and thankful to NEED to order more books. It still blows my mind if I give myself a minute to really think about what that means. And, as far as the housework and laundry, well, who am I kidding, that still kinda sucks, but I am grateful I have a loving home and nice clothes to take care of.

Last, but not least, to have the opportunity and the means to prepare for a meal that puts all of my kids around the same table at the same time, and be enveloped by the laughter and goofiness that naturally comes with that, I will be forever and deeply thankful.

So, have a good week, everyone! Until then:

May traffic be light on the streets where you drive.
May the clerks in your line ups be the fastest alive.

May a gorgeous guy look at you with come hither eyes.
May all the cute shoes in the sale be your size.

May you pull out your fall jacket from the closet with care.
May you find a 50 in the pocket you didn't remember was there.

Have a good one guys!

As I'm feeling a little lazy today, please refer to a previous blog for info where to purchase "Lexi"

Many fine stores and

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What to do, what to do.......

Hello Folks!
Well, I did manage to knock a few things off of my "to do" list this week. They may not be giant things but stuff that needed doing all the same. I decided and committed to take part in the "Mistletoe Craft and Gift Show" in North Battleford on Nov. 6th and 7th.
It's going to be a lot of fun. My oldest daughter is going to come along, and to show that great minds do think alike, she and I had the simultaneous idea that she could dress as "Lexi" in one of the dress up outfits and work the crowd!
Now, it's a matter of figuring out which outfit would work best and easiest.
I'm also trying to come up with ideas to make my little booth at the show stand out among the hundreds there. Any ideas you might want to throw out there would be appreciated.
All in all, it will be a fun time spent with good friends and my daughter, if I actually sell some books too, that would be awesome!
That, folks brings me to the book ordering decision. I have no idea how many I might need. I'm doing a smaller show in Rosetown on Oct. 9th and then this big one in North Battleford. Plus I am selling books in smaller amounts here and there all the time. I need to figure something out pretty soon, as they do take three weeks from the time I order them until they are in my hands.
As far as other things I ticked off my list this week.... well, I broke down and emailed the Calgary Board of Education yesterday, (I told you I'm not really good at just waiting!)hopefully I'll get a reply very soon.
I also sent information packages to 3 big school divisions around here, hopefully they will want to book some readings. I get such a kick out of reading it to kids!
This week, my plan is to get business cards figured out and ordered. I was also thinking of printing some bookmarks? And, I'm wanting to put together some coloring books using the original "Lexi" sketches, to take to the trade shows.
With these trade shows, "Lexi" is again taking me places unfamiliar and a little intimidating. But, like all the other places she has led me, I'm sure goods things will come from it.
So, to you, the millions of my faithful blog readers (ok, may be a slight exaggeration), I bid you farewell for another week.
Until then......
May you sleep on air, soundly and sweet.
May your dreams take you to heaven, so your loved ones, you greet.
May you wake in the morning with excitement and fun.
May you carry that with you until the day's done.
Where to find Lexi:
McNally Robinson Booksellers Saskatoon
Milbankes Floral and Gifts (both locations) North Battleford
Crandleberry's North Battleford
Our Drug Store Unity
Paisley & Polka Dots North Battleford
Jacq'y Jaye's gifts & Beyond Outlook
Tunes and Trinkets Rosetown
Prairie Rose Floral & Gifts Kindersley
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well Hello Folks!
I hope you've all had a great week.
On this end, this week didn't turn out as many results as I had hoped, but a pretty good week all the same.

As I mentioned last week, McNally had emailed me with a request for more books. That is a thrill that does not show any sign of getting old.

Well, when I went to drop off the books, I took the opportunity to check and see if "Lexi" was still hanging out with Robert Munsch. I'm definitely glad I did. Not only was the last copy they had in stock still in very good company, but they also have a little placard right on the shelf where she lives that says "Check Out Local Author, Margy Reid". I know it's probably silly getting so excited about such a small thing, but, I feel very honored to be the only author other than Robert Munsch in that whole section with a placard.

This falls under the category of " Things that a year ago, I never even dared to entertain the thought might remotely happen."

I still haven't heard from the Calgary Board of Education. I don't have a sniff on how long these things take, and I don't want to be a pain in their butt, but the curiosity is getting to me.

Work on a crazy day is coming along. I'm hoping to have it in Hazel's capable hands by Halloween.

I've checked out some trade shows in more detail, some are more expensive to do than others, which, of course, factors into the decision to do them or not. Other factors are timing, helper availability, etc. Do I have enough books? Will I sell enough to warrant ordering more ahead of time? All decisions that need to be made sooner than later.

So, that leads me to the upcoming week.
I need to make decisions about trade shows, fill out applications for said shows, make deposits, maybe order books, see who is available for when for helpers, etc.

I might also need to get in touch with Calgary, and see what's up there. Waiting, as you may know, is not one of my strongest qualities! lol

In closing, I would like to leave you with some random pearls of wisdom I was able to gather in the last seven days. (I'm sorry, but I simply can Not reveal my sources)lol

* Wearing expensive leather sandals after a torrential downpour is NEVER a good idea. No matter how cute they are!

* The world's problems can all be solved while waiting in line for highway construction.

* Opportunities that seem to be the least likely to be opportunities, most often end up being the biggest and best opportunities.

* We should try to wake up every morning and approach the day the same way a 5 year old does their first day of Kindergarten. With anticipation, excitement, courage, a wee bit of caution, and in awe of what may come!

With that, I will leave you until next week.

Where to find Lexi:

In all the wonderful stores listed in last weeks' blog
and, of course

(I know, lazy, right?) lol

Monday, September 6, 2010

Family, Football & Funny Stories

Hi, Sorry I'm late. My Hubby and I took a little trip to my Mom's house this weekend to catch up with her, my two younger brothers and their families. We had a great time. Did a lot of visiting, played a new game called "the game of things", watched a very good football game (GO RIDERS!), and did a lot of laughing.
Which brings me to last weeks' blog. Did any of you take part in my wee challenge? I hope so, it was pretty fun. For the most part.
1. Eat something fattening without guilt.
Well, I was at Mom's house, need I say more?
2. Laugh until your stomach hurts.
Definitely covered that one. In my family, if you are together for more than a few hours and that doesn't happen? It would be a strange day indeed. lol
3. Give a stranger a present.
Hmmm... not sure if this counts, but a lady in the store was overwhelmed in the shampoo aisle, looking for shampoo for her very picky 11 year old daughter. Drawing from experience, with my own daughters, helped her find one that would make her happy. Besides if it wasn't the right one I told her to just blame me!
4. Don't do anything that makes you wait in line.
Well, although I did my level best, I wasn't able to avoid this evil. Made it all the way to Friday before it happened, though! lol I was sorely disappointed too. This was the challenge I was looking most forward to.
5. Last, but not least, Do something you haven't done in at least 10 years.
Well, for the first time in about 20 years I was pulled over by a policeman! Through some very polite and apologetic conversation, I didn't get a ticket, so I did manage to keep it legal. A simple warning, some batted lashes (glad to know they still work!), and we were on our way!
As for the rest of the past week? Well, I haven't heard from Calgary yet, and am trying not to get too anxious/excited/worried, about that.
Now, for the upcoming week. Hopefully I will be hearing from Calgary this week; I have some more info to move forward on the trade shows; will be working on "A Crazy Day" a bit more, I'm almost happy with it. I continue to work on bookings, and I came home to an email from McNally Robinson last night that they need more books! Yay!
In closing, if you will indulge me, I would like to leave you with a cute grandbaby story.
One of my daughters went on a holiday for a couple of weeks In doing so, left her two goldfish and her pet rabbit in the care of another of my daughters. The latter of the two, being the one that has the priviledge of being my lovely grandson's mother.
Well, in the beginning, Grandbaby, (2 years old) decides that the names his Auntie gave the fish are all wrong and renamed them after his favorite cartoon characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear from ToyStory fame.
He really enjoyed having the fish around, but goldfish being goldfish one of them was found floating on the top of the water one day. So, his Mom and Dad did their best to calmly and gently explain that sometimes goldfish don't live very long, etc. And life went on.
Well, the holiday came to an end and my daughter came to pick up her fish. She already knew what had happened, but asked Grandbaby anyway, to see what his perception might be.
He patted her on the hand, looked into her eyes and said very sympathetically, " Auntie........ Buzz flew to infinity and beyond."
Kids, gotta Love 'Em!
Until Next Week!
You can find Lexi:
McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon
Paisley and PolkaDots in North Battleford
Our Drug Store in Unity
Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford
Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts & Beyond in Outlook
Tunes & Trinkets in Rosetown
Prairie rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi There,

I find myself sitting here contemplating the past week, and all that did and didn't happen. I started this blog with the promise of taking you on the journey of hopefully becoming an at least semi- successful children's author.

I think it only right, then, to share with you some of the things that may not be directly related to the journey of "Lexi", but things that have a definite impact all the same.

You see, throughout the course of this week, I made phone calls, sent a book for consideration to the Calgary Board of Education (tip from my niece last week) which could land a copy of "Lexi" in most if not all the elementary schools in Calgary. Or..... they could say no, either way, worth the shot. I also, with the help of one of my dearest friends, am getting info on some trade shows, and more signings in the Battlefords. I even got "A Crazy Day" reworked, and another step closer to having it ready for Hazel.(my illustrator).

I was doing all of these things, but somehow I couldn't find the joy in it I usually do. I couldn't put my finger on the problem right away, and then it hit me. Friday marked two things for me. My older sister's birthday, and the second anniversary of the day we put her to rest.

Don't get me wrong, I think of her fondly and often. I find her sense of humor in my writing, I see her in her boys, and often hints of her in my own mirror. I miss her. I miss our discussions about reality shows, our debates about parenting, shopping for purses, laughing, talking for hours about nothing in particular, I miss her.

Most of us have lost someone close to us, and sometimes missing them can hit us out of nowhere. I think it's important that when that happens, we take a minute out of whatever we are doing, whether it be laundry, working, driving, or writing a book, and give their memory a hug.

Now, moving on to happier things, because, trust me, my sister would be the first in line to kick me in the butt for hanging on to the sadness too long.

For this week, I'm hoping to hear from Calgary. I'm going to work on "A Crazy Day." Right now I'm in the process of trying to put to paper a proper description of the pictures that come to my head while writing it, so Hazel can do her magic. I am also hoping to get a couple of signings booked in stores for September, and some trade show dates? As well, I plan on trying to put together a mini tour of elementary schools for the fall.

With that, I will leave you for this week. Oh, one more thing. I'd like to challenge you all to do these things this week.

1. Eat something fattening, without guilt.
2. Laugh until your stomach hurts.
3. Give a stranger a present.
4. Don't do anything that makes you wait in line.
5. Do something you haven't done in at least ten years.(Keep it legal lol)

I would love for you to tell me all about it in your comments!

In the meantime, you can find "Lexi",

McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon
Paisley and PolkaDots in North Battleford
Our Drug Store in Unity
Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford
Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts & Beyond in Outlook
Crandleberry's in North Battleford
Tunes & Trinkets in Rosetown
Prairie Rose Floral & Gifts in Kindersley

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Would a Ride Really Be a Ride Without Running Into Some Construction Along The Way?

Hello fellow travellers of the information highway!
Well, I started this week with every intention of doing exactly what I planned on doing. Checking in with stores, calling schools and working on "A Crazy Day." Hmmmm......What is it they say about the best layed plans?
Anyway, life kind of put a couple of speed bumps, detours and road blocks in my way this week. Long story short, not one thing on my "to do" list actually got done.
Oh wait, that's not absolutely correct. I did manage to finish up the prep to DJ the beach volleyball tournament. It went great! Raised a bunch of money to go toward our rink, everyone had a really good time, dancing, a few cocktails, oh yeah, and some pretty good volleyball too! lol
Normally, if things crop up, (and let's face it, stuff happens) I usually am able to just work them in to whatever else is happening, and get it all done. I guess, my frustration lies in the fact I wasn't able to do that this week, despite a valiant effort, if I do say so myself.
Oh well, it was only speed bumps, detours and road blocks, not avalanches, earth quakes and mud slides.
Moving On!
For This Week:
My plan is to do all of the things that I was going to do last week. Call stores, schools, work on "Crazy Day."
Then I'm going to follow up on a little tidbit of information from my niece. I don't want to say too much right now because I'm not even sure if it has a chance of turning into anything yet, but you know I will keep you posted. I will say this, it definitely has the potential to turn into something pretty awesome!
Before I go, I thought I would share with you a few of the life lessons I learned from some preschoolers this week.
1. Toddler + Febreeze + Laptop = NOT GOOD
2. A 2 year old WILL flush a cell phone down the toilet.
3. The turtle with the smiling face on the ride in the mall, is absolutely TERRIFYING!
4. If one 9 month old boy gets a little toooo close to another 9 month old boy, somebody's gonna lose an ear! (or almost anyway)
And last, but not least:
5. Energetic 2 year old boys, gold fish, and bunnies are never, ever to be left in a room alone!
Until Next Time!
Where to Find Lexi:
McNally Robinson Booksellers, Saskatoon
Milbanke's (Both Locations), North Battleford
Our Drug Store, Unity
Crandleberry's , North Battleford
Tunes & Trinkets, Rosetown
Paisley & Polkadots, North Battleford
Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts & Beyond, Outlook
Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts, Kindersley

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This, That, and The Other Thing

Hey There Folks,

First things first, I am happy to say that "Lexi" showed up safe and sound and in plenty of time for my reading in Kindersley! Woot!

Yes, I was very much relieved to see the two boxes sitting in my entrance when I got home from work on Thursday. I really hadn't slept much since I knew it was going to be touch and go.

The reading itself went great. Thanks very much to the Kindersley library staff, my hubby,(my helper for that day), and to all those who came out for the reading. The crowd was a very nice combination of munchkins and parents alike. A few familiar faces, and plenty of new ones too! When I was reading the part where Lexi is putting on the rain boots, one little one started pointing to the rain boots she happened to be wearing, and started whispering, "Just like mine, Mommy, just like mine!" It was fun. Read to some shiny little faces, sold some books, squeezed a couple of adorable baby boys, did some visiting, great way to end a week! Oh yeah, and I think the lady from the paper was there, well, somebody was taking a bunch of pictures, so we'll see what happens with that!

To top off a pretty nice day, I came home and checked my facebook. There I saw that one of the Mom's that had attended the reading with her little girl and a her friend, had left me a message. She said they loved the story because now all of their clothes are magic too!

That is exactly what I was hoping the story of Lexi would do. Bring back imagination play, where what you already have becomes new and fun again if you just look at it in a different way.

Now for the upcoming week.

I don't have any readings booked. Let's face it, school is starting, so is harvest. Rural Saskatchewan is going to be very busy for the next little while.

I will take this time to touch base with all the stores carrying Lexi, and see how things are going there. I will also be looking into booking some readings at schools in the fall. I would also like to check into participating in some of the fall festival type things that will be going on all over the place. Plus, I'm really wanting to get "A Crazy Day" fine tuned and add the notes necessary to get it ready to send to Hazel.

Time to get ready for round Two!

Also this week, I need to finish prepping for the beach Volleyball Tournament fundraiser I'm DJing (is that a word?) on Saturday. It's going to be a blast!

I guess with work and all this other stuff, I should have enough to do, even without any readings, to keep me out of trouble. Well.... almost! lol
Until Next Time!
Oh, by the way, if anyone out there know of some ingenious, free way for me to advertise my website, please comment on this blog with your wisdom!
Places you can find "Lexi":
McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon
Our Drug Store in Unity
Tunes & Trinkets in Rosetown
Milbanke's (Both Locations) in North Battleford
Paisley & Polka Dots in North Battleford
Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts & Beyond in Outlook
Crandleberry's in North Battleford
Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley
and as always online @

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You Can't Go Forward Without Looking Back

Hey There,
Well, this has been a pretty great week! One of both reminiscing and looking to the future.
Monday being a holiday, the week didn't really get started until Tuesday. First thing was to get the ball rolling on another shipment of "Lexi." Good news on that front. They have promised me that the next batch will be here by Friday the 13th! Good thing I'm not superstitious! lol
Next thing on the agenda was a road trip to my old stomping grounds. Good old Denzil, Saskatchewan. My younger sister came along as my helper for the day. It was a good day. We put in a few miles, some of which had me retrieving my "country kid driving in the greasy mud" skills without much warning.
The reason for the trip was, of course, a reading/signing, which went great. We pulled up to the library to find a nice group waiting. Such a nice size group, we ended up moving to the hall!
It was an awesome group, a great mix of adults and kids. I got to see some relatives I hadn't seen in a while and caught up with an old friend I've known since the first grade.
In doing this particular reading, I definitely was thrown back about 27 years, to my high school babysitting days. All the games played and stories told, and the hours and hours of time spent with little ones. It was what I like to think of as my freshman years at the University of Munchkin Land. Yes, there are more than one or two freshman years at this University. To graduate the entire course takes a lifetime, but the labs are incredible. Full of hugs and kisses and sticky hands, best place in the world!
After reading, visiting, signing and selling some books, and posing for some pictures, it was time to head home.
All in all, a very good day.
Thursday, my husband was my helper for the day, and off to Outlook we went. A much smaller crowd, but that's part of what makes this an exciting journey. You never know how the readings are going to turn out until you're in it.
As a planner/organizer by nature, I'm finding these lessons in unpredictability are a good thing.
After the reading, we came home to a message that Prairie Rose in Kindersley was out of books! Well I had exactly 10 left, so I bundled them up and off we went!
It worked out well, as we happened to be going to Kindersley that evening anyway. You see, my husband had planned, to my surprise, a special date. It was the 25th anniversary of our first date, and to mark it, he took me down memory lane, for a "redo" of the night. Same restaurant, same pub afterward. It was great to look back and see how far we've come together!
I really believe that where we come from, each place, person and experience, both good and bad, draw a line on the blueprint of who we are. The way in which we choose to interpret the blueprint and what we build from it is up to us.
Now, for the upcoming week.
I'll be looking forward to having the next shipment of "Lexi" arriving safe and sound and ON TIME!
On Saturday Aug. 14th @ 2:30pm I will be doing a reading signing at the Kindersley public Library. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Places to find "Lexi"
McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon
Milbankes (both locations) in North Battleford
Crandleberry's in North Battleford
Paisley & Polkadots in North Battleford
Our Drug Store in Unity
Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley
Tunes and Trinkets in Rosetown
Jacq'y Jaye's gifts and Beyond in Outlook
and online at

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ups, Downs and Close Calls

Hello out there,

Another week has passed, and even though I had no readings this week, "Lexi" still managed to keep me on my toes!

Let's see........ on the up side of things, I found out that some family members that I haven't seen in a long time are planning on attending my reading/signing in Denzil on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to it. Will be sooo fun reading to some of my cousins' kids in my old home town!

Another event that definitely belongs on the up side of the week, was a great kind of impromptu bar-b-q that was thrown together on short notice, which my baby sister was so gracious to host. With Mom, my sister with her hubby and munchkins, all four of my girls and the husbands and boyfriends and kid that comes along with that, plus 3 of my nephews and the two special girls that are part of that package, it was a great time!

Okay, now for the down side. If you recall, last week I told you I had a call scheduled with a distributor on Wednesday. Although it was an informative meeting, it didn't have quite the results I was hoping for. As it turns out, they are not accepting any new children's authors right now, and even if they were, they won't really take you seriously as an independent until you have three or four titles under your belt. Still, it was great information to acquire, and, once I have 3 or 4 titles in hand, they will definitely hear from me again!

In the meantime, I am more than thrilled with the way things have been progressing, so I will just keep on doing what I've been doing. It seems to be working pretty well!

Let's move on to the close calls portion of this week's blog now, shall we?

Since the launch of "Lexi's Magic Clothes" in June, as you know, I've been doing reading/signings at several schools and libraries. My eldest daughter has been great in helping in the process of setting up these appearances. With all the calls and emails going back and forth, it would have been pretty incredible not to have any wires cross, so I guess it was kind of inevitable that some eventually did.

It just happened to be with Denzil, my home town! lol During the course of setting up an appearance (Aug. 3rd), my daughter was under the impression that a board meeting needed to be called in order to cement a date, after which they would call back. As we hadn't heard from them, we assumed it wasn't going to work for them.

Just by luck, I sent them an email on Thursday just to drop them a note to let them know that I was sorry this date didn't work for them and maybe we could set up something else in the near future.

Well I popped that email off and went to work! When I got home that evening, I was a little surprised to see that the Denzil library had called and left a message. They were very confused as to why I wouldn't be showing up for my reading! They were under the impression that all was set it was a done deal! I quickly sent off an email to her to apologize for the misunderstanding and that I would absolutely be there.

About 10 minutes later, I received a phone call from my aunt, who happens to be on the library board in Denzil. She was also a little frantic and confused as to why I wouldn't be showing up. I quickly assured her that it had all been fixed and I would be there with bells on!

Crisis Averted!

I would have felt horrible, had I not found out in time, and people showed up for the reading, and I would have been home, busily writing away on another story! Phewwww!

Now for what's coming up!

First thing Tuesday morning I will be making my own frantic call to my printer to get a rush order of books!

Then, needless to say, I will be in Denzil library on Tuesday August 3rd, at 2:30pm! lol

Then on Thursday I will be at the Outlook library at 1pm.

I'm almost positive I won't have enough books to cover both appearances, but I'm hoping people will be ok with either leaving their orders with me, or ordering online.

Meanwhile "Lexi" is available:

McNally Robinson in Saskatoon

Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford

Crandleberry's in North Battleford

Paisley & Polka Dots in North Battleford

Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley

Tunes & Trinkets in Rosetown

Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts & Beyond in Outlook

Our Drug Store in Unity

Sunday, July 25, 2010

By The Seat of My Pants!

Well folks, had another interesting week with "Lexi."

Monday's Christmas in July fundraiser for our local library went pretty well. We served about 75 people a wonderful home made turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and managed to raise some money in the process.

I did a reading of Lexi between dinner and dessert. A lot of people in a very big space, and about 80% adults! Yikes! I chalk it up to yet another time "Lexi" has taken me waaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone and again I live to tell the tale. lol

Tuesday's reading in Rosetown, on the other hand, was intimate and small with kids close enough that it almost felt like I was back on the floor in my living room, just telling stories to all my munchkins!

Wednesday I had the reading in Dinsmore. My first evening reading, and it was great. A pretty good mixture of both kids and adults. I did acquire an 18 month old assistant at this reading, she was very proficient at helping to turn the pages! There's something I have noticed, especially when reading to women of the older generation. A nostalgic smile slips onto their face and kind of just rests there for the duration of the story. It seems like the book brings back good memories for them. Whether it's their children or themselves as children they are thinking about I don't know. Either way it's nice to see.

Came home to a message on my phone on Thursday. Tunes and Trinkets needed some more books. They had sold the ones they had and have people phoning requesting a copy! It blows me away every time I stop to think for a second that people are actually, buying, reading, and wanting my book!

I can't help but get a little emotional every time I think of a toddler, fresh from their bath, and tucked into bed, with Mom or Dad or both snuggled in for a story and it's "Lexi." It just makes my heart smile.

I did come across somewhat of a problem this week. Although, don't get me wrong, I am in no way complaining. The situation is this; I called my printer on Monday to put in another order for more copies of "Lexi." Imagine my surprise when I heard the answering machine tell me that they are closed for holidays until Aug. 3rd! I'm really hoping I have enough to cover my Outlook reading and then can get a rush shipment in time for Kindersley! It's making me nervous, but there is really nothing I can do about it until Aug. 3rd!

Last, but not least, the wedding we played last night. It was one of the most informal, funny, simple, beautiful, genuine, heartfelt weddings I've ever had the privilege of attending. The crowd was about 75 strong and there strictly to have a great time. It was an honor to be part of it. Oh, and we put on a kick butt show once again, if I do say so myself! lol

Now for the upcoming week;

I don't have any readings booked for this week. This wasn't intentional, but turns out ok, considering my current inventory situation! lol

I do have a call scheduled with the distributor I told you about last week on Wednesday. Hopefully that goes well. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing. But, I guess, it's just another uncomfortable thing I will live to tell about next week! God willing!

Until next week!

"Lexi's Magic Clothes" is currently available:

McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon

Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford

Crandleberry's in North Battleford

Paisley and Polkadots in North Battleford

Our Drug Store in Unity

Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley

Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts and Beyond in Outlook

Tunes and Trinkets in Rosetown

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

Well, this week has been interesting, to say the least.

Let's see, I had an impromptu radio interview, which, I have to admit, was pretty exciting. I put a proposal together for a national distributor and got that sent away, pretty exciting. I received my second shipment of "Lexi," and am going to need to order another right away, also really exciting.

I was having morning coffee on the phone with my mom on Wednesday, just like we do every Wednesday, when someone called on my other line, I didn't recognize the number so I told my mom I should get it and would call her back. Well, to my surprise it was a reporter from CJYM radio, wanting to do an interview.
I have discovered a little something about myself through the process of doing the interviews I've done so far. I like the spur of the moment ones better. That way, I don't have the time to over think and get so nervous.
Anyway, the interview went pretty well, I think. I don't know when it will air, didn't think to ask. Hopefully, I didn't come across like a total dim wit! Keep your fingers crossed!

National? Maybe, keep your fingers crossed.

Through some research, I discovered a national book distributor that likes to work with independents like myself. So, I sent them a proposal with a copy of the book, marketing plan, etc. and in a few weeks will find out whether or not they will take up "Lexi's" cause, and help her get from shore to shore. Man, I wish I was better at waiting! Gonna be a long few weeks!

The second shipment of "Lexi" showed up safe and sound and just in time. But, after doing a couple of more reading/signings, I am discovering how fast they disappear! Don't get me wrong, I am completely thrilled at the way she is selling. I haven't had a week go by where I haven't mailed at least one copy out to someone who ordered online! Not to mention the great support that's been coming from the appearances I've been making. Now, I need to make another order for more, they take 3 weeks to get here, so I'm hoping I haven't screwed up on the timing and run out! Keep your fingers crossed!

Now, for the upcoming week.

Well, we start off tomorrow with a "Christmas in July" Turkey lunch fundraiser for our local library. For this, I need to cook, cut up and make gravy from a turkey, and make mashed potatoes for 40 people. I will also be doing a reading/signing at said lunch.

Tuesday is the reading/signing at the Rosetown public library @ 2pm. Wednesday is Dinsmore library @ 7pm.

Thursday and Friday are regular days, then Saturday we are doing the music for a wedding at a provincial park. Should be a blast!

Everything is going to go off without a hitch, right?!

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

Oh! "Lexi" is available in another store! Thanks Jacq'y!

"Lexi's Magic Clothes" is now available:

Milbanke's (both locations), North Battleford
Crandleberry's, North Battleford
Paisley & Polkadots, North Battleford
Our Drug Store, Unity
Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts, Kindersley
Tunes & Trinkets, Rosetown
McNally Robinson Booksellers, Saskatoon
Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts and Beyond, Outlook
and online @

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Onward and Upward!

It's been another week of learning, and again doing things that a year ago, if someone had told me I'd be doing , I would have asked them what they were drinking!

Let's start with the things I've learned. I've learned that when you start jotting down new ideas for kids' stories while watching a football game, the stories tend to have a somewhat aggressive edge to them. This results in having to rethink said stories! lol

I've learned to have a few pads of paper handy when jotting ideas. This way when new characters or stories pop in while I'm writing another, I can jot the new ones down right away, before they escape!

Thanks to a little girl I know, I also learned that inflatable swans with purple tiaras can lay incredible numbers of eggs in nests the size of a house!

Also, and I give this information as a public service, never and I do mean never debate video games with a 5 year old boy! You will LOSE!

As for doing new things, well, this week I did 2 newspaper interviews. For local papers, but interviews all the same.

It's a very strange feeling, answering questions about yourself and what you are doing. I suppose a person might get used to it after a while. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to do it often enough to become comfortable with it. Although, I really don't know how many times that would take, I'm guessing quite a few!

Now on to the future..... On Wed. July 14th I'm going to be doing a reading/signing at the Milden library. On July 20th 2pm I'll be at the Rosetown library. July 21st @ 7pm, Dinsmore library.
Aug 5th @ 1pm, Outlook library. Aug 14th Kindersley library.

I'm hoping to add a few more dates throughout the summer.

Well, I better run, literally, I feel like I've been neglecting my treadmill!

Oh yeah, Lexi is also available in a new store! Thanks Dennis and Ally!

Lexi's Magic Clothes is available:

Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford
Paisley and Polkadots in North Battleford
Crandleberry's in North Battleford
Our Drug Store in Unity
Tunes and Trinkets in Rosetown
Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley
McNally Robinson in Saskatoon
online at

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bit By Bit

Well, another week has gone by, "Lexi" is in a few more homes, and I have a tentative date for a reading/signing in the library in Kindersley. (Tentatively, Sat. August 14th.)

I think the week went pretty well. Along with selling some more books individually, I am proud to say that I've added another store to the list that carry "Lexi". She now is available at Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts on main street in Kindersley. Thanks Deb!

I can't really put into words the little thrill I get every time somebody buys a book. Each time, it takes me back to the day I jotted it down in one of the left over notebooks from the girls' highschool supplies. Each time, I have to give myself a little pinch to remind myself that it really is happening. "Lexi" is a real book, people are actually buying it, reading it, and genuinely seem to like it!

Slowly, but surely, "Lexi" is making her way. I know a few copies have made their way beyond the Saskatchewan borders. I have found out that she is now in homes in Alberta, BC, Seattle, Madill, and in at least one elementary school in South Korea.

Well, I better run. As I am not yet rich and famous,lol, and today is the only one I have to do it, the laundry and household chores are calling, ok, yelling.

Thanks to those who are reading this, and please feel free to tell your friends. (in case you missed it, that is what you call blatant self promotion, lol )

"Lexi's Magic Clothes" is now available at the following:

McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon,Sk

Paisley & Polka Dots in North Battleford,Sk

Crandleberry's in North Battleford,Sk

Milbanke's (downtown & the mall) in North Battleford,Sk

Our Drug Store in Unity,Sk

Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts, main street, Kindersley,Sk

Sunday, June 27, 2010

And Away We Go!


Well, here it goes, my very first blog entry.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Margy Reid. I am a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother,wife and friend. I grew up the middle child in a family of 7 kids. I became a wife and mother at the ripe old age of 20 and proceeded to have 4 daughters within a 4 1/2 year span. Some people think that's a little nuts, and don't get me wrong, there were times when my husband and I thought so too!

But now, they are beautiful, smart, self confident young women and are best friends. All worth it in the end.

Along the way, I held many part time jobs, always trying to come up with resourceful ways to make money from home. The one I loved the most and that lasted the longest was running a daycare from my home.

I love kids, have always loved kids and always will. Looking after children is what I know, what I love and what I continue to do.

I used to make up stories to entertain the kids all the time, always promising myself I would get them down on paper at some point. Some of the stories themselves are inspired by a toddler or two.

So that, in a nut shell, brings us to today.

I am now an aspiring new children's author and am currently on a pretty cool journey with what I plan to be my first of several books, "Lexi's Magic Clothes."
I did a reading at a school for a group of grades 1,2 and 3 on Tuesday, and as usual I opened the floor to questions when I was through. One little guy asked my favourite question I've had so far.
He asked "Are you related to Robert Munsch?"
Hands down, one of the biggest compliments any hopeful children's author can get! That kid made my week!

So, with that, I thought I'd start a blog to kind of journal my way through. Who knows, somebody might actually read it! lol

It's been an incredible trip so far, and it`s only beginning! I'm learning alot, and enjoying the ride!

As of today, `Lexi` is available at: McNally Robinson Booksellers (Saskatoon, Sk,Canada)

Milbanke`s (both locations, N. Battleford,Sk, Canada)

Paisley & Polka Dots (N. Battleford)

Crandleberry`s (N. Battleford)

Our Drug Store (Unity, Sk, Canada)

Next : WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! Ok, that might be a stretch, I`d be pretty happy to see `Lexi`go national though!