Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hi! You guessed it! This is the first peek at the main character in "A Crazy Day."

If he looks familiar to some of you, that's because Hazel did such an awesome job of turning my grandbaby, Ethan, into an illustration. Her talent never ceases to amaze me. I sent her a few photos, and asked that she made him look 4 years old instead of his real age, 2. Blows my mind.
I can hardly wait to see the sketches as they come in!

Ok, let's see. This past week was a tough one. It was one of starting to work through the loss of my Father-in-law, getting back to our "normal" routine as best we can, putting final touches, and performing a Halloween karaoke show last night.

The former is a work in progress, and the latter, well, strangely enough, seemed to be the ideal thing to help with the former. Maybe it's because while we are doing a show, we are pretty focused on making sure everyone else is having a good time. In doing that, I think it's pretty much impossible not to have some of that good time rub off, no matter what your frame of mind or heart. This is the first time we've had to do a show so close to the time of such a loss, who knew it would be so therapeutic.

Now, onto the upcoming week!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday the Mistletoe Show in North Battleford!

I'm looking very forward to it. It's going to be such a good time. Spending the weekend with one of my oldest and dearest friends, and my oldest daughter is coming along to be "Lexi" at the show!

So, this week needs to be spent in preparation. Get t-shirts made, get books together, book stands, float, order book, (in case I run out of books from selling so many!), hey I can dream, can't I! lol Putting my daughter's "Lexi" outfit together, figuring out logistics of travel, packing, etc.

I just hope I don't forget anything important! Being my first time doing one of these, I would have no way of knowing until I get there and need whatever it is!

I think the whole paranoia of forgetting something stems from when the girls were all 5 years old and younger and we went to my brother's wedding. Yep, 3 hours cramped in a too small car with four cranky kids. we get to my parents' house, get everybody tucked in, fall into bed to go to sleep. Then it hits me! I left every stitch of dress clothes for my entire family hanging in the laundry room, at my house! With everything you have to pack for four small kids, playpen, play clothes, books and toys for the ride, I didn't want the clothes getting squashed at the bottom of all that. Well, they didn't get squashed! lol
But, my hero, my hubby, made the trek home and back, early the next morning, and nobody had to go to the wedding naked.

Anyway, I'm thinking this may explain why whenever I go anywhere, I always have a niggling feeling that I have forgotten something.

So, I am check listing myself into a coma trying not to do that to myself this time. Will it work? Probably not, but I enjoy the idea of the illusion!

Thanks so much for reading my babblings.

Until next week,

My wish;

May you really be in every moment with everything you are.
May you find something good in it no matter how awful or bizarre.

May you squeeze some joy from everything, even if you don't feel your heart is able.
May you spread that joy to all you meet, with the ease of passing food around a table.

May you feel in your core the contentment of being your real self.
May you know in the deepest part of your soul that that is truly good enough.

See you next Week!

To order 'Lexi"

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This past week.... the only thing that matters.... really..... is my Father-in-law passed away.

Yes other things went on, good things, happy things, but, as we all know, when something like this happens, a bit of a sad shadow is draped over happiness.

So, this week, I'm not going to tell you about the places "Lexi" and I went, or the places we will be going in the upcoming week.

This week, I'm going to ask that you indulge me, and give me a pass, until next week.

Until then....


May your heaven be filled with tuned guitars,
May the fishing trips there, be the best by far.

May you look down upon us and see your whole family thrive.
May you see us daily appreciate that we are full of life.

May you rest where you are in comfort, painless and peaceful as a spring rain.
May you rest knowing you passed leaving the very best of yourself in the ones who remain.

We love you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Short and Sweet!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! Is it just me, or as soon as thanksgiving is over, you start feeling like Christmas is just around the corner?
Well, let's see.... ah yes, this past week. Well the Halloween prizes are done! Yay!!!! Still need to nail down costumes for Randy and myself yet, suggestions?
I've booked the 21st off for reading "Lexi" in Rosetown. Turns out I'll be reading twice that day, to the pre-kindergarten class just before lunch and another group of kids right after lunch. I'm looking forward to it, I get such a kick out of the munchkins.
I still, however, have not started on a check list for North Battleford. I will, though, this week for sure! I've been trying to think of clever ways to draw interest to the "Lexi" booth. I would love to do something fun, but would like to stay on this side of screaming like a Carney! lol Again, any suggestions would be welcomed!
And, no I still haven't made that call to Outlook elementary. I had planned to do it on Wednesday, but ended up nursing a pretty sore neck that day. Still am, really. It's kind of an amusing story, if it hadn't ended in a mild case of whiplash!
On Tuesday, after work I was on my way to my sister's house for lunch. There I was innocently waiting at a red light, when I got hit from behind, and pretty hard, too! That's not even the best part, it was a COP!!!! I pulled over, and she came running up to my car apologizing profusely. I felt bad for her, she looked 12, and probably would have been in real trouble if I kicked up a stink. I felt fine, and there wasn't any damage to my car.(When she hit my foot was knocked off the brake, I think that's what saved the bumper!) It wasn't until that evening that my neck started flaring up. It's starting to let up now, though, I just have to be a little kind to it, and let it rest here and there.
AAAnnywaaay, I still need to call Outlook! This Wednesday, for sure!
Also this week, COSTUMES!!!
So you'll have to forgive me if this week's blog is a little shorter than normal, as typing too long makes my neck yell at me.
Until Next Week.......
May all the places you travel have the scent of wild flowers.
May you linger in your happy place for hours and hours and hours.
May your nights be extremely restful and your days even finer.
May you never have the stress of a cheating Chilean miner.
For a list of where you can find Lexi, please check out my first few blogs, as that was before I became lazy! lol

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks, You Bet!

Well, hello there;

On this thanksgiving weekend, I would like to start off this post with a big thank you to Mother Nature for giving us, here in good old Saskatchewan anyway, the most gorgeous October weather! I don't remember an October when you could go outside in shorts and tanks!
It's Awesome!

Okay, down to business, or as close to business as this blog ever gets, anyway.

This week I managed to knock a few things off the list. I put the order in for more Lexi books, and they will be here a full week before the North Battleford trade show! Give me a Woot!

My business cards showed up in time, and look pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I found book proper uppers (still convinced that's their official name). On a suggestion from one of you guys, I went looking for a recipe book holder. I was sadly unsuccessful at a store that should most definitely carry such items. On my way to the car, deciding where else I should try, the dollarama store caught my eye. To make a long story short, I found a plethora of holders. I think they are intended for art or photos, but they work great for holding books!

I'm still figuring things out for the Halloween Bash, but I'm not too worried, I still have time, right?

The Rosetown Fall Festival was fun. the adult author they said I would be sitting with ended up being a friend of mine who writes books of short stories, Helen Mourre. I hadn`t seen her in a long while, so it was great to get caught up with her!

It didn't end up being a big selling day for "Lexi", I can't complain, though, the reason she wasn't selling real well was because most of the people that came by already had a copy! How cool is that!

I did sell a few books, though, one to the Kindergarten teacher from Biggar, for her classroom. Gotta love that!

I was also invited to read to the kids at the public elementary school in Rosetown on October 21st.

Oh, I almost forgot! I found Lexi's monkey! It will be perfect for North Battleford where my daughter is dressing up as Lexi!

All in all, a banner day!

Now for the upcoming week!

I will have to buckle down on Halloween things this week, for sure. Finish prize stuff and figure out costumes!

I will need to book the 21st off of work to do the reading in Rosetown.

I definitely need to start putting together a checklist for North Battleford so nothing gets forgotten. Will be interesting, as I don't really know for sure what I will need. Oh well, winging it has been working pretty well so far! lol

I also should give the Outlook elementary school a call, as I was approached about when I might be doing a reading by a mother of students from there yesterday at the festival. I was planning on seeing if they wanted to do one anyway, but now that I've had the proverbial kick in the pants I will get on it.

For now, I need to go and finish prepping for our thanksgiving supper!

Until next week, Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be hot and the stuffing be grand.
May your potatoes be lumpless and your veggies not bland.

May the pies be plentiful with crusts that are flaky.
May all the calories leak out so you remain lanky.

May you be surrounded by those you hold dear.
May you fondly remember those not near.

May you have nothing but warmth from those you've always known.
May you simply enjoy having everyone home!

I know lazier and lazier! lol

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's All Good


Well, this week went pretty well, I think. I'm looking forward to hearing back from the Greater Catholic School Board in Saskatoon. I did get my business cards ordered, here's hoping they get here in time for Rosetown on Saturday. If not, they will definitely be here in time for North Battleford. Mom's doc appointment went fine, other than they were waaaayyy behind and it ended up taking 2 hours for what ended up being a 5 minute actual doctor visit. Sheeesh!

Some prizes are now taken care of for the Halloween Bash on the 30th at the Milden Hotel. I do need to get a few more, though, and some door prizes. We did get some posters up, just need to put up a couple more, then I can tick that off of my "to do" list.

I didn't get more copies of "Lexi" ordered this week. I had to put it off for a week. I'm waiting for clarification on a pricing issue, but should be good to go by Wednesday. Will be cutting it closer than I like once again, but there really isn't anything I can do about it.

The best thing about this past week is....... "A Crazy Day" is now officially ready for Hazel! Now, I just need to get the funds together to get her started,and we'll be off and running! Should be good to go by about the 20th. Even a little ahead of the schedule I had set for myself. I really need to stay on task with this one. You see, because Hazel is such an incredible illustrator,her talents are being demanded more and more, which means her schedule is tight. I'm so grateful she is able to do "A Crazy Day."

Oh, I almost forgot! The copyright for "A Crazy Day" is in the books! I can't tell you what kind of a thrill that gives me. It's like the copyright makes it really official. In my mind, anyway, the copyright is what takes it from a "story" to a "book."

Now, for the upcoming week.

I absolutely, without a doubt need to order more copies of "Lexi" by Wednesday. If not, I won't have them in time.

I need to get my caramel apple pie made on Wednesday and get in the freezer for next weekend. I also need to get a couple of pumpkin ones done or there could be a riot! lol

I need to find a couple of book propper uppers ( I'm sure that's precisely what they are called) for the upcoming shows. I think plate stands might work ok, but will have to check it out.

I'm still on the quest for the perfect Halloween costumes for the hubs and myself. We'll be checking some out on Monday, after work.

I need to get in touch with the Sunwest School Division and see about doing some readings. I haven't done any for a bit, and I have to say, I'm missing reading to the munchkins!

Well, I think that's about it for this week. I'm looking forward to doing this festival in Rosetown on Saturday. It's different from anything I've done with "Lexi" so far. Another example of "Lexi" taking me places I never would have gone. I'm a bit nervous, but it is new and different. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't sitting on a few pins and needles about it! lol

Until next week,

May you come across something which gives you unbridled joy.
May you find that lost something be it an earring or toy.

May your mind wander to someone who puts a smile on your face.
May your feet take you somewhere that's a new,exciting place.

May your heart hug somebody you don't even know.
May you hear something profound that makes your spirit grow.

May any torment or stress simply quiet and cease.
May all your senses be embraced by serenity and peace.

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