Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Storms and Monkey Chunks!

Hi All!

Above is a photo in which I tried to capture the blustery February storm that is going through here this weekend. Unfortunately, wind is not very photogenic. But, you can take my word for it, it is very blowy and snowy. Not bad, though, it's only really snowed about twice this winter and we've only had a few days of the -40 business. All in all, not a bad winter. Listen to me! It's not even March yet and I'm talking like winter is on it's way out! That's Crazy Talk! It's Saskatchewan, after all! I believe it has snowed during every month of the year, here, with the exception of August. So, I better not start counting those spring chickens just yet.

Well folks, the first official review for "Lexi's Magic Clothes" was published this week! I can't even to begin to describe how exciting that is! It was pretty positive too!  the only criticism, really, was that it gets a bit monotonous for adults to read. Not so bad. The repetitiveness was very intentional on my part, kids love it! Anyway, here is the link, I'd love if you checked it out and let me know what you think! To let me know your thoughts you could leave a comment here or on my facebook page!

This week, I was able to take a bit of a run at getting the next book ready for Hazel. It's not finished, mind you, but it is closer to being done than it was last week. I'm rapidly running out of time, might just have to lock myself in a room for a day or two and just knock it out. No more lallygaggin'! ( real word, or not a real word, I'll leave the debate up to you)

When I do actually get the book finished and ready, the real decisions start. Font, size of font, size of book, layout, how many copies to get printed, how many more copies of "Lexi" and "Crazy" will I need? I try not to think about it all at once, if I do, I start to feel a bit overwhelmed. So, I really try to take it one thing at a time. Baby steps.

Speaking of which,

I Know! I promised I wouldn't pummel you with pictures of our little "Chunky Monkey", this, my friends, is by no means a pummeling, but a gentle nudge to the heartstrings. Okay, okay, I apologize. The Grandma-itis is still running fairly rampant. There is no cure, (thank heavens!) but, the symptoms do subside a little with time.

So! For the upcoming week......

No more slackin' off for this cookie.... back to work I go! (This is where you're supposed to feel sorry for me for having to return to my "job". You know, the one where I get to play lego, and tag with two year old twins........All together now..... oh you poor thing!) ( Not to mention come home to newborn baby snuggles!) It does require that I get up at 5am to get there on time, if that helps you to NOT want to smack me! lol

I can't believe how lucky I really am! Soooooo grateful.

Get new book finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch the Oscars!

Also this week, fulfill the tasks required of any executive domestic engineer.

I hope you all have a great week, and thanks for taking the time to read these ramblings. I am forever grateful for your continued support.

Until then I'll leave you with this wish:

May you find the time to take a walk, kick a rock or make a snowball.
May you find the time to read that book, watch that movie, or wander the mall.

May you catch a minute to find that old song which came to mind while you were folding socks.
May you take a second to facebook creep whats-his-name from highschool to see if he still rocks.

May you hold up a sec, have that second cup, before you run to your kids' rehearsal.
May you keep your butt upon the couch and not run and "do things" during the commercial.

May you know it's ok to, just sometimes, be truly still.
May you know, the running will all still be there afterward, it really, really, really....will.

Until next week!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yay! Baby Snuggles!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the newest member of our family. This is Mister Jacob Randy Reid! As promised, here are a couple of the photos taken of the little guy, so far. As his older cousin, Ethan can attest to, this Grandma loves to take pictures! 

I knew I was probably getting a little out of hand when one of the ladies in the photo department at Walmart recognized Ethan's picture at a glance! I'm not making any promises of slowing down much with this little one either. I don't like to make promises I have no intention of keeping!  I do promise, however, not to pummel you with the photos I take. At least not too much.

Jacob, already nicknamed "Chunky Monkey", is now a ripe old 9 days old and doing very well. Mommy is doing well too. They are staying with us while Mommy gets her strength back, and gets whole heartedly back on her own two feet. Then, my baby will take her baby to her home and bravely begin her journey as a single Mom. This takes incredible courage, confidence, and maturity. Thankfully, she has more courage and has shown more confidence and maturity at 20 than I've seen in most at 30.

I know society would dictate that I should be worried about my girl and how she will make her way through this world with her young bundle. But, society doesn't know her. She is very intelligent, determined, and has incredible maternal instincts. So, even though I know there will be challenges and set backs, and it won't be easy, she and her little man will ultimately be fine. As she knows, she may be a "single" Mom, but she is far from alone.

So, for this past week....

As you might have guessed a lot of Baby! Cuddles, snuggles, diaper changes and laundry. Trying to be a good assistant mommy.

Took Mommy and Jacob to his 1 wk. Doctor check up, which he passed with flying colours!

I did get a call from the accountant who had a few questions about book inventory and whatnot.... boring!

Also this week, I did manage to get the ball rolling on the new wedding which we booked last week.

I'm afraid I didn't get much polishing of the new book done. I should get more of a chance in the upcoming week.

I also was able to pop a few emails off to get info on future trade shows.

As I was trying to go to sleep last night, I was hit with a few lines that may very well start another book. It won't be a children's book, though. I plan on spending a bit of time with it, and see what it wants to turn into.

So...... for the upcoming week!

More baby snuggles!

Get book ready, or at least close to it, for Hazel! (I mean it this time!)

Check into the pros and cons of putting my books on Amazon.

Hopefully get a chance to so some follow up with some contacts made at the tradeshow in Outlook last weekend. You never know what can come of it!

Until Next Week!

As we celebrate new life in our family this week, others, are suffering terrible loss. For those I leave you with this wish............

May you get through to the other side of this struggle with your soul surviving the blow.
May you find and hold onto those you can lean on, may they hold you up above the storm.

May you, in time, be able to see through the darkness to the other side of the sorrow.
May you find in yourself the strength to just keep walking, and get to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

May you know in your heart you are not all alone in your grief.
May you know we are here with you, if you're still, you will feel us, believe.

Until Next Time!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Baby! Oh Baby! Oh Baby!

Hi Folks!

Well,, this past week, let me think....did anything exciting happen?  Oh yeah! New grandbaby! I haven't had a chance to get any photos yet, but I promise to put one on next week's blog.

As I sit here, typing, he is somewhat asleep in the next room. I am trying to let his Mommy get some well deserved rest, so I'm writing this with little sleep under my belt and with a fire under my butt, as I try to finish before he wakes. Trying to type with a baby in my arms takes way too much coordination!

Yep, Thursday night at about 20 minutes before midnight, Mr. Jacob decided to introduce himself to the world. All 9lb 8oz of him! And coming in at just shy of 22inches long he is a strapping young man indeed. We are all so excited he's here, happy, fat, and sassy!

In other news........ I was actually able to participate in the tradeshow in Outlook today, just before going to pick up Jacob and Mommy from the hospital. I love doing tradeshows. You meet so many interesting people.

For instance, I met a lady today, who translates traditional books into twin vision books. What she does, is break the binding on books, insert the braille version along side the regular print and rebinds them. It's great for parents or teachers teaching visually impaired children to read. Anyway, she bought a copy of one of my books for her bosses to have a read, and see if they will put it on her list of books to translate. Before today, I didn't know such a service existed.

Ok, wow! Just looked at the clock, apparently it is no longer Saturday the 11th of Feb. So, yeah, the tradeshow happened yesterday, met the braille lady, yesterday, picked up grandbaby and Mommy, you guessed it, yesterday.  Sorry, the baby woke up, and I didn't want him to wake up his Mom. It took a little longer to settle him down than I thought it would.

On a different note, an adjuster came by and did the assessment of the flood damage to our basement! I know! They said by the end of January, and actually showed up within a few days of of that! Better yet, it looks like we might actually get paid for some of the damage! Yay! How long that takes, on the other hand, is anybody's guess.

We have also been booked to do the music for another wedding! I love doing weddings, they are so much fun!

So folks, for the upcoming week, there will be much baby snuggling, laundry, cooking for a breastfeeding Mommy, and more baby snuggling. There will also be some book polishing, and some emails to tend to. I need to get that new book ready for Hazel, SOON!

I apologize if this week's ramblings give new meaning to the word. Lack of sleep really does a trip on the brain.

So, until next week, I'll leave you with this wish.....

May your night's sleep be as long and solid as the trunk of a redwood tree.
May you have no need for an alarm, and just sleep until you damn well please.

May you not have not one sleep interfering interruption,  not even to have to pee.
May you sleep like the proverbial baby, only without the feeding at 3.

May your slumber's dreams take you places you can only fantasize about when you're awake.
May you awaken feeling better than you have in years, ready to give the world a shake!

Until Next Week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ready For The "Go Time" Call!

Hello, folks!

Above, is a photo of my baby, as a baby, as she gets set to have a baby any time now. In fact, I wouldn't be terribly surprised to get the "go time" call at some point tonight. Or.... the little one may decide to get stubborn and make us all wait a bit longer. Who knows, right?

A strange thing happened this week, and not too surprisingly, it came from Ethan. Crystal,(eldest daughter, mother of Ethan), Kerianne ( youngest daughter, soon to be mom of the newest addition), Ethan (currently only grandson), and I, were sitting at the table having lunch, talking about the upcoming excitement. Out of the blue, Ethan, in his most grown up, almost 4 year old voice, chimes in with "I can hear the baby".
To this I replied "Oh, really?"
He proceeded with the following.
"Yes. And I remember being a baby in your tummy, Mommy. It was like having a blanket over my head, and I couldn't move. Then I came out of a mouth, only it went up and down instead of sideways."

Yeah.......we didn't know what to think or say, either. By the time we picked our jaws up off the floor, he was off and running, busily playing with his toys anyway. I'm still not sure what to make of it.

I have, at times, entertained the theory that we, as humans, are all born knowing all of the answers to the universe and it's troubles, then, throughout the course of life, and it's influences, we forget.

It's a nice thought, but at the same time, kind of a sad one.

This week also included Groundhog Day. Now, if you read my blog last week, you'll know I don't exactly put a lot of weight on this event. I did try, however, to bolster some enthusiasm for the grand day, only to once again be totally confused by the whole thing. One groundhog saw his shadow, another didn't, and yet another apparently didn't come out of his hole at all! So?????????? Now what???????????????? Early Spring? Late Spring? No Spring? I guess I just don't get it.

Also this week, I received some pretty exciting news on the book front. "A Crazy Day" received it's first official, published review!!!!! You can read it at:  I was also informed that one for "Lexi's Magic Clothes" will be in an issue coming fairly soon! I'd love to hear what you think about the review!

So folks, for the upcoming week?

Most likely we will be welcoming the newest addition to the Reid clan into the world.

Depending on the little one's arrival or lack thereof, I either will, or won't be going to work. (My own version of Groundhog Day lol)

The rest of the week will have to be planned a day at a time. I am hoping to put some more polish on the next book, though.

On Saturday, Feb. 11th,  I'll be doing a tradeshow at the Civic Center in Outlook,Sk. (Depending on baby, of course) If I can't make, my sister has agreed to pinch hit for me. I appreciate it sooooooooooo much! It runs from 10am-3pm. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

With that, if you'll indulge me, I'll leave with this wish for my baby about to have a baby.

May you embrace motherhood with gentle calm and fierce passion as you do with everything you do.
May you take the time to enjoy the snuggles, as time is so fleeting, and soon he'll be taller than you.

May you truly register and remember that very first gaze into your baby's eyes.
May you get that the overwhelming love you feel at that moment, never fades or dies.

May you know that no matter what life brings, you'll always be "my baby" to me.
May you know in your heart, though you've been an incredible kid, what a phenomenal mommy you'll be!

Until next week! Thanks so much for taking the time to read these ramblings!