Friday, October 26, 2012

BOOOOOO! Happy Halloween!

Hello Fellow Halloweenies!

It's that time of year again! Time for ghouls and boys, both young and old, to dress up in their favourite costumes and party it up! From the very scientific poll I conducted last week, during my readings, there will most likely be a lot of ninjas, princesses, mario brothers  and fairies with a healthy dose of zombies and witches showing up at your doors with their gunny sacks of hope held out before them.

As for the adults, my guess is that there will be some "Big Bang" costumes, your classic Vampires and Horror movie dudes and then, of course a vast selection of sexy _____(enter pretty much any noun here).

I'm looking very forward to having a great time with the crew in Denzil, where we are doing a Karaoke show tomorrow night! We are keeping it simple with our costumes this year, I should be able to get a pic up on next week's ramblings.

So, this week has been spent rehearsing and getting everything ready for the show, voting in our civic election, and recovering from a little yucky something that took hold of me for a couple of days. A bit of a different pace from last week. I'm ok with that.

Also, this week, I had the opportunity to see the tv interview I did a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was not speaking gibberish the entire time and actually came off like I wasn't shaking in my boots! Another successful step waaaayyyyy outside my comfort zone... and I'm still here.

As for the upcoming week...........

Halloween show tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday.......flu shot, which I mistakenly thought was this week

Wednesday.......hand out candy to all of the eager little people that show up at my door......(I'm toning down the " Halloween atmosphere"  in my house as it was a little too much for some of the kids last year....I forget that not every kid in town knows me anymore.. and some were genuinely scared which is NEVER my intention!)

Saturday....Trade show in Macrorie, Sk. from 10am - 2pm----come check it out!

So, my friends, that about does it for this week..........

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.............

May your wee ones not suffer tummy aches from the bounty which they are about to receive.
May your older ones, get that thrilling fright, because for this one night, in monsters, they believe.

May your teenagers enjoy their school dances, first flirtations, feeling brave in ghoulish disguise.
May any that venture into the "trick" instead of the "treat", keep it harmless, avoiding legal advice.

May you, as adults, know it's still a lot of fun, and perfectly alright, to dress up and get your goofy on.
May you do so, with abandon, snitch some fun-size treats, kick up your heels, get your costumed groove-on.

Thanks so much for the ongoing support you so readily give in this "seat of my pants" adventure!

Feel free to get a start on your Holiday shopping at   I can ship anywhere!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Road Trip Week! Big Time!


Let me just start off this week's ramblings with this............Anyone who shakes their collective heads at me and the fact that I love to hang out with kids so much, should come along on a school visit. It will be obvious are the most fantastic people on the planet! That's why!

Not only are they incredibly cute, they are insightful, bright, honest, and will ask you the exact question that is on their mind. No filtre. They have not developed their self-editing ability, and, I for one, love it.

When I look out over the sea of little faces, looking back at me, their big eyes shining with excitement and anticipation, hearing the sweet giggles ripple over the room, the participation, at first shy and hesitant, becoming down right rowdy, it fills me with something I can only describe as complete and utter joy.

The questions that follow a reading can be, and usually are, anything that comes to filtre. The teachers usually start to look a bit nervous as the kids begin their inquiries. Maybe a little afraid the wee ones might ask something that may be construed as rude or inappropriate. The teachers fail to understand that after running a dayhome for 20 years, the list of questions I haven't had from kids is probably waaaaay shorter than the list of ones I have.

This time around, a lot of the questions from the youngest of the children seemed to revolve around my sleeping habits, and what the name of my street might be. They asked how many kids I have, how old they are, do I have a pet, and the one that the teachers seem to think should offend me, how old am I, and when is my birthday. Too funny! I try to assure them that I am not insulted by the widest definition of the word. I've earned every one of my 46 years, and it couldn't matter less to me who knows.

No filtre. Love it. They want to know, so they ask. If only adults did the same thing.............

It's when the tiny hands pop straight up, their owners waiting patiently for their turn to speak, and when they get their chance, they say something like "When I grow up, I'm going to be an author, just like you!" And then, as the kids are filing out of the room, going back to class, and the teacher pulls you aside to tell you that she has never seen this group of kids this fired up about reading or writing before. This is why I do this...

It's when, as you enter the school hallway from the library and are surrounded by messy pigtails, floppy boots, and spontaneous hugs.This is why I do this......

When a shy, bespectacled tiny ten year old hesitantly walks up to you as you are readying to leave the school and asks in a voice so quiet it's almost inaudible....."if I would send you some of my stories would you read them?" This is why I do this.......

When a bright-eyed girl, in ill-fitting clothes, couldn't care less hair, and mis-matched socks looks you square in the eye and asks pointed questions as to how to get a book from being simply an idea to reading to kids in schools. This is why I do this.....

The most fantastic people on the planet....This is why I do this.

To top off the week, we went  to Eatonia today to participate in their trade show. It was so well run, with lots of variety. The organizers also did a great job in providing an environment that encouraged patrons to hang around. They had live music, a face painting clown who sang and told stories, and a LOT of food. Well done Eatonia!!!

So, after 1608kms, 6 schools, 850 kids, 500 questions and 1 trade show, that, my friends, brings me to the end of the past week.

Now for the upcoming 7 days.........

The week will be spent getting the book stuff reorganized for the next trade show......

Rehearsing for our Halloween gig in Denzil on Sat......

A trip to the city to do girlie things and drop off a vacuum cleaner......

Putting finishing touches on our costumes for said gig......

Getting a flu shot..............

Voting in our civic election..........

Try to talk my house cleaning/laundry fairies out of their strike........

Take a nap.

Soooo, that about does it. Until next time, I will leave you with a thank you for your continued support and this wish..............

May the young ones in your life feel ever encouraged in the pursuit of their true passion.
May we, as adults, set aside, what we'd like for them, like pushing accounting over fashion.

May they grow up learning that without commitment, passion becomes a hobby, not a career.
May they come of age learning to make decisions from a place of fortitude and courage, not fear.

May they know that with the pursuit of every dream comes both risk and reward.
May they learn to be wise in weighing both, decide, moving ever forward.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

TV Interviews! What's Next?!!?!!?!?

Hello There!

Now, before I get carried away with the ins and outs of the last seven days, I hope you will indulge me for a bit.

This week, a young girl, here in Canada, committed suicide because of bullying. She was a beautiful 15yr old, with all of life's good things waiting to embrace her. Yet, somehow, deep down in her very young, teenage soul, she could see no other way to escape the torture of the incessant, relentless bullying.

Sadly, she is not the first, nor will she be the last, if something isn't done.

In my experience, and that is the only place from which I can speak, bullying is a behavior which is taught. That, in and of itself seems like a no brainer, right? After all, children aren't born with the ability, the desire, nor the instinct to bully. By nature, as humans, we care.

This is a behavior taught by us. We, the adults of this society, need to take responsibility for teaching our children that it is ok to hurt others, on purpose.

They absorb it every day, as they watch us judge each other, as they hear snide remarks about co-workers, choice words for the person who just cut us off in traffic, belittling the someone who may seem a little different, and doesn't necessarily fit into our tidy little boxes in which we sooo love to put people.

Teaching our children empathy is so incredibly important. Just as, if not more important than teaching them their colours and letters. We seem to be so tied up in making sure our kids learn piano, karate, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, soccer, dance, and on top of that, excel academically. Maybe we should take a step back, and set aside a little time to make sure they are learning how to care.

I know we can change this obscene trend. We just need to start, and start now. With our toddlers, with our preschool kids, with our pre-teens, with our 15yr olds. We just need to start teaching our kids how fundamentally important it is to care about others. We need to be the adults we'd like our children to be when they grow up.

We need to do better, we owe it to our kids, our grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends' kids, students...........we need to not bury any more of our children because of something we've taught our other children to do.

Sorry, I just needed to get that off my was too heavy for me to carry alone.

*climbing off of soap box*

Now, on to happier things...................................

As for the photo.....that is a pic of Wes Funk and I getting ready for my tv interview for "Lit Happens." 

It actually turned out to be pretty fun, thanks to Wes, the Shaw guys, and the other interviewees. I was very nervous going into the cafe where they held the taping.  I think it helped alot that I got to be the last one interviewed. Watching the other three go first helped tame the butterflies in my stomach.

Apparently, it will be shown on Shaw Saskatoon,  youtube as well as sometime within the next few weeks.

Now that I've done it once, I think I'd be ok doing it again, if the opportunity presented itself.  Let's all keep in mind that it's a pretty big IF, so I can sound pretty brave!

This week also brought with it some rehearsing, trailer fixing, and a trip to the Conquest trade show.

The trade show was fun, as usual. Met lots of people, and for the first time, the best seller for me today was "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life"! Yup, I was thrilled to find out that it will be a Christmas gift for several adult children, an engagement gift for a young couple, and seems to be a popular gift for women to give to their women friends. 

Before we took off toward Conquest, we had to make a stop at the post office. I had to ship off a couple of copies of each of "Crazy", "Tags",and "Wishes" to the National Archives in Ontario. Apparently, it's required. Who am I to argue,right? Now, all of my books have a spot out there. It kind of blows my mind to think that 75 years from now, my great-great grandbabies will be able to get their hands on copies of the silly books Grandma used to write.

Now for the upcoming week.................................

Monday........drop off books for Milbanke's in North Battleford on the way to Meadow Lake,Sk. out with some kids at Dorintosh School, in Dorintaosh, Sk, then make my way to, say it with me, Kopahawakenum School at Flying Dust (going to have the kids there to teach me how to pronounce it!) with kids from Lakeview Elementary School in Meadow Lake, Sk. then attend their book fair and parent/teacher night. Green Acre School in Rapid View,Sk. See some kids at Jubilee Elementary in Meadow Lake,Sk., do laundry, make sure everything is ready for Saturday.

Friday.......Head out to visit kids at Major School in Major,Sk.

Saturday......Trade Show in Eatonia,Sk.

Gonna be a BLAST!

Well folks, that about does it for me for another week!

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish................................

May you know, in your lifetime, for every bully you encounter, five good people will become friends, loyal and true.
May you see bullies for the sad cowards they portray, misguided in believing their ego relies on how small they can make you.

May those out there who find joy in torturing those who are different, or tall, or small, or for any other ludicrous, ridiculous, nonsensical excuse....
May you stand in their shoes for a day, to taste the palpable hatred, truly understand the depth of the abuse...

May those who throw an insult at the guy by the water cooler, the girl in the mail room, the person waiting to cross at the light.....
May you be aware of the young ears around you soaking up the fact, that if you're doing it, bullying must be alright...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Good, The Bad, And The Pumpkin Pie!

Well, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

This lovely photo is one of my favorites. It pretty much depicts what was a fairly average day in our house about 20 years ago, lots of "dress-up", and general goofiness! These are my two youngest daughters back in 1992. Now they are 21 and 22 years old, and "dress-up" is an entirely different game.

Back then, Thanksgiving was a mad scramble getting everyone ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Trying not to forget anything, diapers, favorite toys to sleep with, gauging how many clothes to take, trying to predict who might and how many accidents might happen, will anybody get car sick? Hoping they will let me sleep while we are there. It might be Grandma and Grandpa's, but it still wasn't their own beds.

The meal consisted mostly of running around getting all the kids a plate, (all being too little to dish themselves out) a drink, helping one make sure none of her food was touching each other, making sure another isn't trying to pass off all her vegetables on her much less picky cousin, wiping up spills and managing to eat a few mouthfuls of cold turkey in the process, all the while trying desperately to at least get close to participating in some of the adult conversation.

Sound familiar?

Now, Thanksgiving is a time to bake a few cookies, maybe some muffins, a pumpkin pie or two, then simply wait for everyone to show up.  Then, when the time comes, and everyone is seated, I get to eat a hot meal! It's Awesome!

So folks, this week was.......well, a little all over the place.

We found out that getting the building for our shop is going to take quite a while yet. It could be the new year before things get settled.

I also received a letter from the Mistletoe and Craft show in North Battleford informing me that they were rejecting my application for the trade show this year. They've decided that this year they are wanting to get some new vendors who have never been there before. It's kind of funny, because being a new vendor was precisely the reason I was turned down by the SunDog show in Saskatoon. They like to keep their regulars.  Thankfully I was able to get two smaller shows to make up for it. One in Macrorie,Sk and the other in Battleford on Dec. 8th. I'll keep you posted.

Then, to top it off, I found out that the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild has put a limit on the amount of readings they will sponsor throughout the school year.  They are now allowing only 5 readings per author. Apparently, some authors are being invited more than others, so they are trying to spread it out. So, if you want me to come and do a reading at your school or library, they said I can still do it, we would just have to arrange it privately. I'm so glad, because that's my favorite part of this whole thing! You can email me at

I was brought to happy tears when I received a message from a teacher friend of mine as she told me about one of her little students who asked if, at story time, the teacher could read from a book she brought from home, and it was "Lexi's Magic Clothes"!  She, apparently was quick to ask the teacher to be careful as it was her very own signed copy! I can't even begin to explain what kind of a thrill that is.

The week finished strong, with an order for some copies of "Wishes" by the owner of Milbanke's Flowers and Gifts in North Battleford. Is it silly that it still makes me down right giddy when that happens?

So that brings us to this weekend. Kids will be coming with, husbands, boyfriends, friends and babies. There will be a lot of food, maybe a few cocktails, and a wii dart tournament that will probably go down in infamy!

As for the upcoming week.........

Help hubby fix brakes, doodads and whatnot on the RV in our driveway.

Rehearse for upcoming shows.

Do my first TV interview..... I'm interviewing on a show called "Lit Happens" on local cable.......incredibly nervous.(I was really hoping I could do this whole book thing while completely avoiding the whole TV thing, but I guess that's not going to happen..... this will be another GINORMOUS leap outside of my comfort zone!) wish me luck. Hopefully, I won't say anything too stupid, or knock anybody out talking with my hands. (which I do a lot, especially when I'm nervous)

Get stuff ready for trade show in Conquest on Saturday, Oct. 13th from 11am til 2:30pm. (shameless plug)

Well folks, that's it for me, this week...until next time I'll leave you with this Thanksgiving wish...........

May you be surrounded by family, if not by blood, by choice.
May everything joyous be given the loudest voice.

May hearty laughter ring long and loud competing fiercely only with sound of an excitedly, playful squeal.
May the symphony of familiar conversation fill your home with all the comfort of a home cooked meal.

May we pause to remember fondly, those no longer here to pull up a chair, fill a plate, take part.
May we do so with a smile, a song, a story, whatever brings their memory closest to our heart.

All of my books are available for purchase at:

McNally Robinson in Saskatoon and Winnipeg

Everyday Wishes is also available at Milbankes in North Battleford