Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dying Eggs and Eating Chocolate for Breakfast! Oh Yeah!

The simple pleasures in life........
Watching, as little ones so carefully try their chubby little hands at the art of dying Easter eggs, has got to be one of life's simplest and best.  The meticulous concentration that can take over the mind and soul of a five year old boy, who is usually talking a mile a minute while simultaneously hopping in circles and interpreting a full blown action scene wherein the superheroes have Lego block stand-ins is, to say the least, incredible.
The proud grin of a one year old, as they decorate their very own egg with the "magic" crayon and then assist in plopping into the dye, priceless.
This weekend holds many different meanings to many different people who don't necessarily share the same views in religion or tradition. But, the only point of view I can possibly share is the one I see from where I sit in life.  So, whatever your tradition is for this weekend, whether it's celebrating Passover, Easter, or simply Spring, do it up! Soak it in! I, for one, plan on taking full advantage of this holiday, and first thing tomorrow morning, I will be sharing a chocolate bunny breakfast with a grandbaby or two.(Because I can) hehehehehe :)
So, what's been going on in the past week?
Well, our eldest daughter is doing a bit better after her fall. She is no longer on the "loopy" pills, and has once again joined the land of reality. (Yay!)
The little angel I was telling you about last week is doing leaps and bounds better! Through the course of the week the tubes and machines were removed one by one and, incredibly, he was able to go home from the hospital yesterday! So much fight contained in such an itty bitty body. It's seems impossible that such fragility and strength can co-exist in one tiny person. We are all so grateful that his strength outweighs his fragility. I look so forward to watching as he gets stronger and stronger with every passing day.
Also, this week, we heard from our enviro people, and we don't have to dig any holes in the neighbour's yard! WooHoo! I know that probably doesn't sound like very good news, but, believe me, it is. If we would have had to test their property, as well as our own, it would have been big bucks and a lot more waiting. As it sits right now, they are going to take the samples on Wednesday, we should have the results by Friday, so by the following Monday or Tuesday we should be able to go the lawyer's office and sign the final papers! (insert big sigh of relief!)
Now, because of that good news, we were able to pick up the laptop for the shop when we went to the city to sign more papers. (which are now sitting on our lawyers desk, waiting) I installed the accounting program, now, I just need to set it all up!
The rest of the week was spent running our daughter (the one who fell) to get xrays (just making sure no real damage was done), getting groceries, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and all of that good stuff.
Yesterday we dyed eggs, and today we participated in a trade show in Rosetown.
I now am down to my last 11 copies of "Lexi's Magic Clothes", and my last 35 of "A Crazy Day". I'm hoping to be able to finish this new book in time, as to order more of the others when I have the new one shipped, thus only paying one shipping charge. Here's hopin'.
Now, for the upcoming week........
Meeting plumber at the shop to pressure test gas line...
Go to the city to pick up final papers, and hopefully meet with accountant to assist in setting up shop books.
Receive great news from enviro people.........
Go to pick up our counters and display cases for the shop!........
So folks, that about does it for another week......until then I'll leave you with this wish...
May you, as the next sun rises, find yourself feasting on rainbow inspired beans of jelly.
May you devour morsels of the rich dark chocolate that was once a bunny's belly.
May you, without guilt, hand over sugary treats to toddlers, caring not, the parental wrath it may wrought.
May you convey to these parents that they survived many chocolates breakfasts, for that is what the Easter Bunny brought!
May you embrace the rush brought forth by the consumption of such delectable fare.
May you embrace equally the crash that follows, it's inevitable, beware.
May you, after the ride is over, look back with a smile on the memories that were made.
May you, because your tummy can't handle what it used to, find solace in your stash of Rolaids.
Until next week!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tiny Angel...Be Strong

Well, my friends, as I sit here at my computer and reflect on the happenings of the past week, my heart and mind keep coming back to a tiny little man, whom, as I sit here, is curled up in in the NICU of a hospital with tubes inserted for breathing and eating, and other equipment attached to monitor every tiny beat of his newborn heart.

He is the child of one of our "kids", closest friends. One of the kids who has been a big brother/friend to every one of our girls at one point during the last 15 years or so. He is a giant of a man now, and life has not always been easy, but still within him lies the gentle soul of a true Daddy.

I hope that soon, this little angel will be able to snuggle up with his Mommy and Daddy for a well deserved, peaceful nap. The kind of nap we can tend to take for granted as we watch our healthy little ones run around.

Life is fragile. A gift. We have no right to waste it. To watch as it passes by. I believe to do so insults all of those who fight for it every day.

On a lighter note, well kind of, anyway, when our oldest daughter went to the hospital to visit the above mentioned friend and his sweet family, she wiped out and hurt her back, so she is kind of laid up for the week on pain meds and muscle relaxers. You know those videos on youtube of the kids who just had their wisdom teeth removed, and they are all spacey because of the meds? Well, that's about it in a nutshell. On the upside, she is much less pain, on the downside.......yeah, should be an interesting week.

Oh, and yeah, our youngest daughter's boyfriend rolled his car on his way home from work yesterday. He's ok, just a bit sore, but the car, well, let's just say, I don't think it's gonna make it. So today was spent helping him find another car so he doesn't have to miss work Monday. This is one of those times when the benefits of living in a small town really come into play. A few phone calls to a couple of neighbours and voila, a car.

I did hear from the environmental people. They finally received the long awaited information from the government about the property across the street from our new shop and guess what? They didn't get it early enough in the day, so they didn't get a chance to read it,, we have to wait until Monday to find out if they are going to have to sample the soil on their property or not. The difference being $$$$$$$$! Cross your fingers!

Well, I guess that about does it for the past week, as for the next few days?

Receive stellar news from the environmental people. (I feel they owe us some!)

Go into the city and sign more papers! (One step closer!)

Hopefully receive our new cash register and interac machine...

Depending on how Monday goes, pick up a laptop for the shop, and start setting it up to do the shop books.

Hopefully receive news that a certain tiny angel has been released from his tethers and is breathing strong!

So my friends, until next time I'll leave you with this wish.......

For those in the NICU.....

May your tiny angel wings lift you above any pain you might feel.
May you absorb every strength from those that surround you, and heal.

May those who love you be solid, be hopeful, be positive, be sure.
May they look into your perfect eyes, so you know their love, so pure.

May every positive thought, every prayer, every whisper of good will, blanket you as you rest.
May they bring to you the strength to inhale the first of a long lifetime worth of breath.

May your tiny angel wings lift you, lift you high and lift you long.
May you, oh so precious, Tiny Angel, be a fighter, be strong.

Until next time.........

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yep....Still Snowing! 'Nuf Said.....

I know it's pretty, I know it conjures up visions of skiing, hot chocolate, and skating on ponds, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, flippin' blah. 5 and 1/2 months of being buried in snow is quite enough! I crave the sight of grass, leaves, flowers! I long for days covered in sunscreen instead of head to toe woolies! I'm looking so forward to playing in puddles with the grandbabies! Spring officially begins on Wednesday, I'll believe it when I see it!

Sorry........but I feel much better now!

Tonight, my hubby and I escaped the four walls, and went to a movie. The premise of the movie was that of a set of grandparents, who only every got to see their grandkids about once a year. It also shed a light on the importance relationships between kids and their grandparents can have.

It's amazing what an impact the perspective of a different generation can have.

I remember very distinctly the roll each of my Grandparents played in my childhood. My memories of my maternal Grandparents are... for lack of a better word...... crowded. There were always alot of other grandkids around, somebody getting a diaper changed, somebody getting a band aid put on the latest owie, someone tattling on someone else, endless games of tag, cards being played, cookies getting passed around, and of course, Grandpa always finding a few minutes to sneak you a butterscotch candy from his secret stash.

My paternal Grandparents were older, their house more subdued, we, most often, were the only grandkids there. Here is where you were seated quietly and given lovely, delicate, whispers of homemade sweetness. Here you sat at Grandpa's feet, outside, and listened in wonder as he named and told you stories about every bird, every tree, every everything. Here is where you would stand beside Grandma's wheelchair, as she gently rubbed your back and asked about things that mattered.

I cherish my memories of my grandparents, and am forever grateful for the stamp they put on my life.They weren't perfect people, my parents' parents, but they gave me a sense of history, a sense of belonging, a sense of myself and my place int the world, that, I think, can only come from Grandparents. 

Now, grandparents are not always blood related. DNA is never a prerequisite for family. We all find people throughout our lives who are those people. You know who I mean...the lifelong friends, the people you meet, young or old, man or woman, with whom something just clicks. You've just met, and you feel like you've known each other for a long time. Don't devalue the power of the relationship because you don't share a bloodline.

All I can say for sure is this. As a fairly new grandma, I will do my very best to cultivate and nurture relationships with every grandbaby that comes my way. Both, those who swim in my gene pool and those who don't. For those that do? A word of advice....bring a life jacket, it gets a little crazy in the deep end!

As for the past week? Well, we were able to, get the job done in Pike Lake, get orders in, key chains, brochures etc., and we were able to reserve a phone number! I have dates set up for phone and Internet set up, and am currently trying to figure out the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of running the store part of the business.

This next week, is more of the same......getting everything in place!

And, just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about my next book! I am working on it, whenever I get a chance, and am determined to have it out for Fall!

That about does it for another week, as for my wish this week.......

One for the Grandparents.......

May you seize every chance to play, to dance, to snuggle up and watch cartoons.
May you "itsy-bitsy-spider", "ring-around-the-rosie", and "this-little-piggy" until you swoon.

May you take the time to really listen to every nonsensical tale woven by imagination abound.
May you let go, and join in to create stories of giant, purple butterflies that carry sheep around.

May you have giggle fits as you play with them in forts made of blankets and dining room chairs.
May you colour outside the lines with them, creating a world of wonder, one with many layers.

May you see in them, your child, and the one that you once were.
May you be for them, a champion, for someday, they will need one, life has taught you this, for sure.

Until next time.......

Saturday, March 9, 2013

As Brave As A Toddler? Oh Yeah!


Who is braver than a toddler taking a walk in the snow unassisted for the first time?  Treading on the unknown, uneven, foreign surface without hesitation, without fear. This is the bravery we all possess until life makes us second guess our instincts as to where we should be going next and the path we should follow to get there.

When we feel unsure about the way our lives are going, we need to tap into that fearless toddler's heart, and believe in ourselves, be as sure-footed as we felt then. Yes, we may stumble, the chosen path may be rough in places, but we need to remember there are an infinite number of chances to change our course any time we choose to do so.

Soooo..........This week, I turned 47.  I feel so grateful, humbled, and amazed at the incredible life I've been allowed to lead.  I come from a huge, crazy family who loves to laugh. We didn't grow up with a lot of the frills that some other children may have taken for granted, but we grew up solid and sturdy, but even more importantly, we grew up in a home where being a smart ass was taken to Olympic levels. Fate/Karma/Serendipity has seen fit to give me a husband and kids who more than help to perpetuate that culture, hopefully the legacy will live on.

Also this week.......

I finished and passed (With a 98% average! :) the online business course I was taking. 10 modules....30 lessons....a crash course in entrepreneurship...the issues......accounting.......and sooooo much more!!! All funning aside, it was pretty helpful.

We received a call from a gentleman to pay a visit to him and his motor home, which apparently, is in some dire need of  love and care. We will be doing an estimate to determine if we can do the job where it sits in the cold, or if it will need to come into the shop.

We also gave the final approval for our sign! Can't wait to hang it up!

Today, we took part in a great trade show in Outlook. Thanks Trina for organizing such a great event!
It was a good day!  Some more books found new homes with some giggly munchkins, we got to see some old friends and meet some new ones. I was able to spend a portion of the day reading "Lexi" to a little girl, and playing with 10 month old little guy who was hanging out and helping his mom at a neighbouring table. Oh, and I was able to relieve one vendor of a couple pairs of very cute shoes!

We also had some Integrity RV info set up and had some people stopping by, asking questions, and showing some genuine interest at the thought of a shop opening, so close to home.

So, for the upcoming week........

Put together the estimate for our motor home guy...

Do some snooping into getting some key chains, letterhead etc. with our logo and name on them.

Put together an order for another vendor.... a few more "fun" RVing things.

Chase grandbabies........hehehehe

Sleep in on one of the days..........

Well, that about does it for this week.... In honor of those of us who have begun to admit we aren't just colouring our hair for fun anymore......

May you look in the mirror, and see every line as the artist's strokes defining who you are.
May you see beyond the lines forming around them, to wisdom behind the eyes, earned thus far.

May you celebrate the comfort that comes with time spent residing in your own skin.
May you embrace the confidence this time has afforded, unleash the kickass from within.

May every grey hair, every hot flash, every insomnia driven night, be overshadowed by the joy in your life.
May you  feel no remorse for that eaten bit of chocolate, you've earned it, for being such an awesome daughter/sister/mother/wife!

Until next time! Check me out on FaceBook!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Simple Carpets of Diamonds


After months of winter, some of you may be wondering, and rightfully so, why I stay living where I live?

It really is quite simple..... room to breathe, inspired works of incredible sculpture, and let's not forget the carpets of diamonds.

Right now, as you know, life is a bit hectic. With kids, kids-in-law, and grandbabies moving back home with all of their stuff, working on getting the shop up and running by April 15th, taking an online business course, and trying to finish writing and publish another kids' book this year, I believe my plate is full.

 A full life is a good thing. It's not perfect, or quiet, nor does it ever go according to plan. It's not restful, or still, nor is it, this full life anyway, inclusive of trips to warm places with sandy beaches, palm trees and attractive, sunkist people that bring frosty cocktails to your seaside cabana.

No, this full life is loud, rowdy, and full of trips to the industrial places with sandpaper, coat trees, and a sweet, handsome, hard-working husband that brings warm cups of tea to my window-side writing nook.

When things get a bit crazy, it's nice to step out into the simple.

So, in the past week........

We finally heard from our environmental people. Guess what..... have to wait some more. Now, we are waiting on some sort of Government permission to get info on a neighbouring property. On the bright side, this shouldn't really effect our timeline any further, other than having less time between possession date and opening.

We placed our order to stock our shop and store for opening day. Things will be delivered around April 10th!

We found counters for the store part of the shop! The time saved from having to build them is awesome!

I finished the first module of the business course I am taking. It focuses on entrepreneurs, and should prove to be very helpful. Only nine more to go.

We finished the week by attending my niece's final figure skating carnival. She graduates highschool this year and won't be participating anymore. It was so sweet to see all the wee ones, and not so wee ones, skating their hearts out, some spending a fair amount of quality time with various body parts making prolonged contact with the ice.

Now, for the next few days......

Make the final decisions on our sign

Get in touch with the utility companies to get dates set for hook up

Get in touch with bank about setting up the interac system

Get hair cut!!!!!!!!

Shop around for cash register/computer for the shop

Get things organized for the Jump into Spring trade show in Outlook March 9th

Turn 47!

That, my friends, brings us to the end of another week.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.............

May folding the fifteenth load of laundry wrap you in gratitude, as laundry = clothes on your back.
May planning and cooking meals be inspired, not just entree masterpieces but every awesome snack!

May every spill not stain, may every drop not break, may every "accidental" throw not smash your picture window view.
May the tiny fingers wriggling and stretching beneath the bathroom door remain happy until you're through.

May all those behind you in the 20 minute check out line be gracious when things aren't going great.
May a kindly Samaritan offer to trade you places, so you and your reason for being no longer have to wait!

May you, in tucking yourself in at night, look back at your day with pride.
May you  know what an accomplishment it was, you never quit, you never cried! (in public)

Until next time... have a great week! make sure you get your orders in for books for Easter baskets!