Friday, July 31, 2015

Time Between The Sunsets...............

Ahhh different sunsets, different circumstances, but a sunset, just the same.

No matter what kind of chaos may be going on in life, no matter the circumstances, for the most part, we are guaranteed a couple of things. the sun will set and rise again.

Now, whether we get to continue to experience these incredible phenomena in the ways we are accustomed, that, my friends, is never guaranteed. As we all know, life can change in a heartbeat.

What we choose to put between our sunsets is so important. The time will pass regardless, fill it with what is most important to you.

Yes, we need to work, pay bills, run errands, and slay dust bunnies. But, these things need not eat up all of our time. These tasks are simply what is necessary, and, if you crank the right tunes up just loud enough, it helps........alot.

In a heartbeat. Every time I hear a siren I think how that sound will impact someone's life in no small way. This person's time between the sunsets will likely never be the same. The ripple of that siren will reach too many.

Hanging on to anger, fear, grudges, emotional pain or stress wastes our precious time. Looking at your life and those in it, and focusing on what you perceive to be missing, can only feed misery. If something is missing, find it. Chances are, it's been living right in front of you, just waiting for you to take notice.

Feed your joy.....making every heartbeat count.

Well, we had another great, and busy week at the shop.

Get trailers complete so nobody has to miss their holiday.....check....

Grandbaby snuggles.....check......

Finished music prep for the family reunion this weekend...check...Gonna be a blast!

As for how I will be filling my time between the sunsets in the next while..........

Gratuitous amounts of shenanigans with Aunts, Uncles, siblings and an obscene amount of cousins.....

It will be another busy one at the shop...........

More and more grandbaby snuggles...........


So, my with family in mind, I will leave you with this wish, as I am sure ours isn't the only reunion...........

May you dive into this DNA pool of awesomeness with both feet, and soak in all of the laughter.
May any and all differences be left at the gate, for there is only room for joy, stack it to the rafters.

May all contests of sport, both real and of impromptu invention, be enjoyed without sprains, scrapes or breaks,
May you understand that with this crew, having that happen is unlikely, there will be, at minimum, bruises and aches.

May a fantastic time be had by all, for I know that was the plan.
May we all come away filled to the brim with gratitude for being part of just an awesome clan!

Until next time!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Grandbaby Sleepovers and Some Art In The Park!


Well, another busy week has come and gone......

Gratefully, it was another busy one at the shop, a lot of A/C issues going on right now......go figure..

We had a sleep-over guest, mid-week, as our oldest grandson came for a bit of a visit. He's getting to be such a "guy." You know what I mean......he is at the age where any and all bodily functions, good, bad, or indifferent, are completely hilarious; he's hungry all the time, and has become fluent in two languages, "grunt" and "video game." He is also sweet, cute, brilliant and has not yet become to cool to snuggle with Grandma on the couch. I'm not sure how much longer that will I will accept every cuddle offered ...................

Then, today was an "Art in the Park" event right here in lil ol' Milden.  It was a beautiful day, and thanks to some lovely people and their fantastic umbrella, this translucent wonder walked away from a day spent entirely outside with little more than a bit of a sun punch to the face. It definitely could have been a lot worse. Thank you to whomever invented sunscreen. You are my personal hero.

It was a great day spent meeting new people and catching up with those I haven't seen in a while. Visited with some who have just recently completed that most horrible ride on the chemo roller coaster. Worn, tired, still struggling with the lingering pain with which this most necessary of evils tortures it's victims. Victims is not the right word. Victors. Yes. Victors.

These, the ones forced to go on this life altering, terrifying, loathsome ride, and come out still standing. Victors.... not victims.

You never have to cast a net very far to find someone who's struggle is more difficult than your own. We are not always privy to the turmoil behind the eyes, the pain that lives just beneath the surface. This is why it's so important to be kind to each other....always... in all ways.  You can never make a person's day worse by being nice, and meaning it, but you can always make it, at least a little bit, better.

As for the next while.........

Prepping and rehearsing for a big family reunion next weekend....gonna be a blast!

Busy busy busy at the shop..........

Grandbaby squeezin'

Donate blood...........

Cut a couple of pounds of hair off and get my wisdom highlights taken care of............


Well, that about does it for another week!!!!

Until next time...........

May every struggle be counterbalanced ten-fold by a joy so brilliant it makes you cry.
May you get through every difficulty without any heavy effort, without even having to try.

May any lingering remnants of your fight leave you quickly, markedly fading with each passing night.
May you never again have to battle this monster, feeling that helplessness, living that fright.

May you find strength in your victory, for you are still here, this monster did not claim who you are.
May you find strength in your victory, power in your triumph, let these be your battle scars.

Until then..........

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We The People......Who Freckle..............


Well, we are about 3 weeks into July and summer is officially in full swing.  The weather is warm, and the outdoors beckon us like chocolate and Cheetos during PMS.

Why does it seem that the warm months fly by, barely getting here before they start planning their escape, and the cold ones? Well, they seem to want to hold on, lingering with us like a house guest who has made outstaying his welcome his job.

They've already started advertising "back to school" shopping deals, for crying out loud! Really?! Please let us enjoy our summer in peace. Please. Back to school shopping can wait a few more weeks. Can't it?

No, it's time to kick back as much as possible, bar-b-que, play in the water, drink cool frothy drinks, and hoard vitamin D like we're filming a series for TLC.

I, like many of you, need to commence the hoarding with enthusiasm, but, also with a healthy dose of caution. We, who have skin of the translucent variety. We the people, in constant search of the perfect sunscreen. We the people, who can get a sunburn during the car ride to the grocery store. We the people, whose translucence transcends into "glow in the dark" status when being observed in the underwater depths of a chlorine treated pool. We the people, who have less of a tan during mid-summer than your average Scandinavian newborn. We the people, whose only visible pigment shows up like a "connect the dots" activity that creates no picture. We the people, those people, yes, we need to proceed with caution.

Good thing freckles are cute. Just sayin'................

So, this week whipped by pretty fast.

My new copies of "Lexi" and "Crazy Day" were delivered safe and sound. Yay!

Several more trailers were completed and are now on their way to lakes, ball tournaments, and dance camps............................

Some  grand baby snuggles were thrown in the mix.............

And for our date night? We were invited to attend a charity event for the Canadian cancer Society which was held at a nearby Motor Speedway. It was a great evening spent in the fresh air, meeting new people and reacquainting ourselves with old friends. All in all a fun night!

As for the upcoming few days?

Laundry and other such glamour filled things.............

It will definitely, and thankfully be another busy one at the shop, as there are several more trailers that are aching for road trips...............

Rehearse as much as possible for upcoming show that takes place in a couple of weeks..........


So, that , my friends, about does it for another week.............

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish.......

May the sun smile gently upon your shoulders, leaving them kissed and not bitten.
May you find your summer passion, whatever it may be, may you get lost in it, be truly smitten.

May you fill your time doing things never done, discovering your lack of limits, finding your groove.
May you reflect the joyous confidence this brings, with your every breath, your every move.

May you not only dance like nobody is watching, but do it naked, and in the rain.
May you not only grab the brass ring, make it part of a collection, create a chain.

May you walk in the sunshine, face to the sky, ready for anything that may come.
May you do so with a smile, for no matter what happens, you got this, yeah, you got this one.

Until next week......

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just The Right State Of Disrepair!


As I sit here and ponder life, the image of the streaking toddler I had the privilege of meeting, this week, comes to mind. The sheer freedom and joy he was enjoying wearing nothing but a sun hat!

Nothing constricting his movements, nothing prohibiting his expression, nothing contributing to the heat and humidity already present from Mother nature. Nothing stopping him from climbing in and out of his little paddling pool at will. No sign of embarrassment or shame. No hint of giving a damn what other people thought.

Reason #6594683 why I love kids. They are full of lessons.

Now, before you run off to strip down to nothing but a smile and head out the door, I should probably explain that I don't believe the lesson to be learned from this little guy was to be naked in the literal sense. (Although in the heat we've been experiencing lately, it's tempting)

No, this little nudist simply reminds me to check on my "give a damn" and make sure it's in just the right state of disrepair.

Yes, we have to care, to a certain degree what other people think. For instance, if I went out in nothing but a sun hat I would either get arrested, or put in a nice rubber room.  For instance, I wouldn't wear a bathing suit to a funeral. For instance, I'm thinking hiring a stripper to show up at my friend's work for her birthday, say, at a bank, just might be frowned upon. Well, I'm sure you get my point.

I believe this little bare-bummed wonder, was tossed into my week to remind me, and now you,  not to give our "give a damn" too much power.  Yup, make sure it's in just the right state of disrepair.

Don't hide your light. Never be afraid to let it shine through!

As for the rest of this past week?  Let's just say our feet hit the ground running after our break!

Business is booming, and we are so grateful! It's pretty awesome to see the smiles when people pick up their toys, working well, once again!

Yup, busy in the shop, went for a quick service call (where I met my new little friend), put in the paperwork to participate in a few more trade shows this fall, and snuck in a couple of grandbaby snuggles.

All in all a good week!

To end it on a high note, my honey and I will be going to a movie tonight. Nothing like a good laugh and some popcorn to take you out of business mode and plant you square in to date night mode.

In the upcoming few days............

More campers need to be made into happy campers................

More Lexi's Magic Clothes and Crazy Days will be delivered............(yay!)

Laundry doing and a wide spread dust bunny slaughter are in order in a big way............(not so yay)

Gratuitous grandbaby huggin' (Yay again!)


Well that about does it for another week....until next time I'll leave you with this wish...

May you be as carefree as a bare-bummed toddler, inhibitions and shame lost in delight.
May you find freedom and joy in all you do, bring smiles, provoke laughter, be a light.

May your light shine bright, never dulled by the clouds of others' judgement.
May your every colour come through loud and clear, be everything, be brilliant.

May you enjoy it all, what you eat, what you do, what you choose, or not, to wear.
May your "give a damn" be forever in the perfect state of beautiful disrepair.

Until next time!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Cabin In The Woods..............


Sorry I'm late!! I really had every intention of getting these ramblings up and off to you at the regular time. But, we kind of jumped into a time warp where Internet access was very sketchy at best, aaaannndd, therefore, that simply didn't happen.

Yes, this weekend we celebrated our 29th anniversary by taking a few days to do absolutely nothing but soak in the quiet, talk, walk, explore the surrounding country side, and meet new people imitating to the best of our ability, those who go on vacation.

5 days! I know that may not sound like a lot to many, but to us, well, it's the longest vacation we have ever had! It was awesome!As you can see in the photos, it was a very pretty and peaceful place. It took some adjustment for us, I think, as it would many who are used to hitting the ground running 90% of the time.

The stillness. Being still. With no "have to's" for 5 whole days.

No alarm clocks, no schedules, no phones, no tv. Well....... we brought one....... and some movies.

Hey, before you judge, even Marty McFly brought back bits of the future when he jumped in that infamous Delorean!! Besides, we both find watching movies relaxing. Our holiday, our rules.

I think it could become pretty easy, because we are partners in business as well as in life, to start taking our marriage and relationship for granted. For us, we simply refuse to let it happen.

It takes effort, it takes time, it takes making time for date nights, it takes putting your relationship and each other above everything. Above jobs, above careers, above business, above money, above bills, above family/friend drama, Above everything.

If you observe the truly happy couples in your life, with long successful relationships, you will see it.They just do it. Day in, day out, year in, year out. Putting each other above everything else.

As far as I can tell, it's the only way to stay together and stay happy. Oh, and, hold hands for goodness sake! I know it sounds silly, but it's connection. Keep it.

Now it's back to reality and back to the shop tomorrow. First world problems.

If you drive a measly few hours North from our little spot on the planet, there are entire communities being swallowed up by wildfires. Peoples homes, the places they work, their land, all going up in smoke. They are being evacuated to strange places with little more than the clothes on their backs.

With any luck at all it will rain....heavily,,,,,right where they need it most.........very soon.

If you hear me complain even a little bit, about anything, you have my permission to smack me.

And that, my friends, is that for another week....

Until next time...........for those affected.........

May the winds cease to push the flames to places they have yet to tread.
May those in the thick of the fight be brave, be safe, for your last good-byes have not been said.

May those who have had to leave all they know, and watch as this monster swallows whole every earthly thing.
May they find peace in the knowledge that they have stayed ahead of it's hellish jaws, the stuff, is just stuff, it's loss by comparison, a mere sting.

May the rains come quickly, pour heavily, and stay for as long as it takes to extinguish these flames.
May this happen soon, before the loss of things dares to become the loss of names.

Until next week, Take Care!