Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!!


I apologize in advance, as today's ramblings are going to be a bit of a write and run.

The holidays are here, and for some, that means loud revelry, many hungry bellies and laughter 'til you pee a little. For others, it means quiet reflection in serene company, tranquility abound. For still others, it means trudging through another time of year when it seems everyone is happy but you. Here you are, struggling to still be here.

No matter how you walk through this holiday season, keep in mind, good or bad, tranquil or sad, it is fleeting. On the other side of this bit of time, your normal will once again commence. Now, in these few days, seemingly more than any other, we get a bit of a suspension in time. On the threshold of a brand new year.

What will you do with yours? The possiblities are endless..................

Well folks, gotta run.................

Until next time.....

May everything you need come to you in droves, filling you with peace and joy.
May you enjoy at least a giggle or two, embrace the goofy, like a child with a newly gifted toy.

May you ring in the new year with optimism and gratitude, and a dash of excited anticipation.
May this next year fill you up, see you shine, bring you closer to your most delicious expectation.

May the good largely outweigh the bad, the happiness all but obliterate the sad, all but, for a little is good for the soul.
May you find light where shadows now lurk, change what you need to and can, for all else, reliquish control.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

All I Can Do Is Pass It On...............................


Well, we are closing in on Christmas................

Time for some impromptu road trips to get in a few visits with loved ones, to dish out hugs and do our best to spread a bit of cheer. The holidays can be a stressful time for some..........

If life is stressing you out right now I recommend one or all of the following................

Google toddlers telling jokes. There is no way you can be stressed while you watch that.

Binge watch funny movies....................

Crank on some music, loud enough to annoy neighbours, but quiet enough to keep them from calling the cops...........

Go to the mall and start an interpretive dance to the Christmas music...........just be prepared for very strange looks, as this is a flash mob of one, you're starting a new trend..............(it might help if you wear a few Christmas tree ornaments....just sayin')

Create something.........a new recipe, a craft, music, a poem, a piece of furniture, a scarf, a painting, whatever, it doesn't need to be great it, just needs to come from you.........

 Write a scathing letter to whomever or whatever you are stressed about, no holds barred. Use creative and colourful language if you wish.........Then burn it and turn it the f*#@k loose.

If none of the above has lifted your spirits try one more thing.  Go out and make some strangers genuinely smile. It will work, I promise. A clerk, a bus driver, a server, someone you see on the street, it doesn't matter. If you make their eyes smile, you'll feel in your soul. What have you got to lose?

I guess it kinda boils down to this.......poop storms are going to happen, and the chips are going to fall where they are meant to fall whether you get all worked up running around in circles or not. The difference in what you do will show once it passes. Will you be sweaty, dizzy and out of breath, or have your feet planted, head clear, ready for the rainbow which inevitably comes next............

 I definitely know that I don't know everything, but I do know enough to know that I know very little. All I can do is pass on what works for me, in the hopes that it might work for someone else.

And with that, my friends I will leave for another week, until then............

May you have the best time this holiday season, laugh a ton, eat a bunch, then laugh, and laugh some more.
May you squeeze those who need squeezin', feed those who need feedin', having good times galore.

May those who are travelling, do so with a angel by your side to keep you safe from harm.
May you stay free from all danger, as you get ever closer to those you love, the love, your lucky charm.

May your rainbow find you with at least some twinkle left in your eyes, some spark left in your step.
May your rainbow find you soon, rekindling your fire, your light, flooding anywhere darkness has crept.

Until next time!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Inside Out Wrapping With A Sharpie.........................


Holy Crap! We are creeping right up on the middle of the month!

Yup, it won't be long  and all of my kids will, once again, be under the same roof, at least for a little while. I'll take it. I know how lucky I am that they all can, and do, make the effort to come home for Christmas.

Will it be a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting? Highly unlikely, as it is a "come as you are" occasion, which generally means if not jammies, something that is a close facsimile.

Will the gifts all be wrapped in ribbons and bows as though Martha Stewart herself did it with her own crafty hands? They will be wrapped. The names and Merry Christmas wishes will be written on little pieces of inside out wrapping paper using your basic sharpie. This will most definitely be done with a loving, if not so craftily gifted hand.

Will the meal be served on fine china, each dish plated with design? Ummmmm, gotta say nope on that one, as well.  The food will be killer, if I do say so myself, and plentiful, but it will be served buffet style and plated on the same mixture of Christmas and not so Christmas dishes that has been used for years.

Will there be someone to quietly gather the dishes and take them to the kitchen for cleaning? Well, there will be several someones, and I can guarantee it won't be quiet. It will, however, be fairly quick and efficient.  We've had a lot of practice in this particular department.

Will there be a lot of conversation, smart ass remarks, laughs, questionable humour, music, games, kids running around and other crazy shenanigans? Absofreakinlutely!

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Like I said, I completely get just how lucky I am.

As for the past few days?

Thankfully still very busy at the shop.

I wasn't able to get any writing in,.........dang it...........

There was much gratuitous grandbaby squeezing.............

Errands aplenty.............

Date night with my Honey................

Was able to get some baking in the freezer!!! Yay

As for the next few...............

Working at the shop..........

Do some Mom/Grandma errands...........

More baking................


Until next time........ with so many around the world displaced by the horrific acts of humankind.......

May you have the comfort of somewhere warm and safe to lay your head, sleep peacefully, deeply, your only dreams, soothing and sweet.
May the horror which chased you from your home fade quickly from memory, crushing terror in defeat.

May you find kindness in all new faces, arms open, ready to embrace.
May you find this, for it's what is right, regardless of religion or race.

May you find the side of humankind that lives up to being both, instead of it's evil twin.
May you find a life of happiness, in your new home, for if you do, we beat them, we all win.

Have a great week!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Stress! Distress! What A Mess!


As we all are running around, getting ready for the holidays, I would like to take a second to reach out to those who may be struggling right now. Some with health, some with happiness, some with the basic necessities of keeping flesh and bone together.

For a lot of people, the biggest stress about the holidays is planning meals, finding that special gift, and maybe earning a bit of extra cash to make it happen.

For some, the stresses are a lot stronger.

So maybe through your hustle and bustle, take special care to remember the power of kindness. It can go a long way.

Maybe, put a little extra in the food bank bin at your grocery store, maybe go through your closets and donate your old winter gear to good will, maybe simply smile, and mean it.

A little kindness has a tendency to ripple. Go forth and trigger ripples with gusto!


It's been another interesting week...........

I managed to hide away for a couple of days and get some writing done! Yay!

Yup, I was able to get the initial draft of my next kid's book completed and was able to make a dent in the novel!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to them again soon!

Meanwhile, the remainder of the week was, thankfully, very busy at the shop. Month-end, a 25ft awning install, and other shenanigans......

Then, today, I was able to participate in a last minute (at least to me) trade show in Saskatoon. It was short, but sweet, and after a bit of a slow start, several more books found new homes.

As for the upcoming few days?

Working the shop............

Making time for some writing...........

Get some Christmas baking in the freezer...........

Squeeze some grandbabies............probably more than once.............

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish................

May you find peace, make peace, gift peace, with everything that you do.
May what you do match what you need, bringing you ever closer to your truest you.

May you open up and allow yourself to accept the kindness others wish to bestow.
May you see the hand reaching for you needs no defense, it means only to caress your bruised and battered soul.

May any adversity you face be short-lived, the joy on the other side of it beckoning with brilliant light.
May working through your struggle strengthen you, stripping you of any sadness, leaving only delight.

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