Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!!


I apologize in advance, as today's ramblings are going to be a bit of a write and run.

The holidays are here, and for some, that means loud revelry, many hungry bellies and laughter 'til you pee a little. For others, it means quiet reflection in serene company, tranquility abound. For still others, it means trudging through another time of year when it seems everyone is happy but you. Here you are, struggling to still be here.

No matter how you walk through this holiday season, keep in mind, good or bad, tranquil or sad, it is fleeting. On the other side of this bit of time, your normal will once again commence. Now, in these few days, seemingly more than any other, we get a bit of a suspension in time. On the threshold of a brand new year.

What will you do with yours? The possiblities are endless..................

Well folks, gotta run.................

Until next time.....

May everything you need come to you in droves, filling you with peace and joy.
May you enjoy at least a giggle or two, embrace the goofy, like a child with a newly gifted toy.

May you ring in the new year with optimism and gratitude, and a dash of excited anticipation.
May this next year fill you up, see you shine, bring you closer to your most delicious expectation.

May the good largely outweigh the bad, the happiness all but obliterate the sad, all but, for a little is good for the soul.
May you find light where shadows now lurk, change what you need to and can, for all else, reliquish control.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

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