Saturday, November 29, 2014



Well another week has come and gone and another month, as well!

Now, is it just me, or are we being inundated with an excruciating amount of horrible news from around the world, as of late?

Is it more than normal, or does it just seem that way because with the holidays rapidly approaching, we simply would like to hear more happy things. Maybe some reports of random acts of kindness and generosity, instead of yet another story of how completely awful we, as human beings are capable of treating each other.

I truly believe it is imperative we stay informed about the world around us, ugliness and all. I get that it's important, for if we simply pretend it doesn't exist, how can we have even a glimmer of hope of changing it.

I get it.

Too much of it, though, can start to take a toll on your soul, your spirit, your very happiness. So, we need to make sure that for every piece of depressing, horrible bit of information we take in, we do or show two acts of kindness to counter- balance it.

I know it may seem silly, but I find it can make you feel better about the world we live in. Somehow, in our own very small way, we are putting good back in.

Silly, maybe, but there is no real down side to trying it.....................

So, this week was filled with busy days at the shop, running errands, some grandbaby squeezing, some laundry, and the slaughter of some dust bunnies.

It also included some work on the books that I'm in the process of writing, taking part in a marketing workshop (which was fabulous! Thanks Jenn and Wes!) and some major Christmas shopping!

As for the upcoming week.........................

More busy shop days................

Put into action some of the ideas put forth at the marketing workshop ( I will keep you posted on how that goes!)

Hopefully get a a bit of Christmas baking done..................

Meet my mom in the city and help her through her hip replacement surgery.....I'm so looking forward to her having so much less pain!

After making sure she is recovering nicely, it will be time to come home, pack and get ready for the tradeshow taking place next weekend!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays I thought I'd throw in a little Christmas poem I wrote a while back....................

                                                 'TWAS A NIGHT

'Twas just weeks before Christmas and all through the mess,
Not a creature was stirring, was trying hard to de-stress.

Was worrying about the blatant lack of decor and lights in the yard,
Especially when the neighbour's jumped straight from a Christmas card.

Was worrying about the wishes written on the kids' lists and just how to make them come true,
The budget is tight for ol' St. Nick this year, but we'd so love to be able to come through.

Was fussing about the tree, the baking, wanting the house perfect for holiday guests,
Been preparing deep into most nights, defying any urge for much needed rest.

Was  during one of these sessions I heard a noise from outside, who could that possibly be this time of night?
We have nothing to steal, it's too late for friends, for the love of Pete, I had no energy for a fight!

I ran to the peep hole to see what was in store, should I wake my hubby, call 911 which would it be?!
I reached for a weapon, whatever was close, a rubber giraffe? It would do, ohhhh, I'm scared and now I have to pee!

Gathering courage, I finally looked, with a squeal of relief and delight, I threw open the door!
For in my front yard was Santa himself, stringing lights on my half dead trees, and putting up trinkets galore!

"Oh Santa, you came!" I heard a child's voice shriek, oh wait, that voice came from me.
Oh Santa, thank you, we've been trying so hard to give our kids a good Christmas, this will help tremendously!

With a twinkle of his eye and a reassuring grin, his few words spoke volumes and echoed through my heart.
"It's the trying that counts, it's the warmth and joy they will remember, toys and things come and go. If you give them your time, you give them your love, then you have done your part"

And, with that he walked across the yard and mounted his mighty red sled.
Me? I went back inside, and for the first time in days, slept soundly in my bed.

So that about does it for me, this week.....

With my Mom in mind..............I'll leave you with this wish....

May any anxiety be swept away by the wings of your guardian angel.
May you feel them with you, through it all, especially when feeling most fragile.

May your recovery be swift, and uneventful, the healing, fast and virtually pain free.
May you soon feel that bounce back in your step, pain a distant memory, moving easy as can be.

Love Ya!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

There's Strength and Then There Is STRENGTH!


Well, 'tis the season for travelling when it may not be the safest to do so!!!!

Even though the weather and road conditions weren't necessarily ideal, (what with the rain/snow/raining again) because of how the calendar looks over the next few weeks, we kind of had to go for it anyway.

Thank you to whomever invented 4 wheel drive.

If you looked past the chunks of ice that tried to embed themselves into your face because of the driving wind, and the slick streets that would randomly try to send you into the ditch, it was a pretty nice day!

One of the reasons for the trip was to do some wedding shopping with my youngest daughter. Although there are some things that we weren't able to tick off the list, we did manage to gather a few goodies.

Another reason?  To pick up a very nice new piece of furniture for our living room. The new entertainment unit/tv stand is very pretty, and also heavier than @#$%&*@$!

Unloading that bad boy in the ice pelting, slippery darkness was less than a good time, but it's in without causing major injury!

Earlier this week I was able to participate in our local Christmas Craft Fair. It was so nice to catch up with so many people that I am neighbours with, but rarely get to see!

Among them were three very brave people who are in different stages of battling various types of cancer.  The medications, the treatments, the surgeries, the fear, the heartbreak and the struggle, apparent.

I joke about my own strength, my ability to lift. That, my friends, is nothing compared to the strength reflected in the eyes of these incredible people. They amaze me.

The rest of the past week went pretty much as you would expect, except for the visit from my sis-in-law, Charmaine and her hubby!  We hadn't seen them in about 2 years, and we were so glad that they were able to include us in their whirlwind visit to the North!

Now, for the upcoming week................

At the shop.........get some more trailers completed and out the door

Visit our local blood donor clinic..(so important, especially this time of year...hint hint)

Attend a seminar about marketing books.............

Complete Christmas shopping............

Set the snowmen free from their prison in the basement!..............

Christmasfy my house!

Get in a day of writing!

On that note, my friends, I will take my leave...............

In honour of my friends in battle, I'll leave you with this wish..............

May every struggle see an equal or better reward, lifting you to heights yet unknown.
May your strength infuse those who surround you, building, fighting, setting the tone.

May you find it within to stay positive, even through the darkest, most painful hell.
May everything you are having to endure result in you getting well.

May this evil, this cancer, once beaten, never again darken your door.
May you be truly victorious, triumphant, free for forever and more.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Signings, and Catching ZZZZZZZ'S!


Another whirlwind week has come and gone!

I know I've said it before, but I really wish there was some way to slow time down just a little bit. It seems like there is way too much to do and too little time in which to get it done!

This is yet another of life's many little issues that I know I do not go through alone.

If any of you out there are, by chance, a genius physicist, I would appreciate very much a solid effort being put forth toward solving this time stopping issue. A "pause" button, if you will, would be very handy indeed.

In the meantime, we will march onward and upward.

Yep, the week whizzed by, whipping through some errands, some wedding planning, some appointments, some shop stuff, some family stuff, and getting through the inconvenience of the loss of my "Z" key on my laptop.

I still have use of it, as you can see, but it sure slows you down when you have to pause and tap the little stumpy thing that is now the "Z".  I have also come to the conclusion that the mind can become fairly nimble coming up with alternate words, ones that don't have a  "Z".  But, if you have to lose a letter.......I'm just glad it wasn't the "E"!

First world problems........................

To put an exclamation point at the end of the week was the signing at McNally Robinson today! This is the first time I've launched a book during any season other that spring or summer. Although the traffic was a bit lighter, due to some unseasonably cold weather, (even for here!) more than a few books ended up in good homes. It still hits me in the heartstrings when someone comes up to me, telling me how much their little ones are enjoying the books and like to read them every night. Pretty freakin' unbelievable.

Physically, I'm feeling a bit wiped, a bit run down. There are a bunch of nasty fevery/coughy/ highly unpleasant bugs flying around, I hope I can stay ahead the little buggers! I did get the flu shot, after all, doesn't that mean I get a free pass on any and all sickness type things!? I sure hope so.

As for the upcoming week.............

Make up for some time lost at the shop from last week due to errand running and appointment attending etc.................

Attend my first Christmas trade show of the year........ (right here at home! yay!)

Get in a day of writing...............

Do some wedding stuff shopping with my daughter...........

Spend some time with a grandbaby or two.......................

Well folks, that about does it for another week, Better go catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz's (not easy without the key)

Until next time............

May your rest be bountiful, your energy level high.
May you accomplish Everything without even having to really try.

May any germ that may be lying in wait be outwitted by your stealthy evasion.
May you feel full of happy effervescent frivolity on every and all occasions.

May you rest without guilt, the world will still turn, you can't be everything to all.
May you do all you can, but just what you can, taking care of you is not a fault, not at all.

Until next time check out my website for a bit of Holiday shopping!

Saturday, November 8, 2014



It's mind boggling to think of the extraordinary journey these birds embark upon each year. For some of these geese, it will be their virgin voyage, struggling to keep up with the veterans in the group.

Some will succeed, others will succumb to a hunter's bullet, yet others will simply be too weak to make the overwhelmingly difficult trip.

There is no doubt they will face freezing rain, blinding snow, brutal temperatures and ferocious winds. The flock will likely be much smaller when they finally reach their much warmer destination.

They will do this, and in the Spring, they will be back. They will lay more eggs, hatch more young, help them to become strong and learn to fly. Then next Fall they will embark on this journey once again.

Doing what's familiar to them. It's in their DNA. It's the journey they are meant to take, even if it's hard.

I don't think that being higher on the food chain makes us immune to following the journey that is hard-wired into our own DNA.

Now, because, as humans, we are fairly full of self importance, we assume our journey is somehow more complicated and absolutely of much  more significance than that of other beings on the planet. I'm not so sure.

Individually, our journeys seem complicated and intricate, but as a whole, as the human species, we too seem to repeat what is familiar.

Are we so different? We have our babies, help them to become strong and fly on their own. Not all survive the journey, some will succumb to bullets, other will be too weak to make the trip,

Throughout our human history we have proven over and over again that we do what is familiar.






We provide our own worst storms. We bring about our own brutal living conditions.

The difference between us and other species that stroll the planet?

I think the biggest difference is that unlike our fellow globe trotters, we insist on blaming others for any adversity that crosses our paths.

It's our parents fault, our teacher's fault our spouse's fault, our neighbour's fault, our boss's fault, our government's fault, their government's fault, their religion, their belief system......................

I suppose you would like to know what the point of all of this is........................

Well, on November 11th, we, here in Canada, take the day to honour those who protect us. The ones who put their lives on the line to help us have a peaceful sleep at night.

Pretty much every country has, at one time or another, sent military troops somewhere on the planet for some reason or another.

My hope, is that someday we, as a species, will become evolved enough to break away from what is now hard-wired and familiar. That honouring soldiers will be something that children around the world will learn about in ancient history classes. That the need to send soldiers anywhere will be completely unnecessary.

That is my hope. that I have that out of my system ...............................................

On another note.................................

This week was another busy one at the shop. Trying to get some jobs caught up before the snow gets too deep.

Oh yeah,........ it snowed.

I can't say that I'm too excited to see the white stuff again so soon., It hasn't been gone long enough to miss it. At least not for me. I know there are many out there chomping at the bit, waiting to go skiing and sledding, and all of the other winter fun activities, and I'm happy for them.

I really am.


On the upside?

I was able to sneak in some quick baby snuggles, this week.

I was able to get those extra copies of "Alfred" in to McNally's............

I completed the month end chores..................

We were able to send a few completed trailers home................

Then, today, we received some sad news. After a long struggle with illness one of my Uncles passed away today.

Our world now has one less infectious laugh, one less brilliant smile, one less smart ass sense of humour, one less animal lover, one less Husband/Father/Grandpa/Brother/Uncle and Friend.

He will be missed by many.

As for the upcoming days..................

There will be some working at the shop...............

A day of writing, as Friday didn't work out................

Some errands to run..............

Then on Sat. Nov 15th at 1pm I will be attending a book signing for "Alfred Dinglewiggle" at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon!

Can't believe the time is finally here! Yay!

Well folks, that about does it for me, for now. With my Uncle in mind, I'll leave you with this wish...........

May your laughter ring once again, with your smile completely lighting up your face.
May your songs fill the heavens as your soul takes flight, earthly pain gone without a single trace.

May you, as you watch over your loved ones, see what an amazing legacy you've left behind.
May you see your wife, children, and grandchildren, caring, loving, and kind.

May those who will miss you most find a way to be strong.
May they find their way of mourning, knowing there is no right or wrong.

Until next week....................

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Giant Babies, Pirates And Dancing Chickens! Yup, That Just Happened!


Well, it's been a fun week!

The shop was humming..........staying gratefully very busy...........

So busy, in fact, that I wasn't able to sneak into the city to take more copies of "Alfred" into McNally Robinson.  I will try again, in the next few days.

The days flew by, and before we knew it, Friday was upon us and it was time to hit the road for our Halloween show!

I always love the creative costumes people come up with, and this year was no exception! There was a chef, an astronaut, a couple of smurfs, some garden gnomes, a pirate, Sheldon and Amy from "Big Bang", a pair of chickens and a giant baby, to name just a few! One girl simply wore a t-shirt that read "I was too lazy to buy a costume!"

I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all.

Once we had the truck loaded back up, it was off to Mom's house, where because of adrenaline, caffeine and pre-menopausal bull crap, I had a lovely 4 hour nap.

As my hubby and Mom were both still sound asleep, I made my way into the tv room in the basement and watched some tv. I was sucked into some lovely programming about a real-life evil little old lady who did terribly horrible things to people. To make a gory story short, it resulted in the digging up of her back yard, some DNA testing for identification and a little game of "the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone".

Yay, so now I'm sitting in a dark basement, alone, exhausted, with only my imagination and some evil game of dismembering twister to keep me company. Yeah, not a good place to all.

Thankfully, part way through  the next program, "Creepy, Evil, Sick and Disgusting Guy Chases Girlfriend Around with a Butcher Knife" hubby woke up.  Yay!

Shortly, thereafter we heard some stirrings indicating that Mom was up and about, signifying it was time for coffee.

It was a nice day, we were able to stay for a bit of a visit with Mom, and then a leisurely drive home, stopping for a bit of shopping, and just goofing off in general. I like those kind of days.

Sometimes, I would love to visit the "25 year old me." The wrung out, sleep deprived wife and Mom of 4 babies ranging from newborn to toddler. The penny stretching, endlessly diaper changing, hand-me-down wearing, laundry monster battling, puke/snot/poop wiper-upper. I wish I could just give her a hug and a glimpse into her future, so she could have proof that it gets easier.

Life still throws you challenges, but you get so much better at dealing with them as you go. The sleepless nights, the fevers, the teething, the laundry marathons, the meticulous menu planning to the penny, the constant feeling that you are somehow screwing it all up no matter how hard you try........It's sooooooooo worth it. All of it. You don't have to be can't be.....all you can do is your best. And you know what? That's pretty freakin' awesome.

To all those who may be reading this, and are presently some version of that "25 year old me," consider this your visit. Oh, and by the're awesome.

So, for the days ahead............................

Hopefully, a quick trip into McNally Robinson to deliver books!

Some month end bookkeeping type stuff..............

Assist in some trailer repairs...................

Then, on Friday..........................write, write, and write some more....

So that about does it for me..............

Until next time....................

May you live every chapter, savouring every word, for skipping ahead just cheats the story.
May your plot unfold with a healthy dose of comedy, stripping any drama of much of it's glory.

May you dream, imagine, envision your happy ending, keeping it always clearly in panoramic view.
May the chapters you write along the way invariably lead in it's general direction, especially when taking a scenic route or two.

May you pen your story with  purpose, with meaning, with storylines that stretch far beyond what you see in the mirror's reflection.
May you, at your story's end, look back, and be happy with the words, the chapters, the memoirs you've written, a story of kindness and affection.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read these ramblings!

Until next time.........