Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here's To Beautiful Babies and Bountiful Booties!


As I warned you last week, here are a couple of pics of the newest addition to our ever growing family. Aaaaaannnnndddd one of her very adorable, completely excited big brother.

Pretty dang sweet, right?

Well folks, this week was one that involved a couple of emergency type trailer fixes, some not-so-emergency fixes and bookkeeping paperwork.

Now, there were also some covert baby snuggles worked in here and there, a Library board meeting, some Grandma snacks for the older of the grandbabies, and a little impromptu rehearsing in the shop.( acoustics are pretty nice!) Just in case you were thinking that this was a week of all work and no play, I didn't want to give you the wrong impression.

Also, this week, I began the preliminary snooping for a new stove/oven/range, whichever term you prefer. I'm trying not to get too excited, because we aren't sure whether or not we will be able to afford it quite yet, but I have begun the snooping process!

The stove I had, up until last year about this time, was my hubby's Grandma's. It was 3 years old when we bought it from her in 1992. It owed me nothing.

It was temperamental, the oven picking the temperature it would choose to bake things, overcooking whatever was in the rear, undercooking what was situated in the forefront. This required a bit of extra baking skill.

Our youngest daughter, in her home ec class a few years ago, was giggled at for rotating cookies in the oven half way through the baking process. She thought you had to do that with all ovens! Imagine her surprise! lol

Then, last year, we noticed our neighbours across the street were putting a new stove in their kitchen! What luck! Hers was just as old as mine, but the oven behaved itself pretty well. She did warn me, however, that a couple of the burners seemed to have an attitude problem.

Well, now, a year later, the attitude problems have turned into a disorder of some kind, and the oven is beginning to develop the same issues as my old one.

I'm really hoping that the finance fairies give a  hand, otherwise Christmas baking is going to have to go the way it did a couple of years ago. It was more like Christmas anythingyoucouldmakewithoutactuallybaking baking.

I know, first world problems, or what.

I mean, if not having a new stove is my biggest issue, I am a very lucky person, indeed.

Now for the upcoming week....

Tonight, after work we head off to Luseland to do a Halloween karaoke show, and along the way make a quick-stop, service call.

Tomorrow, on our way home, we will be stopping in to see our new grandbaby, for her first, unhurried snuggles from Grandma and Grandpa.

The rest of the week will consist of installing a cooling unit in a fridge, the reinstalling of said fridge into it's trailer, repairing a roof, repairing or replacing, skylights, showers, countertops, parts ordering and organizing, month end bookkeeping, HALLOWEEN!, some trailer detailing, and a bit of negotiating with insurance people.

Then, next weekend, our plans consist of a lot of nothing. It will be the first time in about 8 months that we will be spending 2 entire days at home without going anywhere. No karaoke show, weddings, or tradeshows. And starting next weekend we will be closing the shop on weekends. If need be, we can still go over and work, but we won't be officially open.

I'm really hoping to be able to use the time to finish off my next book and get it ready to go by my birthday. That's my goal. Here's hopin'!

Sooooo, that about does it for me, for this week.

With Halloween coming up, I'll leave you with this wish.

May your costume ideas be brilliant, their execution, second to none.
May they be original, and inspired, not your usual pregnant nun.

May your childrens' trick or treat bags be bountiful, overflowing with your favorite bites.
May your raiding of said bags be fruitful, after you turn out their bedroom lights.

May you munch guilt free, as you carry out this dutiful act, again sacrificing for your young.
May you feel noble as you save them, for candy will rot their teeth, and chips could cut their tongue!

May you stop before you go too far, eating it all, and then, feel bad.
May you know if you do, you can always take the high road, and blame it on their Dad!

Until next time! Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

And Then There Were Three! Grandbabies, That Is!!!!!!

Ok, so one last obnoxiously gorgeous photo filled with Autumn awesomeness, and then I will promise to stop.

Just in time too......

Because, next week I'm afraid I will be obligated to test your ability to handle total and utter cuteness with some photos of my Brand New Grandbaby!

Yep, you guessed it. It's been a pretty monumental week!

Just after I finished up writing my ramblings last Saturday night/Sunday morning, I received a text from my youngest daughter saying that she had gone into labour and she and her boyfriend would be heading off to the hospital, and could we meet them there?!

So, we promptly loaded our sound equipment into the truck, threw some clothes in a suitcase, and off we went.

We arrived at the hospital at about 2:30am Sunday morning.

Our daughter and her boyfriend were in the labour assessment area, along with another of our daughters, who was there to pick up little Jake.

Shortly after Jake left with "Auntie Doedoe", Our significantly uncomfortable daughter was moved into the room that changes normal, everyday people into parents every day.

This is when Grandpa took up residence in the waiting room and our daughter began taking the final steps to becoming a Mommy once again.

After some long hours (something I regretfully think she inherited from me), a few tears, some comfort and encouragement, we welcomed our new granddaughter into the world.

Yes, at 10:36am on Sunday morning, Elaina Blair (Laney), entered the world, and like it or not, became the newest member of this craziness we call a family.

After a quick exam, the doctors determined that little miss Laney would need to spend a bit of time in the NICU, due to her somewhat traumatic entrance into the world. It was never life threatening, but worrisome all the same.

In the midst of all this, the clock was ticking...............

We still had a wedding to do.....we had to take off to the venue to make sure we had everything set up and ready to go by 3pm.

It was now noon. Dang.

So, having been up since 6:15 am on Saturday, we were in need of some energy, real, fake, or forced.

(Sidenote...... how desperate for food do you think you need to be in order to voluntarily eat at a hospital?)

After a bite to eat, it was off  to the venue......along the way stopping for some completely unhealthy, horrible tasting, cans and containers of foul, fake energy.........and candy.

After driving around trying to find said venue for about 15 minutes (partially, I believe, due to exhaustion, partially because our GPS has an attitude problem), we successfully gained access to the building in which the wedding would take place.

We got everything off the truck, and while my hubby was connecting wires, I grabbed our suitcase and headed for the Ladies room to get changed into the clothes I'd packed for this very occasion.

Well, the first sign of trouble reared it's ugly head when I discovered I hadn't packed a decent bra. So, I threw my blouse over my ratty old sports bra that I had been wearing for, oh, say the last 30+ hours. Yay me. Upon looking in the mirror, I knew going for "attractive" was pushing it, so I dampened my hair, gave it a shake, threw on a jacket to help camouflage what was goin' on under it, thinking in the back of my head, that I had brought along some fantastic shoes, and they would save the day, for sure.

Have you ever tried to put on dress shoes after being on your feet for 30+ hours? Ummmm.....yeah, not so much. Yay me.

So, after slipping back into my runners, I headed out to see how my hubby was doing, and if he was ready to take the suitcase and head to the Men's room to get ready.

This is when I realized I hadn't brought any of his shaving gear. Yay me.

Well, in spite of the lack of sleep, grooming tools and the proper attire, the consensus at the end of the evening was that everybody had a great time. Mission accomplished. Yay!

After tearing down the equipment, and loading it back on to the truck we headed to our hotel room, where we crashed for a glorious 6 hours before checkout.

Then, it was off to the hospital for a quick visit, and then home.

So, there was no Thanksgiving feast at the Reid residence, this year. Oh well, a new grandbaby trumps turkey every time.

The week at the shop was, gratefully, as busy as usual, but until Laney was able to leave the hospital, it was hard not to be distracted. She is home now, all sweet and draped in pink. Her Mommy and Daddy are thrilled to have her there, as is her new big brother, who has already fallen in love with his "Nee-Nee."

Today was spent in Eatonia at a tradeshow, where more copies of Lexi, Crazy, Tags, and Wishes found new homes. It always blows me away to hear that kids in a dayhome pick my books for storytime, or to be told by a great grandma that she's sure she's had to read "Lexi" to her great granddaughter at least 100 times! I still have to remind myself, every so often, that this is real.

As for the next week?

It will business, as usual at the shop, followed by a Halloween Party Karaoke show in Luseland, Saturday night.

Well, that about does it for this week, until next time..................

For the Grandbabies..........................

May you, as you enter this world, know you are loved to the very core of your tiny, angelic soul.
May you know this love has no limits, or boundaries, nor conditions, it is complete and whole.

May you someday understand the depth of what is felt for your children's children, it's love extended, magnified and multiplied, beyond anything we can measure.
May you see that as my children's children, you are complete, and utter treasure.

May you know I am always here to give a hug, hear you out, and maybe sneak you the odd treat.
May you know that throughout your life, for you, a bigger fan you'll never meet.

May you, as you go out into the world, know you are loved to the very core of your angelic soul.
May you know this love has no limits, or boundaries, nor conditions, it is complete and whole.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading these ramblings!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Turkey Day, Fellow Canucks!


These photos are part of a bunch I took on the way home from my brother's wedding, last weekend. This is part of why I love living where I live.

This weekend is Thanksgiving, here in Canada, and I can honestly say the countryside I get to claim as my backyard makes me very thankful. It's big, it's beautiful, with room to run, room to breathe.

Honestly, the list of what I'm thankful for goes far beyond what I can even write.

I don't live in a fancy house or drive a fancy car. I've never been on a vacation that lasted more than three days. I don't have a brimming bank account or a portfolio of investments.

I have a home. One that echoes the joyous sound of children's laughter. One that has marks on the walls, and knicks in the furniture. One that tells the story of a family that lived very real lives. It houses the memories of tears shed from heartbreak, the mews of smuggled kittens, countless hours of homework, and a four year old's dream of putting together a "cricket circus." It holds the memories of snuggled naps, movie nights and sleepovers. I have a home.

I have a car. We have had a lot of cars. Ones that held two car seats at a time. Ones that were able to handle the "are we there yets." Ones that carry the memories of the Barbie Broadway reviews that would take place the headrest of my seat to keep the kids entertained on the 20 song, 9 corner drive to Grandma's house. I have a car.

I have vacations. I have vacations between the covers of a book, between the opening and ending credits of a movie. I have vacations behind the door of my candlelit  bathroom as I soak my cares away. I have vacations.

I have a bank account. A bank account that was taxed to it's limits. One that was made to stretch one dollar into twenty, more often than not. One that had to choose between electric bills and groceries, because both weren't an option that month. One that provided full tummies and warm beds to four carefree little girls. I have a bank account.

I have a portfolio of investments. I put everything I had into our marriage in July of 1987. This investment has been maturing and growing stronger ever since. I invested my entire adult life into being a Mom. An investment that will be paying dividends long after I am gone. I have a portfolio of investments.

Life is good.

This week was another crazy one.

They actually finally caught that horrible man I was telling you about last week. He had gotten across the border to the US. Where, now they is some kind of problem in arresting him!
 Something to do with paperwork. Seriously?!?!?! Neighbours to the South, you do not want this guy roaming your streets!

I hope they get that straightened out very soon!

My brother's wedding, on the other hand, was a blast. It was so good to see everybody.

The week at the shop was hectic, as usual. Awesome!

Today was  a tradeshow in Rosetown as part of the Harvest Fesitval.

Tomorrow, we have a wedding for which we are providing the music.

So, that about does it for me, for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be tender, and your cranberries perfectly tart.
May your pumpkin pie be beautifully spicy, the pastry, a piece of art.

May those that surround your table be full of jovial stories, making conversation an effortless flow.
May you make the most of these occasions, to help your memory bank grow.

May you have a most awesome turkey induced nap, as you lay down your turkey stuffing, pie making weary little head.
May you awaken refreshed, renewed, with enough energy to carry yourself to bed.

Until next time!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Trees Dripping Gold - It Never Gets Old!

Ah, Autumn at it's finest, the trees actually dripping gold and leaving puddles of it on the ground. Personally, I'm all for leaving them where they fall. No raking, no piling, no bagging. My vote would be to leave the leaves alone. After all, nobody is out raking the leaves up in the forests, and the grass there seems to do just fine. Just sayin'.

This time of year always brings back memories of my dayhome.  One of the favorite Autumn games was to bag the leaves from the front yard, then my wee ones would stand below the rail of our deck like a bunch of mini Romeos from the famed balcony scene, and count. Slowly. To ten. On "ten" my girls and I would dump the bags of leaves on the munchkins, as they would scream and squeal in delight!

We would do that again and again, sometimes for hours. They absolutely loved it. When you are picking leaves out of your kids' hair, looking at their rosy, grinning faces, you know it's been a good day!

This week has been another one for the books.

 The pace at the shop doesn't seem to be slowing down too much, so that's awesome.

I received an email about doing a reading at a "new to me" school. That's always a thrill.

I put the final last minute touches on the music for the wedding this weekend.

AAANNNNNNDDD our peaceful prairie communities were shaken by the sightings of a convicted, escaped, child molesting, violent, dangerous man.

For the first time in, I think, forever, the schools in six or seven different communities were put on full lock down mode. Kids were watched like hawks, even being escorted  by adults to different rooms within the schools.

People were advised not to take their kids to the park or let them play outside. This guy had one of those house arrest "bracelets", and was able to successfully remove it and leave it on the roof of some business, for police to find. Then he hit the road.

From the reports on the news, and the bulletins being put out by the police, one can only assume this man is obviously extremely dangerous and violent. How does a guy like that get to be wandering around with an obviously removable "bracelet" as the public's only protection?

When people like this can terrorize entire communities by the simple possibility of their presence, they have no business being out in those communities, no matter what kind of jewellery they are wearing.

Something about people, and I use the term loosely, who enjoy hurting our wee ones, can encourage the dark side of even the most gentle souls to come out to play.

I have a feeling, that if he hangs out around this part of the countryside too long, he had better pray it's the police who find him.  If I was him I would be thinking long and hard about how many thousands of endless acres there are, and how many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have access to giant farm equipment.  If I was him, I would be thinking about that a lot.

Hopefully the police catch him soon and put him back in prison where he belongs. Where he can stay. No more bracelets.

On a much lighter and happier note, and the reason these ramblings are hitting the information highway a bit ahead of schedule, is the wedding tomorrow.

Yep, tomorrow, my baby brother is marrying a sweet, warm beautiful woman, who I will proudly call my new baby sister.

She lights him up like a Christmas tree and he does the same for her. Who could ask for anything more?

It's going to be a weekend of visiting, dancing, and watching two people in love shine.

A great way to spend time!

Choosing to focus on the light instead of the dark, I will leave you, this week, with this wish.

May you find and hold on tight to the one that warms your soul.
May you find that when you let go, you weren't the only one with a hold.

May you find the one who will care for you when you're cold and sweaty with a flu.
May you understand, if they are willing to hold your hair, they really do love you.

May you find the one you can fight with, argue with, without fear of them walking out.
May you find the one who knows love beyond the roses and picnics is what it's all about.

May you find the one who gets your jokes and learns to tolerate the quirks once thought to be so cute and sweet.
May you know in your deepest of soul searching thoughts, a more perfect match for you, you will never meet.

Until next time, my friends, thanks again for taking the time to read these ramblings!