Saturday, May 26, 2012

Email tag...I Hope I'm Winning?!

Well, Hello my blog buddies!

This is a photo that you will soon find in the upcoming book, "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life."

I'm still a bit anxious about this one. A few more tweeks were needed after receiving the rough draft of the layout for the second time. It's not quite how I'd like it to be, just yet. There are soooooo many details and decisions to make. Quality of paper, font, photos, layout, which wishes to put in, which to leave out, size of book, what the cover should look like, does it need an introduction?Yes? Then what should it be? Did I say to much? Did I not say enough? Will people get my sense of humour? Will they be offended? Will people look at it when it's finished and say "What the hell were you thinkin'?!" "You should have stuck to telling kids stories!"

It can be a titch overwhelming if I let myself go there for any length of time. I just have to remember to breathe, and that even in a worst case scenario situation, nobody dies! All else fails, and I don't sell a single copy, I'll have birthday/grad/wedding/Christmas gifts for a lot of people for a loooong time! I'm ok with that.

Well, other than emailing back and forth with my layout dude, this week went pretty well. I didn't get a lot of other book stuff done, re: easel, promo posters for "Tags" and "Wishes", but I did get to spend some time with my Mom, and most of my girls.

I did go to work, just in case you thought I was slacking off. The little guys I care for are really starting to talk up a storm! And it's getting to be more often than not that more than their Mom and I can understand them! It's completely incredible how far they have come since their remarkable beginning. From the tiny little people, fighting to stay here for the first few months of their lives, to the precious wee ones who, at five pounds and three months, were able to come home, when I came into the picture, still having to revive them, as they would frequently stop breathing during feedings! They are now these bright, inquisitive, mischievous, agile, daredevil, toddlers who are so full of vigor and life that, to look at them, you would never guess they had such a shaky start.

Ahhh, munchkins....what would I do without them?! I sincerely hope I never find out.

So, for the next seven days...........

Maybe.....just maybe.....I will actually get posters and easels looked after!

I received my application for the Battlefords Mistletoe Craft and Gift Tradeshow, so I will definitely get that filled out and sent away! It's Always a Blast!

Then, at the end of the week, the hubs and I will be attending a b-b-q at my baby sister's house! My other sister is coming into town with her hubby for a visit, so we are all descending on the place to get together and shoot the...breeze.

I'm not going to lie, there will probably be some cocktails involved, along with good food, some fairly dark humour, and, oh, did I say cocktails? 

I love hearing from you, so let the messages and comments fly!

So, until next time, I will leave you with this wish............

May the sunshine on your face bring with it sweet memories from your childhood.
May the spring breeze carry the heady fragrance of blooms, and green, sapling wood.

May you take in the perfume of freshly cut grass, a spring shower, newly tilled, clean soil.
May you, later this summer, have the sweetness in your kitchen of homemade jam about to boil.

May you, if you've been deprived of being a farm kid, not be jealous of our country skills, our country wit.
May you overcome your obvious inadequacy of identifying the species of every whiff of........manure.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crisis Averted? I Hope So!

I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful setting in which this incredible wedding took place! Just gorgeous!

To think it exists in li'l ol' Saskatchewan! Blown away.

It really was an incredible wedding. One that romance novels are written about. The absolutely adorable couple have been dating since the ripe old age of 13, where "dating" apparently consisted of hanging out at school and 10 minute phone calls. They then became engaged at their high school graduation, and are married now, 3 years later, at 21.

I know for all of the jaded sceptics out there, this seems a bit nuts, being so young, never having dated anyone but each other. I know what you're thinking. But, you know, I have been to a LOT of weddings, and I have to say, this young couple seems to have such a complete connection to each other. One that a lot of others can only hope for. Plus, did I mention that they are soooo freakin' adorable!?!

Anyway, the wedding went without a hitch, and everyone seemed to have a really good time. Mission accomplished.

The rest of the week had it's own, shall we say, charm. Everything was going along swimmingly, I was joining my mom, my sister, and her family for a celebration for my nephew when.... I received an email from the layout guy at the printer. Apparently my ever so carefully planned "map" for "Wishes", in which I sent all instruction as to what photo goes where etc., was pretty much useless to him. I guess, after he brought the text down to size the page numbers no longer coincided with the photos. So, I ended up taking an impromptu day "off" and basically redid it all, making sure it was all in a single file, this time. That was Tuesday.

Then, yesterday, imagine my excitement when, after a day filled with work, taking my Mom shopping, picking Ethan up, picking up my hubby, and meeting another of our daughters and her boyfriend for supper, I received an email from the layout guy. re: Wishes!

Not being able to open attachments properly on my phone, I waited until we got home and had
Ethan settled, to open it. I was actually going to get to see the beginnings of what the first few pages of "Wishes" were going to look like!

Well, to make a long story short, I had to send another email. Text and photos were not at all how I had planned. One, which was supposed to be black and white, wasn't. I just hope the email I sent back was in English, and made sense this time. I wrote it when I was pretty wiped out, I hope to hear back from him soon. This experience is definitely different than writing, and putting together kids books. But, I'm learning, I'll be better at it next time around, if I get the chance to have a next time.

As for the rest of the week, I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped. Although,I did get a good start on the music for our next wedding gig. It's in 5 weeks, lots of time! Yeah, right!

So, for the upcoming 7 days......

I really need to get at making the posters for "Tags"

I have to track down another easel, the ones I like are hard to get your hands on, everybody else apparently likes them too!

Hopefully, receive good news about "Wishes"! (crossing fingers, toes... basically anything that crosses)

Toddler wrangling, ladybug safaris, playground attending, dinosaur condo building, snack making, countless evil grins, dog poop dodging walks, and endless games of tag ( some of which I am not made aware until I am tagged!....crafty)

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish................

May your mind become next to comatose with quiet, as to allow your body to rest.
May you be at peace with the "done" on your "to do", you know you did your best.

May any strains and pains completely vanish from your weary bones.
May all that causes your heart to ache, subside, so a real peacefulness, you'll own.

May the busy noise of your "everyday" not overwhelm your soul.
May you put it aside at day's end, to replenish, to refresh, become whole.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day, Wedding, and Books, Oh My!

This, my friends, is the hard copy proof of "Tags Go In The Back"! After looking it over, I faxed the client approval form, phoned in my deposit, and that about does it for "Tags"!

Next on the book agenda is to get the layout and cover squared away for "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life."

The emails will be fast and furious for a couple of weeks, and then, I will get the hard copy proof of that as well.

Normally time would completely drag from the final ok to holding the books in my hands. Luckily, we have 4 weddings to prepare for, and a summer to enjoy, so I'm sure the next few months will go by quickly.

Speaking of weddings, we have the first one of the season this weekend. It's at a resort in Northern Saskatchewan, and looks beautiful on the website, I'll try to get some photos to show you next week.

Other than going to work and the usual shananigans that fill my week, the hubby and I, along with all of our daughters, attending the grand opening of our daughter, Sarah's place of work. We couldn't help but have our chests puff up just a bit when time and again, as she was introducing us to her coworkers and supervisors, they continually commented on what a great worker she is and how great she is at her job.

A really cool "Mom" moment.

The remainder of the week has been spent packing and getting organized for this wedding. I know it probably sounds silly, but I always get a bit nervous before doing a gig. Especially a wedding. This is probably going to be one of the most, if not thee most important day in the lives of these two people. I really do want to do everything I possibly can to make sure the happy couple and all of their guests have the best time the law will allow. It's always my goal to make it a reception people are talking about for a long a good way.

As for the upcoming week........

Tomorrow... work, hustle to my daughters house to  change, nail appointment, (Yay) pick up hubby and head up north.

Saturday....... do our part in giving these guys the best reception physically possible.

Sunday.....head home to enjoy what remains of Mother's Day. and errands.........start prep for the next email tag about "Wishes"...... set ball rolling on promo poster for "Tags"..........track down collapsible easel for said poster to take to trade shows.....supper with daughter and her shopping..........bring Ethan our to our house for the long weekend!

On that note, I will leave you with a reminder to call your mom if you can this Mother's day, and if you can't, whisper your greeting from your soul, and know that she will hear.

Until next time..........

May you know just how incredible you are, how precious, from your chubby little face to your tiny, perfect feet.
May you know how my heart leaps every day, every single day, greeted by your smile, so sweet.

May you understand how everything you do, you learn, fills my heart with pride.
May you get that goes for everything, walking, talking, your first belly laugh, your first real food bite.

May you know without doubt, every day you inhale, you are loved, you are valued, you are a true treasure.
May you feel this through first days of school, first bullies, first heart aches beyond measure.

May you look at your reflection and see strength where others see weakness, see a future beyond the high school walls.
May you know you still make my heart leap, from your purple mohawked hair, to the brooding quiet and the squalls.

May you know how thrilled I am for you, as you forge into your adult life, clearing a path as you go.
May you know how completely I believe in you, how you can handle anything life has to throw.

May you know how incredible you are, how precious, from your older, wiser eyes, to your sore and weary feet.
May you know how my heart leaps every single chance I get to see your smile, so sweet.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stethoscope Up The Pant Leg? All In A Day's Work!

Well, my friends, you are looking at what will be an introductory photo, soon to be found in the first pages of "Everyday Wishes for Your Extraordinary Life."  My hope is that it is a decent representation of pretty much any family's journey through life.

Yep, you heard it correctly. "Wishes" is complete and sent! I will probably get to see a rough draft of the final product fairly soon. So for now, I wait, with baited breath and sweaty palms. This is the part where I have to trust that my notes, and "map" of the layout, as I see it, weren't as convoluted as I feared the second after hitting the "send" button on the file.

It doesn't seem to matter how careful and thorough a person believes they are at any given moment, as soon as you hit "send", any and all confidence that it's been done right, disappears faster than chocolate during PMS week.

Here's hopin'!

In other news.............I think physio is going pretty well. I have a couple of sessions left and then, I think I will declare myself well.  My shoulder and neck really are improving, plus with weddings to prep for, and book promotion stuff to plan, the time I allotted for injuries is used up. Time to move on to better and brighter things.

In other, other news....... I was told by an extremely intelligent, bordering on genius, really, 7 year old girl that I was much too young to be a Grandma. I was so informed after showing the little girl I care for some photos of Ethan. She's asked on several occasions to see some pics of my family. Naturally, she's curious about my life outside of looking after her and her brothers. Well, when I told her that while I was taking one certain shot, Ethan was asking " Whatcha doin', Grandma?", she looked shocked!  "You're his Grandma?! But, you're too young to be a Grandma!"
Yep, borderline genius.

So, other than finishing up "Wishes", being complimented on being soooooo young looking, and surviving a "check up" by a couple of two -year-olds, which, as a public service, I have to warn you, involves one little guy smacking you with a plastic red pepper, while his ever-so-helpful counterpart attempts to shove a very cold, and poky toy stethoscope up the leg of your yoga pants. This, apparently, is hilarious! Yup, and that about sums up my job in a nutshell. Anyway, other than that, it's been a pretty normal week.

 As for the next 7 days?.........

Finish prepping music for wedding on the 12th.
Work..... squeeze grandbabies..... physio...... rehearse..... physio..... attend daughter's grand opening at her work..... rehearse..... pack up equipment.....hopefully receive rough draft of "Tags Go In The Back"..... pack clothes (as most do not enjoy nude, middle-aged DJs, and those who do? Well, shouldn't.)..... get nails done (Yay!)..... Go and try our level best to give this Bride and Groom, and their guests, an evening full of great memories!

Until then, I'll leave you with this wish..........

May we, as people, valiantly try not to get caught up in the mindset of bigger, better, more.
May we be ever mindful of the little ones watching, soaking up how we keep score.

May we all be careful about leaving a legacy that speaks mostly to the importance of  having "stuff."
May we, instead, devote the lion's share of our time to teaching kindness, acceptance, and love.

May we, as adults, as parents, as people, as the generation responsible for the one to come,
May we ever strive to be the kind of human beings we hope our children will become.

Until next time........
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Thanks once again for reading these ramblings!