Friday, December 30, 2016

Family.......A Beautifully Flawed Work In Infinite Progress...Happy New Year!

Family...a word that, as far as I can tell, has no absolute definition. It means something different to everyone.

Family is but a liquid entity that shape-shifts without warning, changing in size and depth as the calendar inevitably flips. It has the ability to encompass both those with whom we share intricate strands of colourful DNA, and those with whom we can share everything but.

For some, this word can evoke feelings of abandonment, feelings of neglect, feelings of insecurity, even fear. My hope is that for the majority of humanity, this is not the case. My hope is that the word "family" is a warm embrace full of comfort and unconditional love. The reality is, that for most of us, "family" drops somewhere in between.

Perfect is impossible. A family could only achieve perfection if humans had no hand in its makeup, no hand in the nurturing, decision-making, nor guidance of offspring.

So, once perfection is taken off of the table, what are we left with?

We are left with a messy, sometimes miserable, hectic, squishy, argumentative, funny, absurd, beautifully flawed work in infinite progress filled with those who would be there in a heartbeat if we needed them to be.

As we walk into this ever-unpredictable new year, embrace the messy, let go of the perfect. Trying to achieve something that can't exist can do nothing but make you feel like you're somehow, or in some way "less than". Your family, your life are uniquely yours. Live it without apologies or explanations, without filtres, without edits. Live all of it, not just the highlights that make it to facebook.


Needless to say, the past week was busy. Busy, hectic, fun, and full of plenty of laughs. Oh, and cookies, yeah, and pie.

I hope these words find you happy and healthy and ready to dive into 2017. I, for one, am planning to cannonball that baby. making the biggest splash I possibly can. How about you?

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish as the calendar flips, yet again.


May you ring in the new year with joy, with optimism, with grace, in whatever way makes you smile.
May you ring it in with intent, with purpose, with a splash, dive in, make it worthwhile.

May you see the year ahead as a blank canvass, patiently waiting for the stroke of your brush.
May you paint boldly, with confidence, for your colours are brilliant, be deliberate, don't rush.

May you make, in the months to come, memories begging to be retold by a smiling voice aged by the adventures you have yet to live.
May you create and build upon precious moments, weather the tough ones, try your best not to hurt others, give yourself a gift, forgive.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Whatever Your Celebration, Do It Up!

Our Christmas table last year, and the munchkins that will be seated at it this year. Every year our family grows. This year by one Little Miss Izzy, who made her presence felt last year, but didn't officially appear until April fool's day.

We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to gather these faces together, not a care in the world other than who will win the various board games.

Take your joy, hold it, squeeze it, let it erupt, covering all that surrounds you. This time of year can be hard for so many, for so many different reasons. You never know how deeply a kind gesture or thoughtful word can touch a troubled heart. It takes so little effort and costs nothing, yet can have the power to help lift the heaviest of burdens.

Whatever your holiday, whatever your traditions, whatever reason you might be getting together with loved ones, do it up. Take this time to appreciate without complication, without condition, without hindrance. Leave any differences at the door, you're not likely to solve the world's problems over turkey and pie anyway.

Speaking of pie, I still have a couple to make, so I better wrap this up.

No two Christmases are created equal. There are new faces, aged faces, more grown-up faces, but also the faces we will no longer get to see. The missed faces.

It's tough, it get's more tolerable with time, but never easy. It helps to keep in mind that though we miss them, we can also honour their memory by giving the gift of joy to our littles. If the littles see that we can miss them, yet genuinely smile, they can absorb the fact that happiness is possible after loss. It changes, but it's possible.

And that, my friends, does it for now.  Have a great time!

Until next time......

May your deepest wishes come true, reliving the bright-eyed wonderment of your earliest years.
May you know that nothing is impossible, nothing beyond reach, the only hindrance, unfounded fears.

May the joy this season brings, spill out and carry on for the days, weeks, and months that lie ahead.
May you share it in every way you can, with everyone you can, it just might help someone, let it spread.

May laughter echo through your home, and may the magic felt by your littles be contagious.
May you be utterly consumed by warmth and love, the joy simply uncontainable and outrageous.

Until next time! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nevermore A Reason To Weep...............................


Our little Izzy. She is growing so fast, turning 9 months old as the calendar flips to another new year.

As she grows, her biggest fears will be running out of monster spray, or her brother getting into her stuff. She will never have to wonder if she is loved, or be cold or hungry. She will be able to run and play outside, the worst dangers, stepping in gopher holes and/or dog poop.

She will grow, solid in the knowledge that her safety net is soft, but steadfast, kind, but strong, and big enough to be near, no matter where on this earth her wings may eventually take her.

She is one of many who share this incredible luck. But she is also one of not nearly enough.

A person only needs to take a mere glimpse at the news to see the shock filled faces of angels too terrified to quiver, no longer even able to cry.  They are broken. It's impossible to make sense of the senseless. If we, as adults can't do it, what must it be like for them?

These babies, big and small, trapped in hell, knowing safety is possible, but next to impossible to reach.

As humankind, how did we get here.....again.

It seems, that as generations pass, humans are the only species who continually repeat behavior so incredibly, and obviously, disadvantageous. Killing each other to accumulate imaginary power over things that will never really belong to anyone. Oil, land, water. Baffling.

One can only wonder if we will ever learn. So far, it's not very encouraging.

In the meantime, I, for one, will do my best to keep the spotlight on this hell in any way I can, for pretending this, or any evil doesn't exist serves no-one but those who perpetrate it. I will also take extra special care to hug loved ones a little tighter, and a little more often, not losing sight for a second just how lucky we are.

This week, I visited a school wherein one very young, bright-eyed, precocious little girl, about 15 questions deep into the Q&A that follows all my readings, asked the question, "Are you rich?"

"Well," I said, "I have a great husband,  four daughters, four son-in-laws, and four grandbabies, who are all healthy and happy. I have a warm house, I get to eat every day, and I have a soft, warm safe place to sleep every single night. Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty rich."

The older kids in the group seemed to get it, but little missy munchkin simply rolled her eyes as only six-year-olds can, and retorted, "Well, I meant money!"

Kids are awesome!


So, as I mentioned, this week involved a visit to Kerrobert Composite School for a reading. It's always such a blast! So grateful for our local writer's guild, without them, I wouldn't be able to visit all the places I get to visit!

This week also included a trip to the physiotherapist. This hip just wasn't getting any better on its own, time to call in the experts. She was very helpful and is pretty sure she should be able to assist in speeding up the healing process. Apparently, I've done an excellent job of tearing up a fairly large group of muscles. They are now full of scar tissue and have anger issues. Nothing some very strange interpretive dance moves, heating pads, and rolling a ball around on the offended area won't cure.

As for the upcoming days.......

Getting ready for Christmas!

Yup, there will be plenty of watching Grandbabies perform in Christmas concerts, prepping food, running last minute errands, using the term 'running' rather loosely, unfortunately.


Well folks, that about does it for now.....until next time....

May you see beyond the horizon, feel beyond the terror, know you're not alone.
May kindness touch you, may comfort find you, may you find a new, safe place to call home.

May you never again have to look into the face of evil, never again have to live in fear.
May you know that we see you, all of you, your terror, we feel, your cries, we hear.

May the hands of angels pull you from the rubble, bring you peace, placing you beyond the reach of this, or any other hell.
May you, until then, know we see you, your terror deeper than tears, your horror deeper than any bottomless well.

May some solace soon find you, and allow you to blissfully sleep.
May you once again laugh and play, nevermore with a reason to weep.

Until next time...............

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chickmunks and No Heat!


We've popped the cork on the second week of December!

Mother Nature has gone from letting us run around with a  'do I really need a jacket' frame of mind, to 'holy crap, it hurts to breathe'. The snow hasn't really hit in our immediate vicinity as of yet, which, for me, makes the sudden cold a little easier to swallow.

But, hey, we had an exceptionally beautiful November weatherwise, so that, in and of itself, shortens our winter by an entire month!

I'll take it!

This past week was spent in a hotel room writing my face off. I was able to gain some ground, for sure, just not as much as I had hoped, as this stupid hip hinders things more things than I thought possible. It's definitely making me very aware of the things I usually take for granted.

Progress is still progress, even if it isn't at the desired pace. A step is still a step.

The hotel was one that provided breakfast every morning, and, more importantly, the breakfast room had tables and chairs that worked better for writing than the desk and chair in my room. Short leg/stupid hip problems.

One morning, a young Mom came in for breakfast with her 4 year old little boy and 10 month old baby girl. I know what it's like trying to juggle a baby, yogurt and fruitloops, it seemed kinda ridiculous not to offer to help carry some of the items back to her table. Once everybody was settled in, The little guy became pretty comfortable and we began to chat.

Kids are awesome. It never seems to fail, as soon as they figure out that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, they are more than willing to talk. By the end of our visit, he had told me all about how he is really a tiger and hunts the blue and white chickmunks, yes, I do mean chickmunks, that live in his house. He went on to explain how he washes off his tiger stripes in the sink so nobody finds out about his superpowers.

Yup, kids are awesome.

The week rounded out with baking some Christmas cookies and having the grandbabies over to decorate them.

Oh yeah, and then our furnace's blower motor decided to crap out. Yup, -30C windchill, no heat. Yay. Thankfully, we have a brother-in-law that just so happens to be a plumber, and he was able to come out and put a new one in. Furnace quit at supper time, and working again by bedtime. Thanks Will!

As for the upcoming days, there will be grandbaby snuggles, writing, a school visit, some baking, and laundry.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time.........

May the chill be kept at bay and the cold not intrude.
May warm hearts, hearths and hugs, help keep you renewed.

May there be plenty of cuddles and snuggles wrapped up in blanket nests.
May you, when forced inside by the freeze, create, enjoy, make cookies, take rests.

May you pick up once again, that guitar, that book, whatever you've been meaning to get to.
May you, when it's just too cold to go out the door, take the time to reconnect to you.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Notice The Little Things............


No, I haven't moved, these are real, actual photos of our part of the world on Dec. 3/2016!

It's a bit strange, to say the least, but, I, for one will accept this lack of the white stuff with a truckload of gratitude.

Although winter doesn't actually shorten by the simple lack of snow, it sure allows us to feel that way.
The lack of sunlight, at least for me, is made much more tolerable by not being buried under 8 foot snowbanks.

Little things that make life a bit easier shouldn't go unnoticed.

Little things, well sometimes, not so little things like having kids and grandkids that are, by all basic measures, pretty healthy and happy is one thing that had a spotlight shone on it today.

Today, I met a young mom of three, her youngest, a little 18month old boy  forced to deal with a pretty rare condition. A condition that makes him allergic to most food proteins. The kicker is that there is no way of knowing what foods will make him sick until about 6-8 hours after eating.  Right now, he has three safe foods, carrots, apples, and quinoa.

I can't imagine the dread and anxiety that must go through both the parents and the little one each time they try a new food or drink.

Something as basic as feeding your child, made so difficult.

Notice the little things, I know I will.


So, this week has passed pretty quickly. I'm still a part-time couch jockey, with a date with a physiotherapist, but I'm more than grateful for the fact that I am an otherwise pretty dang healthy woman who has had the privilege of celebrating a 50th birthday, and has no reason to think I shouldn't have the further privilege of celebrating many more.

A few more snowman made the migration from the basement...............

Today, I participated in a great little tradeshow in Colonsay, Sk. Small town shows are awesome!

As for the upcoming week..................

Squeeze some grandbabies............

Write, write, and write some more! I will be strapped to my laptop for the majority of the upcoming week. I'm hoping to make a huge dent in the back half of my novel.

Well folks, that about does it for now. Until next time.....with a certain little one in mind....

May you find, when things are darkest, the courage to keep you going strong.
May you know, when doubt hits, decisions founded in love are rarely wrong,

May time bring solutions, options, countless ways to make things better.
May you, in the meantime, wear the support around you like a favourite sweater.

May you celebrate every victory, however slight it may seem.
May this, someday, become an awful memory, a distant, bad dream.

Until next time..........

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Snowman Migration of 2016!


As you can tell from the photos, the snowmen that, generally, remain content hanging out in the basement, have begun their ascent to the main floor. It starts small, but they stalk me, and end up wearing me down to the point where I can resist their charms no longer, thus, rendering useless any further obstruction. (not that I ever really put up much of a fight)

It usually starts slowly, this year, the one leading the pack, as shown in the first photo, brought along a most menacing looking bodyguard (bottom photo)to help him further the cause.

Just taking the photos is deemed fairly risky, and very rare, as they don't like getting caught during their annual migration. This journey is usually carried out with the shadows of night affording their cloak of secrecy.

Soon they will all arrive, spreading their Holiday magic along the way. I love this annual snowman invasion. (even if they are a bit creepy about it)

Well, the holiday season has officially hit. Time for office parties, and the inevitable, unfortunate, happenstances therein. Time for making, buying, or pulling out of storage, the knick knacks and doo-dads that bring to life the feeling of holiday magic for you and yours.

Time to honour and/or create those traditions that make this time of year so special. It's different for everyone. Some love formal dinners and black tie parties. Others gather for potluck, living room picnics around coffee tables, board games and beer. Others watch every holiday movie, new and old, cuddled on couches, with kidlets, bright-eyed and full of excited anticipation. Others, for various reasons, don't celebrate at all. All great, all delightful, all of which are choices.

Yet others face a completely different kind of holiday season.

Some are homeless, simply looking for a warm, safe place to lay their head. Some are living in constant fear, surrounded by violence. Some feel alone, living in a weighted darkness, without the ability  to reach out. Some will be writing wish-filled letters, handing them to those who will feel a gutted failure, as they know not a single one can be granted. None great, none delightful, none of which are choices.

If you are lucky enough to be one those with choice, please choose to share. Share your joy, share a smile, share with a food bank, share with a toy drive, share with a shelter, share what you can. please share.


So it's been another week that has tested my efficiency as a couch jockey. My hip is getting better, just not as quickly as I would like, therefore, I will be making a visit to the doc within the next few days.

I managed to pop the cork on Christmas baking, depositing the first bucket of goodies into the freezer.

Although becoming proficient at riding a couch does not assist in a lot of anything getting done, through having to do so, I feel I have studied enough, and could, without a doubt, fill in for Judge Judy, should the call to do so come through.

With the help of my awesome hubby, I was able to participate in tradeshows both last Saturday and today. Although having a literal pain in the ass does suck some of the fun out of attending, it's still always a great way to spend a day!

As for the upcoming days...........

Probably a bit more time spent holding my couch down............


Working the shop.................


Participate in another awesome trade show event in Colonsay..................

And that about does it for now, until next time, I'll leave you with this wish............

May this time, for you, be filled with fun, focussed on all those you hold dear.
May you enjoy every chance to get together, eat the fudge, share a giggle, raise a glass of cheer.

May you listen, really hear, the beckoning of the donation bins, keeping in mind the blissful, wish-filled eyes.
May you find it in your heart to share, whatever you can, help squelch rumbling hunger, turn tears of disappointment into joyful cries.

May you soak up every ounce of joy, every smattering of peace, every gift of laughter.
May you then share it all over the place, spreading happiness for not just the now, but the after.

Until next time...........

Friday, November 18, 2016

When Your Boobs Get A Letter........................


Grandbabies and supermoons!

In the first photo, you see some pretty sweet faces hanging out in their "nest," watching movies. You also get a little glimpse of the fallout in the background. It was a sleepover filled with giggles, pizza, ice cream sundaes, nerf gun fights, snuggles and grandpa wrestling. Worth any fallout, every time!

The remaining photos are my attempt at capturing the supermoon. It was tough. My camera just couldn't do it justice.

Soooooooo, as a woman in Saskatchewan that has hit the fifty mark, there is a bonus, of which,  up until now, I was unaware.

Here, once you hit fifty, your various body parts begin receiving mail from the health department. I kid you not! I was aware, used to, and came to look forward to,(yeah, not really) the bi-annual love letter to my nether regions, reminding me it was time to be screened for cancer and/or any other evil entities. These letters start showing up, starting with your 18th birthday.

But, unbeknownst to me, once you hit fifty, the invitation to the screening party begins to include other parts of your anatomy, specifically, your colon and your boobs.

With all of the unpleasant, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright painful things we, as women, have to endure, I feel there should be a bit more of a counterbalance involved.

We go through the pain of childbirth, the counterbalance, a tiny human we would easily die for.

All I'm saying is that it wouldn't hurt to have a nice glass of wine and a fantastic meal served by the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Brad Pitt waiting at the end of every mammogram.

It wouldn't hurt to have a luxurious spa day coupon handed to us after that oh so lovely experience of the pap.

When you have completed the hot flash-ridden, fog-brained, mystery weight shifting/gaining, hormonal rollercoaster that is menopause, you should get a big fat cheque to reimburse you for all of the pads/tampons/panty-liners you have ever had to purchase, oh,  and a free cruise.

Fair counterbalance, just sayin'.

I will be forever grateful for the fact that by simply being lucky enough to be born where I was, I can receive all of this care, preventative, treatments, procedures, operations and having kids, all without any out of pocket cost to me. I need not buy any extra insurance to make sure I can take care of myself and my family. Something afforded to all of our citizens, regardless of income level or job security.

As of right now, not all things are covered, as we still need to pay for chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, and physical therapy. I'm hopeful that those steps will be taken in the future.

So, although we complain about the tests and procedures that we need to go through, we should always keep in mind all of the people out there who can only look at the care we receive, and see it as some distant, far-fetched dream.

So I will suck it up. All of it. But, I still wouldn't turn down the cruise.


So besides having a sleepover with the sweet faces, the past few days have been a slight pain in the butt, literally.

A few weeks ago I tried to turn my daughter's steps into a slip and slide, and failed miserably. Things were healing up nicely until I did something weird to the already injured hip by doing something so crazy as putting on a boot.

This made me a couch jockey for a good chunk of the week. Apparently, with all of the growth and maturity that supposedly is absorbed through aging, I must have missed the day that covered being a patient patient.  I suck at this. I know it, and I'm trying to get better at it. It's tough when you are so used to being the one taking care of everybody else. Not so crazy about this trip to the flipside.

As for the upcoming days...........

A Christmas themed tradeshow in Swift Current, writing, and working at the shop will be on the agenda. Hopefully, all goes according to plan!

Yeah, like that ever happens! Life would be pretty boring if it did.

That about does it for another week, until next time............

May the fog lift, the cramps fade, and the booby vice be kind.
May you realize, even though, at times it feels as such, you're really not losing your mind.

May the hot flashes hit only, and I mean only, when you feel incredibly, uncomfortably cold.
May they completely bugger off during meetings, in restaurants, and in the checkout line where your groceries are sold.

May any and all news resulting from the indignities endured, be benign.
May you reward yourself, for being a woman can be tough, with some ice cream, maybe some wine.

May you give yourself permission to take real care of yourself, and do it guilt free.
May you embrace the role of care receiver, though foreign, though unfamiliar, when need be.

See you next week!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Remembering What's Important................

This weekend, we get an extra day off.  It's no regular stat, it is there to remind us of, and to honour those who went before us, dying to fight for our freedoms.

What they sacrificed affords us the freedom to say what we feel, disagree, agree, and fight passionately for what we believe in, no matter what it is.

As stewards of those freedoms, it's our responsibility to ensure that they are preserved respectfully. These freedoms have evolved to become more inclusive. Allowing grown people to now marry any other grown person. Allowing women to make choices regarding their own bodies, desegregation, and steps have been taken toward equality of race, gender and religion. Steps.

It's so important to keep moving forward, celebrating and embracing these freedoms, adding to them. Although we will undoubtedly, at times, completely disagree about the path on which progress will take, it's imperative that respect, communication and compromise remain at the forefront.

We should continue to strive to have everyone wake up with a true sense of security and safety. No one person who lives within a democracy should feel threatened in any way.

When our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, husbands, wives and friends sacrificed their lives, their limbs and their emotional health for our freedoms, I can't imagine it came with exceptions. The ones who sacrificed came from every religion, ethnicity and orientation, yet they were brothers and sisters in arms.

If they, in those circumstances, with life and death on the line, were able to see past their differences to find common ground and a way to work together, then, for us to do any less would be a slap in the face to their memories.

They had no problem remembering what was truly important, neither should we.


This week has been pretty interesting.

It began with spending some time with friends, which is always fantastic!

I was a bit couch bound due to my complete and utter gracefulness in slippery situations. This didn't allow me to sit and write a whole lot, but did give me way too much time to follow the American election.

I guess time will tell. Their decision has been made. I doubt that it will get any less interesting.

As for the upcoming days.

Tomorrow we will observe a time of silence in honour of those who are responsible for our freedom.
Later, the day will be anything but silent,  as we celebrate that freedom by having the grandbabies converge on our house for a movie night/ pizza and ice cream/ dance party/ sleepover.

The rest of the upcoming week will be spent, writing, working and carrying on with life as we know it.

That about does it for this time around, until next time.................

May we keep in mind how it might feel to have our freedoms threatened, our liberties at risk.
May we be cautious not to instill in others those feelings, those fears, let's be gentle through this.

May kindness and hope trump any darkness or hate, filling us all, once again, with light.
May the shadows lift, revealing a rainbow, no one colour better than the other nor more bright.

May our respect for one another's spirituality grow exponentially, for each soul's journey is entirely unique.
May we understand that darkness doesn't live in how, or to whom, or if, we choose to pray, but in the level of glory our ego will seek.

Until next time...........

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Most Humble, Most Kind!

Hi folks!

Well, here we are in November!

Soon, the United States will finally have a new president. Finally! I find it hard to understand why they drag their process for soooooooo long.

In my opinion, it shouldn't take longer to campaign for any office than it does to grow a human in a uterus.

It seems a bit crazy to me that they feel their process warrants this span of time. For one thing, it's got to be exhausting for those actually in the race. For another, that is a ton of money that could be so easily spent in better ways. Look into the hungry eyes of a child and tell me again how important it is that you spend millions for months, saying the same things over and over again. And for yet another thing. as if there needs to be another thing, if they were kept to a much tighter timeline, it would force all involved to focus more on policy and platform. There simply wouldn't be time for all of the silly, if at times entertaining, noise.

I haven't found another democratic country that does this. I would love to know the why behind it.

In my heart of hearts, I hope the citizens of America choose well, both for them, and the world they live in.

So while we wait to see who next resides in the white house, we carry on.

We carry on with babies being announced, being born, school pictures and Halloween. We carry on with new jobs, new houses, losing loved ones, meeting new friends, and cherishing those we already have. We carry on, crying on shoulders, and being the shoulder on which to cry. We carry on.

In my heart of hearts, I hope the citizens of America choose well, choose wisely, choose carefully. Putting the one in that historical home that has proven to hold dear the things for which we carry on. The one with their own history of working for the betterment of others. Past behaviors are a heavy determiner of future behaviors. Please push aside the noise, and take a clear, objective look at the lives of both. Choose the one who truly reflects how you want your country to be viewed by the world.  When you look at the leader of a country, a leader chosen by it's citizens, the world can't help but think that that leader is a true reflection of the nation that put him in such an esteemed position.


As for the past week around here,

Halloween.......I had the pleasure of giving the kids in our community a bit of a fright........hehehhehe

There was a trade show, month end, part finding, bill paying, customer care, writing, laundry and a dust bunny rodeo.

As for the next while...............

Some time with friends, writing, work at the shop, some more writing, and, with any luck a grandbaby snuggle or two.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish............

May you be thoughtful in your choices for their consequences linger.
May you weigh them carefully, the mirror is a hard place for pointed fingers.

May you see beyond the circus, beyond all that distracts from what truly matters.
May you look, with objectivity, who builds up those around them, who shatters.

May you make this decision keeping your world of neighbours in mind.
May you remember no one thrives in a bubble, pick who's most humble, most kind.

Until next week!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sneaky Ninja Ad Attacks!


Holy Cow! October is pretty much over! Halloween is upon us, and, if we are to believe ads on tv and in the stores, Christmas is the very next day!

The powers that be in advertising, seem to be in an incredible hurry to move the calendar along. They advertise spring allergy medication in January, they start the bikini body stuff right around March, they begin advertising 'back to school' sales before we can dip our toe in a lake, Halloween in August, Christmas in October.

What the hell is the hurry!

With all of this buzzing around our heads, it's no wonder we have trouble living in the moment.

One of my personal pet peeves is being rushed, and I feel like I'm being rushed by these people all the time. The relentless pounding of hurry hurry hurry, it's coming, it's coming, the next holiday, the next thing to prepare for, the next thing is coming! Their job is to create an urgency to make us want to rush out and buy. Buy whatever is the product or products of the upcoming moment/season.

I think it affects us without us giving it any real, conscious thought. Sneaky, ninja ad attacks.

I, for one, am going to make a concerted effort to fight the hurry, and take the time to enjoy now. Just because they want to put me in a panic, and try to make me feel unprepared, and rushed doesn't mean I have to let them.

So, to the sneaky ninja ad creators I say, I'll get ready for upcoming events, holidays, and seasons when I''m good and ready. I don't need you to add any more pressure to situations that can feel stressful enough all on their own. I'm perfectly okay with picking up the things I need when I need them and not when you would like to insist I need them.

If, by chance, the exact thing I'm looking for is somehow impossible to get at the time, I'm sure I will survive.

I'm choosing to enjoy the time that comes between now, and whatever comes next. Time flies by fast enough without any assistance from you, so do us all a favour and just chill.


Ths week has been pretty jam packed with helping my sister and her hubby move, a date night with my hubby, work, writing, visiting another fantastic school (Thanks again for having me Elrose Composite School!), and more writing.

The upcoming days will include, a Tradeshow, Halloween,writing, work, month end shenanigans, and more writing.

Like I said, life flies without assistance, let's sit in every moment we can, for as long as we can.

So, that about does it for another week.

Until next time......

May time slow down to an enjoyable, manageable pace, relaxed, unrushed.
May we quiet outside intruders who want to insist on panic, don't let them in, keep them hushed.

May you live your life at a measured cadence, one that brings you peace.
May you let go of all unnecessary, unwanted stress, free yourself, release.

May you give yourself permission to not chase, not care, not try, to keep up with false perfection.
May you see it's an exercise in futility, sacrificing your peace to feed others' perception.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Some Things Are Just Dumb....It's True...But Some Are Funny Too.....

Well folks, Fall is in full swing. You know how I can tell?   Because we've been covered by snow, had it melt, and are now left with depressed leaves, not all of which have left the trees.

The once vibrant golden cascades have become a rather maudlin imitation of what they were only weeks ago.They are soggy, heavy, their colour faded.

But, not all is lost, for these are signs that Halloween is just around the corner, and I, for one, always look forward to seeing the costumes everybody comes up with.

By the way, what is the deal with these creepy clowns?

From what I can gather, they are some sort of unsolicited promotional idea for an upcoming sequel to a horror movie?

I love a good prank as much, or probably more, than the next person, but this is just dumb, not to mention dangerous. Isn't threatening people with weapons illegal, regardless of the outfit your wearing? On the flipside, how many people do you think you're going to terrify before you meet someone who is going to take you at your word and protect themselves?

I can't see as anything other than a lose/lose situation. But, what do I know?

Oh, I know. I know that it's dumb to go around terrorizing people with dangerous weapons. That's what I know, and I'm pretty secure in the assumption I'm not alone in that knowledge.

It's kind of right up there with sticking keys into power outlets, jumping the grand canyon on a bicycle, and checking to see how many smacks it takes to piss off a skunk while the two of you are trapped in a porta-potty.


As for the past week........

There was some writing, some working, some running around, and a reading at a school where I had the privilege of hanging out with some great kids. Thanks again to St. Peter's School in Unity, Sk. for inviting me!

In the upcoming days..............

Assisting a move, writing, work, and another visit to another great school!

Gonna be a good week!

Until next time.........

May your week be free of creepy clowns, and all things cringe-worthily dumb.
May you see it may not be as easy as you think, to avoid the things that make your mind numb.

May you see, to avoid them completely may detract from the overall joy we get from seeing others epically fail.
May you see you can't help but to giggle as you watch the guy step clumsily, inevitably, into the paint-filled pail.

May the videos of misplanned daredevil stunts, and people running into glass, find their way into your life.
May you see, as humans, we love the prat fall, the slapstick, it mysteriously, but most assuredly, relieves our daily strife.

Until next week...............

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vessel By Vessel, Vein By Vein..............


Well, this was Thanksgiving in the Reid house this year!

I'm so grateful for any and every opportunity to have these faces under the same roof. A few are missing, but it was still pretty great.

We broke with tradition and had chicken and dumplings for our meal, followed by birthday cakes to celebrate two very special little girls.

These kind of days are so special, and should never be taken for granted.

We can never assume that tomorrow is ours. It's never a given. Soak in every ounce of joy.

This week, in the news, there was a story of the separation of a set of conjoined twins. They were joined at the tops of their heads. The surgery took 20+ hours, and needed the skilled hands of over 40 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, checking egos at the door. They were a team.

They painstakingly separated these little boys vessel by vessel, vein by vein, nerve by nerve. The boys, now completely separate beings, are said to be okay and recovering. I'm sure it will be a long road, and likely, an incredibly tough one.

It's incredible. The things that can be accomplished when people work together toward a common goal are infinite. The strides possible working for the betterment of mankind are endless. We are limited only by our pride and our ego.

So many decisions, albeit personal, business, national, international or political, seem to be muddied and made so much more complicated than need be by either chasing ego, money, or, in some cases, both.

Companies want to run pipelines through sacred burial grounds, political decisions are being reached without proper research into long term effects, acts of violence are continually being perpetrated in the name of country and religion.

Imagine if we put just half of the energy that is put into trying to hurt each other  into working toward common goals.

I think, for the most part anyway, we are all kind of after the same thing.

We want a safe planet for future generations to enjoy.
We want everyone to be able to live in peace, with a full belly and a warm, soft place to lay their heads at night.
We want to live without fear of each other.
We want our beliefs respected even if, and especially when they are not shared.

I think we can agree we all want these things.

If we could just quit tripping all over our egos, we just might be able to make it all happen.

A skillful team, vessel by vessel, vein by vein, nerve by nerve. Recovery. It can be done.


Other than an awesome Thanksgiving, this week involved a visit to a great little library in Colonsay, Sk. Thanks again to Sandy, Gail and Erna for putting it all together!

There was also some working at the shop, running errands, planning for upcoming events and some writing!

As for the upcoming days..........

There will be writing, working, a school visit, more writing, and a day to help my sister and her hubby move into their new house!

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish......

May the nip that now resides in every breath bring cozy cuddles by the fire.
May these lengthening nights and shortening days lead you toward your true heart's desire.

May your every effort bring you closer to your peace, whatever that may be.
May you know it needs no explanation, the opinions of others are plentiful, meaningless and free.

May you strive to not only to do no harm, but create joy with every step you take.
May you strive to leave ripples bubbling with kindness and laughter in your wake.

Thanks so much!

Thinking of stocking stuffers? Check it out!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Grateful And Then Some!


A milestone. I know it's just a number, and, in the grand scheme of things, not a very big one. To me, though, it represents something I never would have dreamed possible. It represents what can take place when we obliterate our comfort zones, trust ourselves, and take a chance.

Sometimes, when you are living the day to day, the nuts and bolts of what makes your dreams happen, you can lose sight, pretty easily, of any progress you've made. Sometimes it's good to step back, and look at the distance you've covered and not just at how far you perceive you are from your destination. 

Your destination is not definitive anyway. It moves, morphs and changes constantly. I, for one, am grateful for that. When you do step back and take a real look at your journey, you discover that what you originally had envisioned as a destination was simply a checkpoint. One of many.

40,103. These are actual people. Canada, Poland, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Sweden, Chile,and Ireland. These are the top ten countries, this week, that are home to the people that have taken the time to read these ramblings. 

I don't know that I can put forth the words to express just how grateful I am. I am grateful for the notes, letters and emails. I am touched to the core by your stories. I am incredibly humbled each and every week by your ongoing support. 

 You can never predict what your dreams may turn into. All you have to do is start, be open to any and all possibilities, and believe the best can happen. Oh, and work your butt off. Let's not forget that little tidbit of information. 

I have yet to meet anyone who has had their dream handed to them. Your dreams are there for the taking, for the achieving, but you have to be willing to put in the work to hold them in your hand. 

If you walk your path, always stepping in the light of kindness, good things have no choice but to happen. That doesn't mean there won't be crap storms along the way. They are there to test your 'why' and your 'want to'. Each time you encounter one, you will need to decide whether to stop and be content with what is, or, put on your mud boots, grab a jacket, and carry on.

When a major decision needs to be made, I tend to ask myself the worst case scenario question. What is the absolute worst scenario that may take place as a result of this decision? If this happens, would my family and I be okay? If the answer is yes, that tells me that fear is driving the hesitation. 

No one can take your dreams from you. The most they can do is convince you to surrender the desire to achieve it, and the belief that you can make it happen. 

Thank you. For buying my books, for reading these ramblings, for walking this journey with me. Thank you.  I so look forward to discovering what is yet to be.


Another whirlwind week has come and gone. Tradeshow, work, and writing, with a squeeze or two from some grandbabies.

Mother nature hit us with an early taste of winter and unleashed a horrendous hurricane on our southern neighbours that has caused devastation for so many.

As for the upcoming days............

Thanksgiving supper.......time with family....always grateful for that.

A reading at Colonsay library.....Flitflee's debut in a public reading!

Work the shop.........

Write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (First draft of my novel about half way complete! Getting there!)

Until next time!

May we be grateful, and then some, for our four walls, three squares, and a soft place to fall.
May we be grateful and then some, for the freedom to laugh, a safe place to be, sadly, it's not that way for all.

May we be grateful and then some for the kindness found in humanity, though quieted it may be.
May we be grateful and then some for our invaluable privilege to choose our leaders, an act not to be taken lightly.

May we be grateful and then some for those we hold closest to our hearts, those for which we provide, love and protect.
May we be grateful and then some to live where they are, without exception, entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

May we be grateful and then some to live in a culture that, at least on it's face, fosters equality for each and every soul.
May we be grateful and then some that it is hopefully on the path of going beyond the face,  entrenching deeper, taking hold. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

From There To Here In A Heartbeat.............


Another week has come and gone at the speed of light!

The photos, those goofy people who went from throwing kisses to flipping the bird? Yeah, those are our girls.

They went out together to get some sister tattoos. I asked for them, while they were all together, to get a nice picture for me.  For them to be in the same place at the same time, sadly doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I've been hinting heavily for a loooonnnngggg time that a nice photo of them together, outside of wedding photos, would be awesome.

That's what you get for encouraging smartassery during their childhood.

How did we get here so fast? We went from there to here in a heartbeat.

When we look at the incredible people they've become and are still becoming, we know we've done at least a few things right along the way.

They are strong, independent, kind, compassionate people who stand up for who and what they believe. They are capable, smart individuals who understand the value of working for your dreams.

They are so much more than a pretty smile, a size chart, or a scale. They are not, and have never been defined by their physical beauty. They know their value is not hinged on the opinion of others.

They know how to compromise, and how to stand their ground.

They know they are to be heard. Their opinion counts. Their voice has merit.

I say these things because I know our girls are not alone.

But, there are too many young people of this millennial generation who see themselves differently.

This is the generation who has grown up being bombarded by the Kim Kardashians of the world. Instagram, Facebook and snapchat. Their value measured by the number of  'likes' and 'shares' and 'followers' they can gather.

Their perceived value being generated and validated by strangers. These strangers, in turn, developing some misconceived notion of power over them.

We need to put humanity back into human interaction. Put the images of people aside, and look at the people. We are so much more than the sum total of our photos.


Well folks, sorry to write and run, but I have to go!  Gotta get ready for the Unity Fall Fair! A two day tradeshow!

After that, the week will be filled with writing, work and other shenanigans!

Until next time.........

May you see you are more than what's reflected in the mirror, it's but an image in the glass.
May you see that you are phenomenal, unique, show your spark, let it shine, have some sass.

May you understand that the opinions of others carry no more weight than your own.
May you see that others opinions of you are completely weightless, worthless, whatever their tone.

May you allow yourself the freedom to be who you are meant to be.
May you untether what holds you back, have courage, set it free.

May the actions you put out into the world, truly reflect the truth within your soul.
May you understand how deeply your actions touch others, both good and bad, own your role.

Until next time...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

We're Better Than The News Bytes!!!!!


Well, Mother nature did not change her mind. She stuck to her guns and gave us a pretty blustery day for our Word On The Street Festival.

My, not so co-operative model in the first pic was, once again a great helper. Our posters and easels weren't up very long, neither were loose copies of the books. Banners, business cards, and tent dividers were becoming air-born, or close to it, for the entire day.

But, in spite of less than stellar conditions, it was still an incredible day. It takes more than rain and wind to keep book enthusiasts away from books!

The rest of the week was filled with the usual. Working the shop, running errands, laundry and, of course, writing.

I did manage to see bits and pieces of news bytes along the way.

Imagine if our only experience of the world was through television news. They paint it with such a dark brush, making it seem like we should be afraid to set foot outside our doors. They sometimes throw in a small tidbit of something just a shade lighter, but those stories are so fleeting, they leave you wondering if you even saw it at all.

The world they paint, isn't the world I've experienced.

In the world, as I've experienced it, the good far outweighs the bad. I've encountered so many incredibly kind and generous people. Yes, I have also encountered those venomous parasites that feed off of others joy, creating fear, completely apathetic to the pain they cause, often finding pleasure in it.

But, for every venomous parasite I come across, I meet at least 500 kind, generous souls.

I'm so glad that the world that news channels portray is not actually the real world. They catch snippets of the worst of it. They highlight the most heinous and hateful things humans are capable of doing to each other. They then show it continually, until it doesn't actually seem real anymore, in effect, dulling our sensitivity the level of its tragedy. Why is that only the worst of what we can be is considered newsworthy.

This is not the real world. The world is filled with people who, every day, send their children to school, having them come home safe, full of wonder and excitement. The world is filled with  people who open doors for others, adopt rescue pets, help strangers with dropped packages, give homeless people hot meals and the shirts off of their backs.

Our world is more than, and we, as a human race are much better than the sum total of the horror-filled news bytes they like to make us believe represent us, and the society in which we live.

I do believe it's important to know what is going on in the world, for evil grows so much faster in the dark, without witnesses. I simply believe with equal fervor that it sure wouldn't hurt to shed more light on the good things along the way, for hope grows best in full sun with plenty of people to watch.

As for the upcoming week.........

I have to say, I'm pretty curious as to how the first American presidential debate will go, could be kind of interesting...............

Working the shop.....

Prep and participate in the Unity Fall Fair...........


Hopefully get a chance to squeeze a grandbaby or two or four..........

Until next time............

May you step out into this colourful world, enjoying every beauty it provides.
May you step away from the screens of darkness, step into the sunlight, spend real time outside.

May you greet the world with kindness, a ready smile, and embrace every adventure.
May each one take you to new, exciting places, every step becoming more sure.

May you stand strong through any hardship, any hiccup along the way.
May you see your strength, feel it, trust it, it's yours, it's forever here to stay.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Very. Odd. Indeed............


Well folks, another launching of a new book is in the books!

Thanks to all who came out!

After a great afternoon spent meeting new people, hanging out with good friends and family, and sending some copies of Flitflee Flanderfoodle to new homes, it was time to get back home for another week of working at the shop and writing.

As I write this, I'm making last minute mental notes, and prepping for the Word On The Street Festival in Saskatoon tomorrow. The above photos tell the story of the gathering of stuff that needs to go and the forecasted weather.

It's not looking like Mother Nature is looking to be incredibly cooperative. This is the fifth time I'm participating in the festival, and really, we've been pretty lucky, as far as weather goes, each year.

Hopefully, our luck will hold and whatever is brewing will be long gone by the time we start.

Rain and books don't exactly mix well.

Fifth festival. Holy Crap! Fifth festival, there, promoting my fifth children's book.

Sometimes with the hustle involved, the nuts and bolts of organizing signings, festivals, trade shows, school visits, working at the shop, working on my novel,  all of the glamorous laundry monster fights and dust bunny slayings, and making sure friends, kids, and grandbabies don't forget what I look like, it can be easy, at times, to forget how all of this is just so much more than I dared to dream.

It's important to let the good stuff soak in. Enjoy the rewards that hard work affords. I still have to remind myself of that every now and again.

Yes, the dust bunny wars will continue, and I'm okay with that. It means that I am lucky enough to live in a house in which to hunt them.

Before I leave you for the week, I can't help but make a quick observation.

I've been watching the news again. And, again, a LOT of it carries stories about the American presidential race.

There seemed to be a bunch of hoopla around the fact that Donald Trump decided to concede that President Obama was, indeed born in the United States.

This seems very odd.

I liken it to someone telling an entire community that one of their citizens is lost. Then, for five years, this citizen goes about his/her daily life, in plain sight of everyone. Of course, all citizens willing to accept the fact that they are indeed seeing this citizen, keeping in mind that there is absolutely no evidence to the contrary, they know perfectly well that he/she is not lost at all.

Then, suddenly, the original someone who told everyone that this citizen was lost to begin with, and continued to try and convince people of this consistently,  declares that they are now a hero for they have found said lost citizen. Oh, and then blame the whole thing on someone else.

Very. Odd. Indeed.

Well guys, thanks again for taking the time out of your lives to give these ramblings a read.

I better go get the rest of the things put together for tomorrow.  It'll be an early morning.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish........

May you see that a hollow dream, one devoid of soul, has no choice but to remain a dream.
May you see that success without integrity, is not success, it is simply ego bursting at the seams.

May you see that empathy and kindness carry more value than every piece of gold.
May you see without acceptance, without generosity, humankind will crumble and fold.

May you choose to walk this life looking up, face to the sun, heart open, conscience clear.
May you see that this creates joy, friendships, allowing you to walk in freedom, not fear.

Until next time

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Be Happy. Be Goofy. Have Fun!


Well, another family wedding has come and gone. It was a beautiful day filled to the brim with new memories.

After the fun filled weekend, it was time to get back to the shop and back to work. Thankfully, there is no shortage of work to do.

Yup, is was another week of trailers in and trailers out, parts found and ordered, and stranded travelers helped out.

Then, Friday was a day set aside for writing. I'm making some real progress with my novel and am so grateful to my hubby and daughter for making it possible for me to dedicate some real time toward it's completion.

As for the next little while..........

Tomorrow is the day I get to officially introduce Flitflee Flanderfoodle to the world.

By tomorrow evening, there could very well be some freshly scrubbed little faces, snuggled in their beds, either reading or are having read to them, the words I've put to the page.

My biggest hope, as it is with each new book, is that the story brings a smile to at least one tiny face.

Yes tomorrow, I will be at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon from 1-3ish, signing copies of Flitflee and the other titles, as well.

Then it will be another week of working and writing, writing and working, and then participating in the Word On The Street festival in Saskatoon! It's always so much fun!

When I look back and think of what our life might have been like if fear had had a vote in our major decisions, it makes me incredibly grateful that we haven't allowed our life to be driven by negative anticipation. If we had, we wouldn't be together, we wouldn't have our 4 beautiful daughters and awesome grandbabies, we wouldn't have raced cars, or started a DJ/Karaoke business. We wouldn't have our RV shop, and I most definitely wouldn't be attending the signing of my 5th children's book tomorrow.

There have been countless crossroads, and the choices we've made were not always the easiest, by any means. Some created struggle, many created sacrifice, but ultimately, every single one was what was best for us.

Be resilient, be resourceful, be bold. Know that a "comfort zone" will do nothing but limit you. Be willing to compromise, but never sacrifice your light. Think outside all of the boxes, striving to never fit in a single one. Don't make decisions to appease the expectations of others, the opinion of your conscience is the only one that carries any weight, in the end.

Be happy. Be goofy. Have fun.

Well folks, that about does it for another week,

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.

May your week be filled with easy joy, simple gratitude, and beauty at every turn.
May it provide ample opportunities for fun new skills to be learned.

May the time bring with it hours to just relax, just chill, just be.
May you sit, curled with some popcorn, a movie, and your favourite cup of tea.

May you feel the benefits of the quiet, of the still, let yourself soak, let it completely seep in.
May you see this time is necessary to recharge, to refresh, to reignite the spark within.

Until next time....

Friday, September 2, 2016

Yeah Baby! September is Here!

I know, I know, I know......but I really like Fall. We tend to cover a bit of ground within our little province, and sometimes, I get a little snap happy. And besides, many of you live in places where this doesn't happen, I thought it might be fun to see some shots of where it does.

Well folks, September is here!

I'm not sure what it is about the beginning of a new season, (although Autumn doesn't officially arrive for a few weeks) but I always feel a deep-seeded excitement when they come around. It feels as though I know a surprise is coming, and I know, without a doubt, it's going to be completely fantastic. I just don't know what it will be, or when, exactly, it will take place. So, I just go along, giving my best effort to put the most positive things I can out into the universe, then, hang tight and wait for the awesomeness to reveal itself.

I know it sounds naive, and maybe, slightly nuts, but, I've learned, over time, that living, always waiting for the other proverbial boot to drop, isn't living. Not everything that comes down the pike is going to be flowers and sunshine, sometimes it will be thistles and poop storms. But, it will never only be thistles and poop storms.

The trick is to make a raft out of the thistles to ride out the poop storm floods, then grab on to the rainbow when it inevitably shows up.

Yup, September is here, and it's going to be awesome!

Speaking of which, I need to go get ready to attend our nephew's wedding, this weekend. (second nephew this year! Gotta love a big family! Lol)

With them in mind, I'll leave you with this wish,

May you make each day better than the last, your love growing deeper than you ever knew it could.
May you hold tight to each other in hard times, for you will need each other more than you ever knew you would.

May you celebrate the good things, even if they're small, for small, good things, build a life.
May you never take for granted what it means to be a husband, what it means to be a wife.

May you create your marriage joyfully, gently, kindly, continually building upon it's strength.
May you cherish and protect it, and each other, at times you may need to go to extraordinary length.

May you, as time passes, as wrinkles show and grey hairs sprout, appreciate your story, keep adding chapters to your tale.
May you, as the authors of your own adventure, know nothing is off limits, together, it's impossible to fail.

Until next time!