Saturday, September 15, 2018

And Then It Rained....


And then it rained.

First and foremost I want to send all kinds of positive thoughts to all out there who are fighting their way through these horrible storms that seem to be plaguing the earth, as of late.

My greatest hope is that you get to the other side of this still holding the hands of those you hold dear. I can't even pretend to know what you are going through. Please take care.


Although the weather we will be dealing with tomorrow at Word On The Street Festival is basically a joke, and won't carry with it even a minute fraction of the havoc that these reals storms produce, it is going to present a few challenges.

There is a good chance that it could rain. I know that sounds pretty lame right now, but it can pose a bit of a problem when you are going to be outside all day with piles and piles of books. It's going to be a little tricky, but my hubby and I are working on a few different ideas to keep posters and books intact without making our booth look like the site of a disorganized yard sale.

All in all, a pretty cushy problem to have.

Pretty sure we'll survive.


In conclusion, I would like to share a few pearls of wisdom from my favourite two-year-old--

Big girl panties should be designed with POCKETS!!!! Finding the pockets lacking in said panties make a twenty-minute meltdown completely reasonable.

The Mommies in books who wear their shoes in the house have no manners.

Watching a washing machine "rain" is a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment.

One should always be allowed to watch two movies simultaneously, and always in two different rooms.

You're Welcome.


May the rains subside and the clouds clear, your sky, once again, shine brilliantly blue.
May you find all the support and help you need to get you through.

May you once again find yourselves within your home, surrounded by your familiar walls.
May you find yourself in a peaceful place as the last raindrop falls.


Come and check out Word On The Street Tomorrow on Broadway in Saskatoon!

See you there!   

Friday, September 7, 2018

An Awesome Sampling Of Humanity!


Well, kids are officially back in school, the first frost warnings have hit the airways, and the Fall tradeshow season has begun!

 I'm not sure you could find a much better way to meet incredible people than traveling and participating in the tradeshow circuit.

You meet the warmest, most fascinating, creative, and entrepreneurial minds. You meet the bakers, the makers, the risk-takers, and small business shakers. You meet the serious shoppers, the booth hoppers, and the sample poppers.

It's an awesome sampling of humanity.

There are thousands of these types of shows that go on all around the world.

If you are one of the many that put in the miles, hours of effort, and painstaking labour necessary to participate, soldier on. There are shows where the profit is not money. The profit, instead, comes in the contacts and friendships made, and the future opportunities cultivated.

If you are someone who is toying with the idea of purchasing a booth, but are unsure for a plethora of reasons, find a small show and dip your toe. If nothing else, it will be an inexpensive way to run a marketing focus group. On the other hand, you may be sitting on the goldmine you dreamed you were! Likely, your experience will fall somewhere in the middle.

If you are a shopper, Thank You!

If you are entertaining the idea of heading out to one of these events, give it a shot. You are bound to find something you never knew you needed.

Where else can you have the experience of buying a piece of jewelry, some clothing, or a book, and actually get to interact with the very person who created it?

So, if you see a flyer, or an event pops up on your FaceBook page about a show that will be taking place in your neck of the woods this Fall, do yourself the favour of putting it on your calendar and checking it out, you won't be sorry!

With that in mind, time for a plug for the Word On The Street Festival! You can check out the details on their FaceBook event page and on the website

I'll have a booth, and will be there selling and signing books!


Until next time......

May you find the courage to share your treasures with the masses,
May you take the chance, with time, the uncertainty passes.

May you find the medium that allows your creativity to truly shine.
May you unleash your imagination, let it soar, no rules, no limits, colour outside the lines.

Check it out!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

For The Big Brown Eyes...


With August drawing to a close, and September stretching her golden arms to embrace us, a person can't help but let their thoughts drift to the upcoming school year.

Although I, personally, haven't had kids in the school system for quite some time, I now have grandbabies who are wading into their educational journeys, with countless recesses, spelling tests, and number 2 pencils in their foreseeable futures.

Along with learning about weather, decimals, what makes plants green, and dangling participles, this is where they will first learn how to make and cultivate friendships outside of family and/or daycare.

This, sadly, is also very likely the place where they will first experience exclusion, racism, and bullying, in its many forms.

"People hate people who are brown or black."

Where would a six-year-old get this impression?  Kindergarten.

Where would the little ones who spew this garbage get it from?  They absorb it from their surroundings,. Just like they imitate gestures and mannerisms, they soak in attitudes and beliefs.

That there can, in this age of limitless fingertip information providing the ability to research virtually every different culture of the world, still be those among us that choose to be ignorant to the fact that no one shade of human is superior to another, is utterly beyond me.

If you don't know better by now, it's a choice. If you are choosing to perpetuate that ignorance on to the littles in your life, that, my friends, is just every kind of wrong.

Judge people on their merit. Judge them by how they treat others. If you feel you must judge, then judge on the things that speak to who they are.

Making decisions about what kind of person someone may be by the tint of their skin, their hairstyle, how many tattoos they do or don't have, their height, weight, the labels on their clothes, their vehicle, or lack thereof, or any other superficial nonsense, is just that, nonsense.

It's unbelievable that in 2018, this crap still goes on. But, it does, and as long as it does, we have to acknowledge it, stand up to it, throw a light on it, and unteach these racist attitudes.

Teach your littles to be good friends, to be kind, to be generous, to be inclusive, to have empathy. Let's show their generation how to be better than ours.

Let's create a place where big, brown, sad eyes, perched upon the chubby cheeks of a six-year-old no longer have to shed tears that fall because of ignorant words. Words delivered through the mouths of babes, but planted and cultivated by those charged with the responsibility of teaching them right from wrong.


For the Big Brown Eyes.....

May you cherish the gorgeous hue of your skin, as it exquisitely wraps the beautiful gift that you are.
May you discover quickly, that those who live through a warped filter are few, not worthy of your thought.

May you come to understand that every colour of the rainbow is needed, or it ceases to be.
May you find friends worthy of your kind and gentle soul, don't fear, you'll find them, you'll see.

May you embrace who you are, for you are so precious, so amazing, so many love you, from near and far.
May you cherish the gorgeous hue of your skin, as it exquisitely wraps the beautiful gift that you are.


Check out! I'll be at Word On The Street in Saskatoon Sunday, Sept 16! On Broadway in Saskatoon.

Until next time... 

Friday, August 24, 2018

This Bench, This Spot...


This bench was placed by the family of a couple of folks who now have a much different, and likely,  even better view. On the bench lives an unassuming little plaque which simply says, "Welcome to Our Favourite Spot."

This bench, this spot, I believe, carries within its components the power to solve the world's problems, clear cluttered minds, soothe tortured souls, and mend every nature of broken heart.

This bench, this spot, has the power to inspire romance, paintings, songs, poetry, and dreams as big and broad as the endless, dancing skies.

I wish I could bring each and every one of you to this bench, to this spot, so you could share, first hand, in its magic.

Short of that, my hope is that all of you find your bench, your spot, whatever form that may take, wherever that may be.

We, as humans, all need a bench, a spot like this, at different points in our lives.

We need that place of serenity, that place where we can fully breathe. We all have places in which we are comfortable, the places where we can rest and be ourselves, but this is different. You'll know it when you find it. A whole different level of peace.

For some, it's by the water, for some, in the trees. For some, it's in a museum, for some, in a gym. For some, it's in a car with endless miles ahead, for others, in a kitchen, baking cupcakes. For some, it's in a tub, for others, in a book.

Everybody has their bench, their spot, do yourself the incredible favour of finding yours.


This week marks ten years. Ten years without the laugh, without the grin, without the smart-assed opinions, without our Char. Her fight to stay with us ended just shy of her 46th birthday. Our time on this earth is precious, we need to honour those who left us too soon by really living each day, not just surviving it. 

One of my favourite quotes, and I'm sure Char would love it too... "Life is short, the world is wide, let's make some memories!"


May you find your place of true solitude, and take the time to visit it often.
May you see, as you do, your breath will unconsciously deepen, your edges, soften.

May you find a way to greet each day with gratitude, especially the ones you know will be hard.
May you find a way to lighten your heart, lift your spirit, even when it feels like it's been charred.

May you find joy between your sunsets, a few smiles, more giggles, even more blissful beats.
May you, as you go through your day, keep in mind this motto, "dance, laugh...repeat"


Friday, August 17, 2018

Until Then, Just Know, We Miss You...


This week has been filled with things to be thankful for.

Time spent with grandbabies, mine, and those of others. Time spent in the absolute splendor that nature provides. Finding my novel on the "picks of the month" shelf in a mall bookstore. Having the opportunity to read my stories to some enthusiastic, fantastic munchkins. Working in a business we have built from the ground up. Getting to do all of these things, and doing them with the best partner in crime anyone could ask for by my side.

This week has also been filled with its fair share of crazy.

What the people who are living in these horrible fire zones are going through, is crazy. The fact that news outlets are finding it necessary to band together to fight for the survival of their first amendments rights, is all kinds of crazy. The idea that any one nation needs to manufacture some delusion of power by creating a "Space Force" explores some absurd, frontier of crazy where no man has gone before.

It's like certain people exist in some sort of alternate realm, one in which facts are all-of-a-sudden relative, and, like beauty, are subject to the "eye of the beholder"?! One in which the non-existence of a recording of a President of the United States using the N-word can't be guaranteed by his staff. One in which 500 children are still in the wind at the hand of said president, and all he can find to talk about is how he has the capability to punish people for verbalizing their distaste in his actions. One in which investigating evidence of interference into their electoral process is somehow a personal insult to the guy who sits in the White House.

Yes, this week has seen its share of crazy, and what is even crazier is that it's likely to get a lot crazier before the dust settles.

As we, the rest of the world, deal each day with our own national imperfections, of which there are plenty, we can't help but wonder what our friend, the United States will be like on the other side of this.

Until then, just know, we miss you.


May you find a way to weather the storm, heal from the hurt, live with the scars left behind.
May you, once again, find your smile, rediscover what binds you, find that visions, though different, can align.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

That Leaves The Rest.....


Right now it seems like almost half the world is on fire and another big chunk is in turmoil over a plethora of other issues.

That leaves the rest.

The rest is filled with long walks on old bridges, drifting in lakes, bike rides, back-to-school plans, birthday parties, skateboard falls, pick up games, swimming pools, camping, street festivals, weddings and other get-togethers with family and friends.

The rest is paying bills, buying groceries, planning meals, cleaning house, painting sheds, doing laundry, clearing clutter, staining decks, working long hours, cutting grass, and talking about how hot it is.

The rest is making the most of each day. The rest is being grateful. The rest is showing compassion to those who are living in fear.

For those who don't dwell among the rest, my hope of hopes is that peace, serenity, and safety soon find you.


Now, with all seriousness aside, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge what a cruel joke it is for nature to combine peri-menopausal hot-flashes with 40+ degree temperatures! For my American friends, that translates to about 104F.

There are places in the world where these kind of temperatures are pretty common, here, they happen very rarely.

I'm beginning to think nature isn't so much a 'Mother' as a 'Mommy Dearest.'


Sorry to write and run, but I'm running on caffeine and fumes, and seriously contemplating grabbing a popsicle, a book and taking a nice long soak in a tub full of ice cubes.....

Until next time.....

May peace find you where you stand, where you fall, wherever you find your soul.
May your fears subside, in their stead, the courage and confidence needed to again make you whole.

May safety find you sooner than later, until then, hold those most dear close to your chest.
May you soon awaken to find yourself boringly running errands among us, the rest.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Maybe Not So Much A Drama Queen As A Drama Screen.....


At a time when the world seems to be bursting at the seams with negativity, it becomes increasingly important to pay specifically close attention to the good stuff. Simple things like flowers, grinning toddlers, water fights with grandbabies,  sunsets,  thunderous summer storms, the smell of freshly cut grass, or biting into that oh-so-perfect strawberry.

There are some out there who seem to thrive on drama. If they can't find it, they create it. They seem to live under the assumption that the most horrible conclusion is always the most likely. That the person at the other end of the phone didn't answer because they are ignoring them, not because they were taking a shower, or charging their phone, singing, tap dancing, or honing their juggling skills. They think that the server at the restaurant is standing in the back chatting and having a party instead of bringing their glass of water. They always seem to be at the ready to assume the very worst of people.

I don't believe anyone is born seeking negativity. I believe the people who end up wired this way, have had life experiences that, bit by bit, have altered the way they see others and life in general.

Every single one of us is shaped by our life experiences. Yet, each individual reacts differently to these experiences, and processes them in different ways. What traumatizes one, may roll off the back of another. What may cause one to cower may make another vehemently hold their ground. Although I don't believe any one of us is born seeking negativity, I do believe some of us are far more susceptible to having it soak into, and stain, the fabric of who we become.

We all wear our badges of survival in our own unique and individual ways. We are screens that reflect the script of our experiences. That script could read as a cartoon, a romantic comedy, a satire, a drama or a horror show,  and that's just me.......this week

Life can be tough, sometimes. Let's try to be a bit more patient, a bit more understanding. Let's spend more time helping each other find the funny and less time trying to find new and inventive ways to torment each other.

If you feel the uncontrollable need to poke the bear, do us all a favour and use a feather.


May you find some funny and share it, spread it like a wildfire on a hot and windy day.
May you bring a smile to a stranger's face, it's not hard, where there's a will, there's always a way.

May you, if you tend toward seeing the darkness in people, give it a second thought.
Maybe those you encounter are inherently nasty, but then again, maybe they're not!

May you, if you tend to ride unicorns, give some understanding to those who come off as mean.
May you recall we are all reflections of our experiences, they may be not so much a drama queen, as a drama screen.


Until next time....