Friday, August 25, 2017

Privileged Problems...........


I often get asked what it's like to manage my life. The shop, the writing and marketing of books, the DJ/Karaoke, the hubby, the kids, the grandkids and all that each entails.

The fast answer? I have a great partner in crime, fantastic kids, an awesome extended family and wonderful friends. Oh......and coffee....a. lot. of. coffee. Oh.... and Yeah.

The slow answer? Sometimes my life is the top photo. Serene, simple, nothing but big, clear skies and fresh air.

Then, sometimes it's the bottom photo. Complicated, overwhelming, stressful, cluttered, with no room to breathe.

Boohoo, right? Talk about privileged problems.

I asked for it. All of it. It's mine and I own it. Proudly.

At the shop, there is no office politics, no drama. Our job security falls squarely into our own hands, we are no longer at the mercy of corporate lay offs, or fickle bosses, with others dictating our schedules.

With the books? It can be overwhelming, as there is always so much more to learn. It can be daunting because I feel perpetually underqualified to do what I need to do next. And there is always a next.

As far as DJ/Karaoke? Over the past 18 years, since, kind of, accidentally forming this business, it has, at times, been the sole source of food for our table. It began as a "let's see what happens" when asked to do a show at a ladies curling bonspiel, quickly evolving into something that has allowed us countless glimpses into the lives of families during weddings, anniversaries and family reunions. We have had a blast meeting such a variety of different people, charity organizers, club owners, and their patrons. We have been the last to leave at more Christmas and grad parties than your average grandparents, that's for sure. We step into every gig with the sole intention of making sure everybody has a great time. Besides, it's still fun, why would we quit?!

The hubby, kids, and grandkids? Well, it's quite simple, they are everything. They are the reason I was put on this earth. I know that above all else.

It kind of boils down to this. Be open to every opportunity, fight for what and whom you love and Never Quit.

For those who have asked? I hope you feel you've been answered.

It's not magic, and, in no way, perfect. Each endeavor presents its own challenges and rewards. Each has their position on the scale of balance. For the most part, I'm figuring it out as I go along, just like you.

I know I've said it before, but one of the best things you will ever do for yourself is eliminate any thought as to the existence of "comfort zones." They're just prisons disguised as shelter.


So, this week has been another crazy one filled with long days, not a lot of sleep, but a lot got done!

My hubby is really a super hero in disguise.

This week alone, he saved a mobile clothing store for seniors, kept one man from having to suffer from constant cold showers, made a young couple safe once again, after their bearings caught fire, and saved another man who was starting to believe he couldn't trust anyone to fix his fridge.

And that was all by Wednesday afternoon!

I do what I can to assist, I guess I'm the Robin to his Batman!

I also booked a few more tradeshows for this fall.......

As for the upcoming week.....

Working shop.....

Stretch my craft muscles.......

Time with a grandkid or four......


Thanks so much for taking the time to read these ramblings each week. I appreciate you more than you know.....

May you have serene, clear skies and fresh air.
May you see clearly your path from here to there.

May you stay open, for sometimes life hands you what you didn't know you wanted.
May you follow your instincts, fight for what and whom you love, undaunted.

May you throw aside everything you thought you couldn't do.
May you know that all you need, in any of it, is to simply. trust. you.

Until next time.....

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