Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't Worry Be Happy

Hello Again,

First things first, I must confess that I didn't get my business cards in order in order to order them. I became a little sidetracked this week. I did, however, book us a karaoke gig for Halloween!

It'll be a blast! Now, the trick is to come up with costumes for the hubs and I that we haven't already done. Hmmmmm.....that will take some thought, as in the 10 years that we've been doing the karaoke/dj thing,we have covered a significant amount of territory in that department. We've been known to be fairly creative as far as costumes go, we've been Vegas lounge singers, cop and inmate, dead people on many different levels, surgeon and patient, characters from tv, hmmmm, yep will take some thought. I may need to delve into my tickle trunk for inspiration. It has been picked over by my daughters over the years, so I will have to go with what is left. Although, I'm not sure what I can make out of inflatable breasts, a purple feather boa, and a rainbow beanie with a propeller on it!

Ok, back to business. I did get an email from the Board of Ed in Calgary. They apparently have a meeting toward the end of November in which they review and consider new books for the library. So, I will have to not so patiently wait for news until then.

I also received an email from the greater Catholic Board in Saskatoon, but it was more or less simply letting me know that she had passed on my information to the person in charge of learning resources. She did, however, give me contacts and encouraged me to get in touch of all of the individual schools in the division about doing readings.

"Crazy Day" is coming along pretty well. I am still on track for having it ready for Hazel by the end of October. I do find it a bit hard to focus on it with 100% of my attention with all the "Lexi" stuff going on, but I guess that is one of the differences of doing the second book compared to the first.

It's kind of like when your second child is born, you want to take just as many photos as you did with the first, you want to be as painstakingly meticulous with the second baby book as the first, but it's very hard to give 100% attention to the second one, with the first one running around yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" You don't love the second one any less, the second child doesn't suffer from any of it, it doesn't make us evil, it just makes us human. I guess, like most adults of the female persuasion and maybe Moms even a little more so, I will have to give myself permission to be human, and accept the fact we can't be perfect at everything, every second of every day! (Although we come damn close!)

So, on to the upcoming 7 days. I will need to divide my time a bit this week. I need to follow up with the contacts given to me by the Greater Catholic Division. I need to get business cards done. I need to take my Mom to her Doctor's appointment. I need to put prizes together for the Halloween Bash I mentioned earlier. I need to get posters up for said Bash. I need to order more books for the upcoming trade shows. I need to buy a few office supplies to take to the trade shows. Oh yeah, and I should probably, go to work, clean the house and do the laundry, plan thanksgiving dinner, and buy the makings for that.

Please don't think I am complaining, because I most definitely am not. I am very grateful to have contacts to follow up on about a book I am sooooo happy about having in my hands. I'm grateful to be ordering business cards that people have cared enough to ask for. I'm happy to organize things for the Halloween Bash, it's so fun to entertain people and make sure they have a great time. I'm so incredibly happy and thankful to NEED to order more books. It still blows my mind if I give myself a minute to really think about what that means. And, as far as the housework and laundry, well, who am I kidding, that still kinda sucks, but I am grateful I have a loving home and nice clothes to take care of.

Last, but not least, to have the opportunity and the means to prepare for a meal that puts all of my kids around the same table at the same time, and be enveloped by the laughter and goofiness that naturally comes with that, I will be forever and deeply thankful.

So, have a good week, everyone! Until then:

May traffic be light on the streets where you drive.
May the clerks in your line ups be the fastest alive.

May a gorgeous guy look at you with come hither eyes.
May all the cute shoes in the sale be your size.

May you pull out your fall jacket from the closet with care.
May you find a 50 in the pocket you didn't remember was there.

Have a good one guys!

As I'm feeling a little lazy today, please refer to a previous blog for info where to purchase "Lexi"

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