Sunday, March 6, 2011

I hope my weekly ramblings find everyone fat and sassy, happy and healthy, bright eyed and bushy- tailed, and in the wise words of my Dad, sufficiently suffancified. You'll have to just trust me on the spelling of that last one.
Well things are moving along pretty nicely on the book front. I have a couple more tentative dates for more readings. I'm looking forward to and am having a little anxiety about beginning the reading circuit with "A Crazy Day." I have to work on chasing away that "what if they don't like it" thingy that whispers in my ear.
In the meantime, in the past week, my day of speed errands was postponed due to weather. yeah, you guessed it. Another flippin' SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!
So now, tomorrow, I need to do all the errands I was going to do last Tuesday. Then, after I'm done running around like a chicken with my head cut off, it will be time to pick up the hubby at work and head off to Prince Albert. Then, bright and early Tuesday morning we will begin the readings. Keep your fingers crossed! I hope they like it!
It's back to work this week, as well. I miss my munchkins anyway, it's time they get home. Then, as a bonus, at the end of the week we will be heading to Unity, Saskatchewan. There, we will watch our two nieces take part in the skating carnival there. It's the last one for my one niece as she is off to University in the fall.
On a personal note, today is a day of a bit of pondering. You see, it's my birthday. Yep, I'm 45 today! Now, I know some people who tend to freak out about getting older, they hate birthdays, don't celebrate them, etc.
For me, I firmly believe in celebrating every year we get to be here. As I have mentioned in past ramblings, my sister passed away shortly before her 46th birthday a couple of years ago. I believe in the deepest parts of who I am, that taking for granted our time on this earth let alone cursing the passing of years because of simple vanity is an insult to her life that was cut so short and all those who leave us so young. How do we dare be so arrogant as to complain about a wrinkled this or a sagging that, when they or their loved ones would love to have them around to see that happen.
Don't get me wrong, I'm doing what I can (within reason) to counteract gravity. I look in the mirror and see lines that weren't there a year ago. I have more grey hair under the coloring than I feel I'm ready for.
But I look after myself not to try to fight getting older, but simply to make the journey more enjoyable. I want to be around to help plan my daughters' weddings, chase grandkids at the park, wipe their bums an noses, help them with homework, attend their graduations, weddings, bounce their babies on my knee.
If being around for these incredible events means I put up with some wrinkles, stretchmarks and age spots, so be it. They are the marks of a life well spent.
So, wish me luck this week. I'll be taking my now officially middle-aged self on the road to dangle my new baby "A Crazy Day" in front of the "masses." Here's hoping I don't get booed out of the room!
Until next week. For those approaching the half-time show.
May those drugstore glasses help you read the label of the pain killer that will aid your aching body.
May the lovely surprise that happens when you sneeze or laugh too hard not take place at a crowded party.
May all the magical creams advertised on tv, work as well as they would lead us to believe, eliminating lines from a laugh or a frown.
May you exercise caution when applying them, for when used together they may tighten your skin so much your lips new home will be above your eye brows!
Take Care!
Remember tell all your friends. !

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