Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Love My Life!

Hi all!

In my recent ramblings, I have mentioned how much I appreciate all of your support in reading my blog and books. I woke up this morning and, after throwing in a load of laundry, sat down and signed in to start this week's bits. When I did, it caught my attention that some people from another country have become readers.
So in addition to those in Canada, US, South Korea, Russia, China, UK, Malaysia, India and Denmark, I would like to welcome and thank the newest readers in Iran.

So, I have to say this week was pretty fun. Even if there was another day, Thursday, where we couldn't get into the city for work. I'm tellin' you it's nuts! And to top it off, when I tried to text the lady I nanny for that I couldn't get there, the texts didn't work! I didn't want to call that early and wake anyone, but wanted to give her as much notice as I could. I thought all was fine until she called worried because she hadn't heard from me and I was due there a half hour earlier! I'm not sure what the glitch was, but am pretty confident it has something to do with the fact that I have a new "smart phone", and I'm not exactly proficient with the use of it. Just a guess.

Anyway other than that, the week was pretty great. I had a blast reading "A Crazy Day" for the preschool kids on Friday, and was even invited to share in play dough time afterward! What can I say, I Love What I Do!
Saturday's trade show was great, sold some books, made a couple of interesting contacts, one being much more fun than the other. One had to do with networking, possible elbow rubbing opportunities and whatnot. The other was this very talented puppet maker. We are going to work on coming up with a Lexi puppet! Guess which one is more fun!

All in all, another great experience. Because of this trade show, a few more munchkins will be at the reading/signing at McNally on April 30 11am.(not so subliminal advertising).

Now, for this week.

I have no bookings this week, as I will be working on putting together some kind of a musical thingy for the kids up north. It's a little tricky, as one group, maybe more, have pretty big age ranges. I'm trying to come up with ways to make traditional little kid songs fun for the older kids. I am pretty much reliant on recorded tracks, as playing guitar is beyond my uncoordinated capacity. Beat boxing is also pretty much out of the question. Somehow I just can't see a fifteen year old, streetwise boy taking a 45 year old grandma of eastern European descent seriously, when she, in trying to make cool rap type noises using only her mouth, would inevitably have spit or some such nonsense flying out of her face. Nope, just can't see it.

I'm sure something will come to me. I hope.

Places you can go get "Crazy"

McNally Robinson in Saskatoon and Winnipeg
Our Drug Store in Unity
As always online

Until next week.

May Spring beginning to spring put a bit of a spring in your step.
May the Holy saint of travel hold you wholly to help with holes that will eat a whole corvette.

May the damn dam your needing to dam the inevitable damn snow melt flood work like a dam, and then some.
May you bank on your brake shop to give you a break when your brakes break, as not to brake your bank sum.

May the morning coffee you've brewed help to lessen your broody mood as your brood scrambles for food, with their own moods brewed.
May your week not be weak, but see you at your peak, you can peek at your weak, but strive to peak for most of your week, or let's face it, you're screwed.

Have a Great Week!

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