Saturday, July 13, 2013

Marshmallow Mayhem!

Well folks, what you are looking at in the photo above is our grandbaby, after being handed his first marshmallow. Now, logic might dictate that an 18 month old toddler, with a tendency toward running around like his pants (not that he wears them often since discovering how to take them off) are filled with lit fireworks, should not be given a blob of sugar the size of his head and be sent free wheeling around the house. Logic would dictate this..............unless you're Grandpa.

It seems that when Grandpas, grandbabies and treats are left alone in the same room for any length of time, the grandbabies will inevitably emerge coated in something sticky.

After giving my hubby a "what were you thinking?" look, I received the usual "What?, it's just a marshmallow."

Long story short, sticky gobs of gooey treasure were later picked off of the couch, the carpet, some toys, the dog, the cat, the entertainment center, and my pants.

I guess the moral of this story is.........don't allow Grandpas to write any nutritional guide books for children. Yeah, probably not a good idea.

Soooooo, besides picking sticky bits off of things, this week also involved doing some bookkeeping, some housekeeping, some laundry, a bit of writing, learning how to do the insurance version of the paperwork shuffle, ordering parts, taking care of incoming inventory, assisting in repairs where I can, and running errands for work and home.

It's great to actually be doing what we've been working toward for so long. I do have to admit, however, tonight I'm kinda tuckered out. It will be nice to just putter around the house tomorrow. It has the potential to be declared a jammie day. Jammie days are awesome.

The upcoming week will include some more prep for the show we are doing on August long weekend, working at the shop, meeting more new people who always have great camping stories to tell, squeeze a grandbaby or two. Oh, though, I've been informed by Ethan, now 5, that I can't call him a grandbaby anymore because he's a big kid. So, correction, squeeze a grandbaby and a big kid.
And, with any luck, have a date night.

As truly restful sleep has been a bit elusive lately, this week I'll leave you with this wish...

For all of my fellow insomniacs........

May you drift off peacefully into deep slumber the very second you lie down.
May you stay asleep without intrusion, pleasant dreams abound.

May the day's happenings drift away, and tomorrow's "to do's" subside.
May you find complete restfulness, utter relaxation, setting everything else aside.

May you awaken refreshed, and truly rested, having slept better than ever before.
May you awaken ready to take on anything, with positive energy galore.

Until next time.......

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