Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Hair Cuts and Hurricane Winds!

Gotta love the face when asked to say "Cheeeeese"! This, my friends is our little Jakey getting his first ever official hair cut.  He was so good, but with his new "do" he looks so grown up.  (I'm not sure if any of us are ready for him to graduate into full-on toddlerdom just yet.) Thankfully, the hairdresser was lightning quick, and Mommy was there to help when it came to persuading  him to look in any specific direction. I got to be a spectator, snuggling miss Laney. A pretty fun way to spend some time!
Fun is not the way the week began, that is for sure.
When I left you last week, we were on our way to Regina for an RV service seminar.
Well, the mini-vacation portion of the trip was a blast! We went out, had a few cocktails, and more than a few laughs. It was great.
When Monday rolled around, it was time for the seminar (that went from one day to two) to begin.
Let me qualify the following by saying....... I am not being too hard on myself, or being falsely modest when I tell you about said seminar. I am not naturally, mechanically inclined. I am an excellent assistant in that department, make a damn fine RV Technician equivalent of a surgical nurse, and I am learning more an more all the time about putting symptoms and diagnoses together successfully.
Here comes the but........... a classroom setting, using terminology I'm not familiar with, for hours and hours and hours on end............talking endlessly about the very technical ins and outs of refrigerators, air conditioners, awnings and self levelling systems? I honestly have a much better shot at singing at Carnegie Hall than I do understanding almost anything coming out of the instructors' mouths.
Now, I do say "almost" because the odd English word would caress my starving ears, but, alas, they would again slip into "Techonese."
My hubby soaked up all the new info, taking it in stride. There is a reason he is the Tech part of this operation, and there is a reason I am not.
I will help troubleshoot, run for parts, order parts, figure out where they need to come from, how and when they need to get here. I will fight for a customer's warranty from manufacturers and help them walk through insurance claims. I will keep track of every penny coming in and going out, organize and orchestrate time as to make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible. I will always do everything I can to make sure every client leaves with a smile on their face. I am confident in my bookkeeping, accounting, and customer service skills.
But I, my friends,  will. Never. be. a. Tech.  
You know, it seems to me that there is equal value in finding out what you are absolutely not suited for or talented in or good at, as it is to discover where your talents do lie.
I think it's human nature to want to apologize for things we aren't able to do. I know I've done it myself on countless occasions. How many times have you began a sentence with "I'm sorry, but I......don't know how to/don't have a knack for/am not very good at.......I wonder why we feel the need to apologize? There isn't a person alive who is good at everything!
I'm going to try to stop that.
Just so you know?  I will write you a story, sing you a lullaby, prepare for you a delicious meal, or make sure your RV is ready for your holiday,  but don't call me to come and assemble ANYTHING from IKEA! ................or make a craft of any kind...............or knit you a sweater.
Soooooo... after completing the classes, we headed home.
Wednesday was the Nuts!
The wind was blowing up to 120km/hour for a good chunk of the day. I've never experienced a hurricane, but I think that has to be pretty close to the same kind of wind.
Yeah, you partner that wind with the icy conditions provided by our much needed reprieve from the deep freeze? It was crazy.
I kid you not, when I got out of my car at home, the driveway was so icy and the wind so strong, that I made it four feet without taking a single step. Crazy.
Thursday was spent catching up on paperwork and jobs around the shop.
Friday was more of the same with a dose of Grandbaby thrown in. (above haircut)
Then today, was a trip to the city for a much needed haircut of my own. We topped it off with a quick visit with my sister and her family, a nice meal, and a movie.
As for the upcoming week?............
Tomorrow will be housecleaning/laundry day.
The rest of the week will involve some assembly assist, measuring for new tin, making calls etc., a trip to D'arcy School, to do a reading, and a whole bunch of other shenanigans.
Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.......
May you discover the contentment found in taking complete ownership of all of your untalents,
May you learn them, know them, own them, then understand they in no way, make you less.
May you wear this new discovery unapologetically, for you have not one thing to be sorry for.
May you feel the power this affords, for really getting to know yourself can only make you more.
May you see that dwelling on our untalents, stewing in them, is not for us to do.
May you just know them, acknowledge them, then most importantly, let them go.
May you see the danger in wrapping your untalents around you as a cloak to hide your light.
May you see them for what they are, a small part of you, not meant to overshadow your spirit, so bright.
Until next time..................

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