Friday, January 24, 2014

Selfie High-Fives! It Could Be a "Thing"!

This "in your face" panorama was the sight tonight as we made our way home from the shop tonight. They definitely don't call Saskatchewan "The Land of the Living Skies" for no reason. Pretty incredible. There was also this weird pseudo- rainbow thing going on, by none of the shots that I took did it any kind of justice. I'm hoping maybe someone else in the area was able to get better ones and will share? Maybe?
So, I'm pretty sure you are aware of the phenomenon known as the "selfie."  The kind of self congratulatory self portrait of the digital age. The "selfie." I am by no means judging the selfie, they are, for the most part, pretty harmless, kinda cute, and almost always make me smile.
For those, however, who may not be comfortable sharing their "I am friggin' awesome" moments on Facebook, instagram, twitter, or tumblr, I would like to introduce......the "selfie high- five". Think it will catch on? You know, become a "thing?"
Instead of looking at pictures taken in bathrooms, and parking lots, clubs and restaurants of what seems to be the obligatory "duck face," we will witness first hand people jumping in the air, smacking their hands together, high above their heads accompanied by a resounding "WooHoo!"
Or maybe the selfie high-five should be reserved more for those times when you are happy there weren't any witnesses. Maybe we should reserve the selfie high-fives for those moments we do things that we can't believe we just did. You know what I mean. You know you do.
Those times like when you open a can or package dump the contents, throw away the container, and realize the cooking instructions were on the package, on which you just now dumped this mornings' coffee grounds.
Those times when, for a second, you panic because you can't find your phone, only to realize it's in your hand.
Those times you painstakingly go through your pantry/cabinets making a grocery list, only to get to the store and realize you left it on the dining room table.
Yes, maybe we should reserve the selfie high-five for these occasions.
If that is the plan, then I owe myself a huge one for an incident that took place earlier this week.
Early Wednesday morning, as is my usual routine,  I stepped outside in my bathrobe and my husband's shoes to start the truck, to warm it up a bit before we leave. On that particular morning, however, this usually harmless task took on a bit of a twist.
You see, we've been getting some pretty big swings in temperature, as of late, and when that happens in January, in this lovely Land of the Living Skies, this usually generates a bit of ice.
Well, one second, I was reaching for the door handle of the truck, the next, I was laying on my back looking at that living sky.
The only thing that stopped me from sliding completely under the truck was catching that bar/step thingy with my shins.
Thankfully, the only injuries were a scrape or two to the shins, a bit of a whack to the back of the shoulder blades and neck, and I now sport a right cheek that would make Kim Kardashian jealous!
The next day, as I was getting dressed to go do a reading at a school, imagine my surprise when I couldn't do up the jeans I had worn only days before?! I kid you not, the Kim K half of my booty just wouldn't let it happen! That's crazy!
Oh and in case you ever need to know? Climbing ladders etc. after a pratfall like that is not a lot of fun. at. all.
But, it was only a couple of scrapes and a swollen butt cheek, I think I'll survive.
Thankfully, there were no witnesses. Noone to see the lady in the blue chenille bathrobe,  wicked case of bedhead, and giant steel toed boots take up the new sport of butt skating.
Selfie high-five...............
The reading, by the way, went great. Another group of awesome kids in a wonderfully tiny K-6 school that houses three classrooms, a gym and an office. The teachers were very warm and friendly and made me feel right at home. Man, I love going to schools!
Also this week, I found out that Valerie, the lady who illustrated "Tags" for me, is willing to jump on board for the next adventure. Yay!
I was also invited to come to another small town, only this time, to come and do a reading for some munchkins during their community's centennial celebration, this summer. Yay again!
And I was also approached about doing a reading at a library a few hours Northwest of here, in the spring. Yay again.
As for the upcoming days?.....
Well, I'm sending these ramblings out a bit early because my friend is coming to visit for the weekend. Tomorrow evening will be spent attending  "somebody is coming to sell cool stuff" party at my daughter's house, quickly followed by coming back to my house, getting in comfy clothes, pouring a couple of adult beverages and getting caught up on things.
On Monday, I get to go visit another school. Yay, yet again! (I'm hoping the swelling is down by then), and in the same trip, pick up some parts.
The rest of the week will be busy with the hustle and bustle of the shop. Finishing projects, preparing for others, scheduling still others.
Then, next weekend, we will probably be helping our second daughter and her boyfriend move into their newly purchased condo. I'm so excited for them! Here's hoping the mild weather hangs on for a while more!
Well, my friends, that about does it for me this week......
Until next time......
May you begin every day, with a grateful thought, kind act, and a smile.
May you take on tasks, throughout your day, that you truly feel worthwhile.
May not one moment feel wasted, every precious breath spent bringing you closer to your joy.
May you know the only wasted moments, are those spent fretting, worrying, feeling annoyed.
May you hold on to all things positive, and let the negative fall away.
May you, as you work through your week, not forget to play.

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