Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snow....Cold...And Margaritas?!

I know, I know, I know, you are probably getting tired of hearing about the snow.
But, come on! This is getting ridiculous! My poor hubby had to shovel for a good thirty minutes the other morning, just to be able to get our 4x4 out of the driveway! And tonight, we are looking at another night of -35 degree windchill.........again, with the wind chill.
I'm sure this is just the February blues talking, but I think I might start drinking Margaritas every morning for breakfast, in protest! No.....I can't do wouldn't be right......or responsible.....or productive........or healthy............right? Right............right?  Maybe just for a week, and I'll pretend I'm in Mexico....................nooooo..............better not.  Definitely February blues.
Good thing February is almost over. The days are slowly getting longer, and when the clouds give way, the sun does have a bit of heat to it. Winter's days are numbered.  Twenty something days, if the posts on Face Book are to be trusted. You'll have to forgive my neighbours and I if we are a bit skeptical. The snow took a looooooong time to go away last year. A looooooooooooooong time.

Soon, though,  it will be time for coffee on my deck, maxi dresses, flip flops and sunscreen. I can hardly wait!

In the meantime.....

Life remains full and busy. The shop is hopping, the new book is getting closer to being ready for illustration, and wedding plans for our youngest daughter and her fiancé are in the works.

It seems like every week brings it's own challenges. Most are small and very manageable, others take a bit, you figure it out, and move on. Then, there are others that knock the wind out of you. These are the kind that your brain doesn't even want to let all the way in. At least, not right away.

It's like it's your body's first, and natural reaction to reject it, not wanting to even process the idea, let alone the actual information.

Then, as it slowly makes it's way in, it sneaks up and steals your breath, makes your heart pound, and sometimes, literally knocks you off your feet.

These challenges, these life changing, soul crushing, shock inducing challenges, are the ones that can break us.

These are the ones that can change humour into hatred, joy into bitterness, laughter into misery.

But, they don't have to.

I've seen first hand, people who really have no business still standing, doing just that. And not just standing, but holding others up in the process.

I've witnessed strength beyond that of any super hero, living in the eyes of a mother as she buries her young child.

I've witnessed incredible courage within the pain soaked body of a person on the receiving end of a kemo session's poison.

I've seen laughter brought by someone who had no real reason to laugh. Bringing laughter, as she sat, hooked up like all of them. Hooked up, for hours on end, to dialysis machines.

I've seen the battered, bruised soul of a broken child become a heart incredibly caring and warm.

For those who shatter, it's up to the ones still standing, to help put the pieces together again. It may be a mosaic of what once was, but beautiful and whole.

I know it may seem like I talk about challenges fairly often, and I do it at the risk of sounding repetitive, for a reason. Every week, we all face them. Every week. Some big. Some small. But...every week. I just want to do what I can to make sure that we all know, we ALL know, we never face them alone. Ever.

Too many believe they do.

Now, my friends, on a much lighter note...................................................

Life is good.

The upcoming few days will involve some baby snuggling, hopefully getting my new book completely completed, finishing up some shop projects and starting new ones.

I wonder what would happen if a person used snow instead of ice in the making of margaritas?..................hmmmmmmmm

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.......................

May you awaken every day with a smile on your face, pleasant dreams lingering as you open your eyes.
May contentment, peace and tranquility encompass you, every challenge met, every decision, wise.

May you have no reason to lose your smile, no reason to drop your joy, no reason to abandon your bliss.
May you feel everything positive surround your soul, the universe giving you a warm hug, a gentle kiss.

May you carry this lightness with you, as you go about your days.
May you, even if you think this is hokey crap, carry it with you anyways.

Until next week!

Thanks so much for reading these ramblings every week! From Austria to Zambia and everywhere in between!


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