Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why Can't We Just All Get Along?!!!!

Did I happen to mention that I live where it tends to get a bit chilly now and then?
Thought so, nuff said.
You know, after seeing the forecast, and knowing what new kind of special frozen hell this morning was going to bring, I was ready to have a complete Mother Nature meltdown all over this blog.
I was, until, while I was cruising Facebook last night, I came across a photo posted by a friend of mine.
This photo depicted a teenage boy, his face battered and bruised, his eyes, equally sad, scared and angry.
You see, this boy had been beaten by other teenage boys. The bruised up boy hadn't hurt anyone, or taken anything he wasn't supposed to, or done anything whatsoever. He simply was.
This battered child had been assaulted for something he had no more control over than having freckles, how tall he was or what size shoe he wears.
This boy had his mouth crushed hard enough knock out four teeth, he has black eyes, and swollen cheeks, and worse, he had his dignity and innocence crushed beyond recognition. Why? Because he is.
This boy, you see, is gay.
Now, some like to argue that being gay is a choice. By that logic, it stands to reason that all gay people must be crazy. After all, who in their right mind would "choose" to be persecuted, beaten up and denied simple basic rights, like getting married?
It's incredible to me that otherwise, seemingly intelligent people can't seem to grasp the concept that gay people are just that. PEOPLE who happen to be gay.
I saw an article just the other day about how Arizona is either going to pass, or already has passed a law allowing discrimination against gay people.
The fact that it even was a glimmer of a thought in some misguided politician's mind, is sad enough, but to see it get this far?
Upon doing some leg work, one of the politicians said she was shocked to find out that "gay people have money and buy things just like normal people". She is now thinking banning gays from stores and restaurants may have an economic impact.
What's next? Segregated schools, different entrances, "hetero only" water fountains? I don't know about you, but I'm getting a wicked case of de ja vu.
I think what saddens me more than anything, is the fact that this happened to a teenager, perpetuated by other teens. That means we are still teaching our children to hate. Hate anything we don't understand or maybe don't agree with. Hate them, hurt them, ban them. Ring any bells?
We need to do a better job of teaching our children to love and accept others. If we are going to teach our kids to be good judges of character as they grow up, shouldn't we be basing the criteria on how these characters treat others and how they treat themselves, not whether or not they have tattoos or piercings, how they wear their hair, or, for crying out loud, who they love?
I hope the boy in the picture can come back from this brutal, vicious display of ignorance. I hope the sadness and fear in his eyes can be replaced by joy and peace. I hope he continues to be brave enough to be his true self, and I hope my grandchildren never grow to know a world where this kind of hate still exists. I hope that by the time they have lasting memories, these kinds of stories are just that. Another shameful part of our human history that should have never happened.
Soap box my regular ninja style....................
In other news.................
A few other things I learned this week.....
Wrestling checker plate is hard on the shoulders..............
-54 degrees makes your eyes freeze shut in a hurry so blink faster than normal........
Witnessing the complete and utter cuteness of grandkids never gets old............
So, my friends, until next time, I'll leave you with this wish........................
May you take hold and celebrate everything that makes you... you.
May you see, no matter another's opinion, you're completely beautiful, through and through.
May it always be remembered, before we judge another's worth......
May it be remembered, that's someone's baby, someone's child, love first.
May we strike the word tolerance from our lips when we speak of our fellow man..
May we replace it with acceptance, for no one wants to be "tolerated." It's time, I know we can.
Until next time.....

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