Saturday, May 2, 2015

"I Have To Need That"...And Other Kidisms!


I know I've said it before, and I will probably say it again many are awesome!

This week we received a visit from our two youngest grandbabies and their mom at the shop. Jake is pretty much convinced that he knows how to fix almost anything and when he's around it basically becomes Grandpa's job to hand him tools.

"I have to need that" is the general request. This is followed by whichever specific tool he requires.
Scoojivers, jills, hammas, you just never know. He takes it very seriously, and is smart as a whip. It's getting ever more difficult to pass off the "pretend" tasks as real fixes. He's beginning to catch on to the ruse. One can only hope that one day his ability catches up with his desire, and when it does, the desire still burns as bright. If not in pursuing "fixing," then with whatever takes it's place.

Speaking of burning the trade show in Swift Current today, I had the privilege of meeting a pretty fantastic 8 yr old young man. This kid has more drive and less fear than most adults I've ever met. Once he found out that I actually wrote the books I was selling, he hung out at my table for quite a while. Besides having some really great questions for me, he also wanted to let me know that he writes too. He also draws, has told his stories at open mike nights, and continues to push for more. When Mom joined the conversation, she explained how he simultaneously fills her with equal parts pride and fear. She is trying to walk the fine line of protecting him while still encouraging him to pursue what makes him light up.

Never more than a few steps behind, was his little brother.....he's five. After obviously being instructed to stay with his big brother when not standing by Mom, he strayed slightly to the booth across the way from me to do a bit of research of his own. You see, the lady in the booth across the way had cinnamon buns, butter horns, and other delectable treats, most showing a price tag of $5.00. It didn't take long before he returned to his brother, who was busily reading my books and talking shop, to ask for the said $5.00. (This was, of course was before Mom joined the party). Upon finding out that his brother had no money, even after asking the third time, this little one hesitated not one microsecond before turning to my hubby, looking him straight in the eye and asking "Do you have $5.00?"

Before my hubby could reply, Big Brother stepped in, completely horrified by his brother's request. "You can't go around asking people for money! Just stay here and wait for Mom!"

The deadpan look on this little 5yr old's face was absolutely priceless. All he saw was the fact that $5.00 was the only thing standing between him and the treats, and he was going to find a way.  It seemed completely ridiculous for his brother to object to his methods...............

It was a day of being shown secret handshakes, getting the chance to snuggle a one month old little girl, (her mom had the booth beside me, what could I do?), getting great feedback from people, and sending some more books to good homes.

It was a great way to end what was otherwise a bit of a challenging week.

Business at the shop couldn't be better, that's always awesome............

It was on a personal level that we had the misfortune of dealing with a couple of unpleasant people.

Details and circumstances don't really matter, as my experience has taught me that unpleasant people will simply be unpleasant no matter what the circumstances might be. Why they choose to do this, I will never be able to comprehend. These are the type of people who are compelled to find fault with everything they encounter. It will be their meal in a restaurant, their service at a gas station, the way their groceries are packed, the sky being too blue, or the fact that that trees have seeds. Details and circumstances hold no relevance.

My experience also has taught me not to give these people any power over my life in any way. Their negativity is poison, it's their poison, and I simply choose not to partake. So much energy wasted clinging desperately to misery, wasting even more trying to get others to join the party. No thanks.

As for the upcoming week....................

It will be another busy one at the shop............

Time to donate blood..............

Last of the wedding baking................

More prep on May 16 wedding music............

More writing..........

That about does it for another week....until next time.................

May your heart's desire never be squelched, in spite of the fear in which it's sometimes drenched.
May you hang on tight to your peace, others may try to tear it away, hold fast, fists clenched.

May everything that makes your heart sing be put before you in plain site, path clear.
May you wring every ounce of joy, without guilt, without regret, without fear.

May every brightness, every light, every happiness fill every corner of your life.
May any negativity be simply removed with the swift assuredness of a brilliant surgeon's knife.

May you go through your days walking in the sun.
May you share your joy, pass it on, for that's how peace is won.

Until next

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