Friday, May 15, 2015

There May or May Not Have Been.........................

Hi! a few shenanigans may or may not have taken place over the past weekend.......maybe......

There may or may not have been a bit of dirty dancing conga line crashing. There may or may not have been some drunkenese spoken with such a thick accent that the only thing understood was a demand for dancing, a refusal for dancing, and a guy who really didn't want his name to be Jose. There may or may not have been a few adult beverages of varying strengths, proportions, and colours involved................maybe.....

All in all it was a blast! It was so fun to hang out with our girls and just have a good time.

Then it was back home, rest a bit, then back to the shop on Monday!

That was the day I got to go on a bit of a field trip to the City for parts..........Construction, the season that piggybacks every season that doesn't involve snow.

As you sit in the line up waiting, it becomes fairly apparent, fairly quickly that, in general, humanity seems to approach this impromptu lesson in patience in one of two ways.

Some people get agitated almost instantly. You can see them making frustrated gestures, banging steering wheels, ever trying to inch ahead, even though the line is completely still, like that extra inch will somehow get them to their destination faster.

Others, take this opportunity to check their phones, bop along to the music on the radio, some even leaving their vehicles to chat with  fellow hostages. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it, so you might as well enjoy the down time.

Personally, I choose to indulge in the latter. Why get yourself all worked up, anxious and frustrated over something like this?

I am neither a surgeon on my way to perform an emergent, life saving procedure, nor a courier of donated organs, where time is paramount. I am just a person going down the highway.....slowly. 45 minutes one way or the other just isn't going to have any kind of earth shattering impact.

Travelling our busy highways can get a bit crazy, especially on these long weekends. Just remember, whomever you are going to see would much rather have you show up late, and in one piece, than suffer the alternative.

Enjoy the downtime.

Well, as predicted, this week has been very busy.

I did manage, however, to rectify the whole lack of grandbaby squeezes situation that has plagued the calendar, as of late. Dang they are cute! I got to hear all about soccer practice, math homework, a wonderful collection of sticks, dinosaurs, and a very animated conversation with our sweet Peanut, filled mostly with babynese and and lot of talking with her hands.

Music is ready to go for this weekend's wedding...............

Laundry is caught up...for now.....

Some dust bunnies have been hunted down and put to rest................

As for the next bit................

Shop will be busy..........


Get some last bits of daughter's wedding worked out......3wks away!!!!!

Well that about does it for this time................

Until next time..........not every day is a good day, so for those going through some bad ones.............

May the darkness be lifted at least so far as to see the light you truly are.
May you recognize that a bad day is simply that, a day, a new one is never far.

May you see that we are with you, every step, every stumble, every anxious breath.
May you know, even though the right words struggle to find flight, we do our very best.

May you rediscover your joy, it's still there, it's just hiding, frightened of the dark.
May you bring it out into the sunshine, let it feel the breeze, take hold, light a spark.

May you find you your smile, the real one, not the one painted on the mask.
May you find it, nurture it, and keep it, do whatever it takes to make it last.

Until next week..............

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