Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just The Right State Of Disrepair!


As I sit here and ponder life, the image of the streaking toddler I had the privilege of meeting, this week, comes to mind. The sheer freedom and joy he was enjoying wearing nothing but a sun hat!

Nothing constricting his movements, nothing prohibiting his expression, nothing contributing to the heat and humidity already present from Mother nature. Nothing stopping him from climbing in and out of his little paddling pool at will. No sign of embarrassment or shame. No hint of giving a damn what other people thought.

Reason #6594683 why I love kids. They are full of lessons.

Now, before you run off to strip down to nothing but a smile and head out the door, I should probably explain that I don't believe the lesson to be learned from this little guy was to be naked in the literal sense. (Although in the heat we've been experiencing lately, it's tempting)

No, this little nudist simply reminds me to check on my "give a damn" and make sure it's in just the right state of disrepair.

Yes, we have to care, to a certain degree what other people think. For instance, if I went out in nothing but a sun hat I would either get arrested, or put in a nice rubber room.  For instance, I wouldn't wear a bathing suit to a funeral. For instance, I'm thinking hiring a stripper to show up at my friend's work for her birthday, say, at a bank, just might be frowned upon. Well, I'm sure you get my point.

I believe this little bare-bummed wonder, was tossed into my week to remind me, and now you,  not to give our "give a damn" too much power.  Yup, make sure it's in just the right state of disrepair.

Don't hide your light. Never be afraid to let it shine through!

As for the rest of this past week?  Let's just say our feet hit the ground running after our break!

Business is booming, and we are so grateful! It's pretty awesome to see the smiles when people pick up their toys, working well, once again!

Yup, busy in the shop, went for a quick service call (where I met my new little friend), put in the paperwork to participate in a few more trade shows this fall, and snuck in a couple of grandbaby snuggles.

All in all a good week!

To end it on a high note, my honey and I will be going to a movie tonight. Nothing like a good laugh and some popcorn to take you out of business mode and plant you square in to date night mode.

In the upcoming few days............

More campers need to be made into happy campers................

More Lexi's Magic Clothes and Crazy Days will be delivered............(yay!)

Laundry doing and a wide spread dust bunny slaughter are in order in a big way............(not so yay)

Gratuitous grandbaby huggin' (Yay again!)


Well that about does it for another week....until next time I'll leave you with this wish...

May you be as carefree as a bare-bummed toddler, inhibitions and shame lost in delight.
May you find freedom and joy in all you do, bring smiles, provoke laughter, be a light.

May your light shine bright, never dulled by the clouds of others' judgement.
May your every colour come through loud and clear, be everything, be brilliant.

May you enjoy it all, what you eat, what you do, what you choose, or not, to wear.
May your "give a damn" be forever in the perfect state of beautiful disrepair.

Until next time!

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