Friday, July 31, 2015

Time Between The Sunsets...............

Ahhh different sunsets, different circumstances, but a sunset, just the same.

No matter what kind of chaos may be going on in life, no matter the circumstances, for the most part, we are guaranteed a couple of things. the sun will set and rise again.

Now, whether we get to continue to experience these incredible phenomena in the ways we are accustomed, that, my friends, is never guaranteed. As we all know, life can change in a heartbeat.

What we choose to put between our sunsets is so important. The time will pass regardless, fill it with what is most important to you.

Yes, we need to work, pay bills, run errands, and slay dust bunnies. But, these things need not eat up all of our time. These tasks are simply what is necessary, and, if you crank the right tunes up just loud enough, it helps........alot.

In a heartbeat. Every time I hear a siren I think how that sound will impact someone's life in no small way. This person's time between the sunsets will likely never be the same. The ripple of that siren will reach too many.

Hanging on to anger, fear, grudges, emotional pain or stress wastes our precious time. Looking at your life and those in it, and focusing on what you perceive to be missing, can only feed misery. If something is missing, find it. Chances are, it's been living right in front of you, just waiting for you to take notice.

Feed your joy.....making every heartbeat count.

Well, we had another great, and busy week at the shop.

Get trailers complete so nobody has to miss their holiday.....check....

Grandbaby snuggles.....check......

Finished music prep for the family reunion this weekend...check...Gonna be a blast!

As for how I will be filling my time between the sunsets in the next while..........

Gratuitous amounts of shenanigans with Aunts, Uncles, siblings and an obscene amount of cousins.....

It will be another busy one at the shop...........

More and more grandbaby snuggles...........


So, my with family in mind, I will leave you with this wish, as I am sure ours isn't the only reunion...........

May you dive into this DNA pool of awesomeness with both feet, and soak in all of the laughter.
May any and all differences be left at the gate, for there is only room for joy, stack it to the rafters.

May all contests of sport, both real and of impromptu invention, be enjoyed without sprains, scrapes or breaks,
May you understand that with this crew, having that happen is unlikely, there will be, at minimum, bruises and aches.

May a fantastic time be had by all, for I know that was the plan.
May we all come away filled to the brim with gratitude for being part of just an awesome clan!

Until next time!

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