Saturday, September 26, 2015

Those "Pinch Me" Moments......................


Well, another whirlwind week has passed.

We ended last week and began this one, with a weekend filled to the brim with family, friends, a lot of laughs, and a few "pinch me" moments.

Saturday was our niece's wedding. It was a gorgeous day, she, of course, looked like an angel, and both she and her new hubby were simply beaming with joy all day long.  It was a great time to catch up with some family and friends, and a great opportunity to meet the family that has now joined ours. I'm very happy to say that they seem like fantastic people and love our girl like their own. Couldn't ask for more.

Then, it was up bright and early on Sunday to make the 2 hour drive to Saskatoon to the "Word On The Street Festival."

If a person could have sent an order in to Mother Nature for a perfect day, you couldn't have done better than the one we received.

Warm, but not hot, a bit of a breeze, but not crazy, sunny, but, not blindingly so. It was awesome. This, is where the pinch me moments tend to happen.

There I am...... me. Just me, Margy, that grew up on the farm, got married, raised babies, very...... ordinary....... me.

People come by, some to buy books, some to chat, some to blow my mind with such warm feedback about my books that it's difficult for me to hold it together.

"Pinch me" moments............. they still hit in a big way.  This is what I get to do. This is real. These people actually read books that I have written to their babies at bedtime. They are pulling things from "Everyday Wishes" that have actually helped them in a real way. It humbly fills me with such gratitude, and helps me to know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, heading in the right direction.

Who knows where this journey will lead? The possibilities are endless. I can't help but wonder sometimes...........what if I hadn't taken that first step. What if I had successfully talked myself out of doing this. What if I hadn't listened to my hubby's encouragement.

I'm so grateful to be looking at the "what ifs" from this side of the looking glass. The "what ifs" from the other side would have been a lot harder to live with.

The rest of the week has completely flown by. We continue to be, and gratefully so, very busy at the shop.  We are starting to see, first hand, some of the damage dealt out by the storms that took place over the last few months.

Crazy winds, hail and rain. Mother Nature was definitely in a bad mood a few times, this Summer.

As for the next little while..........

It will be busy at the shop, for sure..............

Make time for some writing..............

Work on getting our song books updated for upcoming shows..........

Squeeze some munchkins................

Well, my friends, that about does it for another week.....until next time, I'll leave you with this wish......

May your life include some "pinch me" moments, moments saturated in surreal bliss.
May you, in those moments, really let it in, for you, my friend, more than deserve this.

May new adventures fall at your feet, be brave, be confident, choose what is most appealing.
May a fantastic time be had along the journey, leaving you joyfully breathless, blissfully reeling.

May you, as you travel, keep in mind, the destination is never the real goal.
May you see that it's how you get there that builds and fills your life, brings you joy, makes you whole.

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