Saturday, February 27, 2016

One Subpoena..Two Subpoena.....You've Been Served!


Remember last week when I mentioned my first subpoena? Well, here it is.

There is still some hope that they may plead out the case, but if we are lucky enough for that to happen, it won't likely happen until the day of the trial.

My daughter and I were unfortunate enough to witness a guy assault his girlfriend in the middle of the highway a few months ago. Now, as is the case with a lot  women who are in this position, she has recanted her statement.

In the moment, she was the one who asked us to call the police, but fear has since taken over.

It's sad to see a young woman so willing to perpetually put her life in danger. Terrified to stay, more terrified to leave.

We need to do better. Somehow, in the minds of these two young people, this is ok. That didn't just happen this week, this month or this year. This is something  they've been taught. Somewhere along the way, these young souls became broken to the point that makes this ok. They didn't break themselves.

Someone failed them.

In the not so distant past they were cherub faced toddlers, giggling, and playing, learning about the world, in awe of everything.

Somewhere along the way, she began to feel less than, She began to feel undeserving of respect. She began to use all  her strength to carry the weight of the blame for everything that went wrong, having very little left to protect herself. Somewhere along the way, with the help of those around her, she became broken.

Somewhere along the way, he began to feel less than. He began to feel undeserving of respect, so he began to desperately demand it, any form of it. He began to use all his strength to hide his insecurities, disguising his fear with a furious need to control. Somewhere along the way, with the help of those around him, he became broken.

It seems that in our society the broken tend to gravitate toward one another. They are familiar before the first words are spoken. Sadly, this perpetuates the cycle of abuse. These two have small children, how close to broken do you suppose they already are?

So anyway, on a day this May, my daughter and I will spend the day at a court house to either hear that they have pleaded it out, or to testify to something that everyone in the room already knows happened. Will it make a huge difference? Not likely, but the only alternative would have been to drive on by and do nothing. I can't be just another one of those around them that feeds their most broken pieces.

In other news............

I'm another step closer to having Flitflee Flanderfoodle ready for publishing. ....

Things at the shop are thankfully busy as ever............

As for the next bit.............

I'll be watching what happens in the American presidential primaries........ it's pretty entertaining...

Month end is once again upon us...................

Go to the dentist...........yay.......

Squeeze some grandbabies..............


Well that about does it for this week. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog every week. It means more than you know.

Until next time..........

May those who use words as weapons be forced to see the damage caused to a battered soul.
May those who mould innocent babies into broken adults, realize breaking others isn't what will make you whole.

May those who live a life battered, bruised and beaten, look up, for the blame is not yours to bear.
May you hold on to hope, keep your strength, in time you'll find someone to help, to care.

May you find a way to free yourself, protect yourself, to live a life free from fear.
May you find a way to stop the cycle, raising children unbroken, unshadowed smiles, eyes bright and clear.

Until next time...........

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