Friday, May 6, 2016

From The Belly Of The Beast.................


My fingers feel weighted as I write, today. These photos, which I pulled from different sources, so I'm not sure who to credit, are a sampling of the tragedy that is currently happening in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

This past week, over 80,000 people have had to be evacuated from their homes, as the flames began to swallow their community. This beast of a fire has gotten so huge it has begun to create it's own weather, a phenomenon usually reserved for volcanoes.

As far as I know, as I write this, through all of this, miraculously, only one human life has been lost. I don't say only because this 15 year old girl was insignificant in any way. I say only, because a monster this size is much more likely to take so many more.

The citizens of this community are unique. Where they live is unique. Because of where they are situated on the globe, it becomes a necessity to become well skilled in survival and first aide. These skills are probably a good reason why this fire hasn't taken more lives.

Convoys of supplies are on their way to those in need as convoys of those in need are making their way to safety. There was such a swift change in circumstance, that so many only had time to leave with little more than the clothes on their backs.

They are still trying to slay this dragon. It is far from dead, as of yet. With any luck, it will rain, and by rain, I mean pour, and by pour, I mean soak the earth for a week, until every last ember becomes a muddy memory.

Then the real work will begin.

In comparison, the events of the rest of the past few days seem kinda trivial.

The shop remains, gratefully, very busy........

I had my first experience as a witness in court.

About that.........

My daughter and I were served subpoenas regarding an incident we witnessed back in November of last year.

In our eyes, it seemed pretty simple. We saw what we saw. Done and done. The trial, and all of the information it provided,  showed both of us that what we saw was but a mere pittance in the drama that was the whole story.

What we saw was but one piece of a much larger puzzle.

In the end, I think justice was served, for the most part. My take away from the whole situation? I felt sad for all involved. Here, once again, is a monster. This one has many forms, but can all go by the name of addiction. It's generally easily recognized by everyone but the person it tortures. In this case, there are small children involved. Little people, once again paying for the choices made by the adults who are supposed to have their backs. How will they view the world as they grow up? Yeah...........

As for the next few days.............

Spend some time with a friend..................

Work in the shop.............

Squeeze some grandbabies............


Well, that about does it for now. Until next time......

For those in Fort McMurray...........

May you break free from the belly of this beast, and rise like a phoenix from it's ashes.
May you escape the heat, the walls of flame, the cinders, like snow falling upon lashes.

May you discover comfort in the kindness of others, gain strength, rest your body and mind.
May the efforts of strangers make their way to you, may the more you need, the more you find.

May those who are fighting this beast in the trenches, stay brave, stay safe, stay strong.
May these heroes and the unsung others, continue to make us proud of this human race to which we belong.

May the skies break wide open and release a days-long, soaking, pouring rain.
May the winds calm, and temperatures cool, so lives can rebuild and be lived happily once again.

Until next week...........

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  1. Margy you are such an awesome writer, mother, grandmother, compassionate, observer of life,etc. have so many many roles that you have taken on in life...whether you may realize the roles and part you have taken on in our lives and how much apart of our life you are..we may not "talk" as often as I would like but please always know that you are thought of so much...I miss you and am so glad that you are and always will be such a dear friend!!!