Saturday, May 28, 2016

Real Lives In The Middle...........


Okay okay, I know that that is a lot of me going on there in this week's photos.

 There is a point.  All of the photos were taken within the last 24 hrs. The first two are of my grandbaby and I on our date night. His Grandpa and I took him to see Jungle Book, and out for ice cream. But, that's not the point. (pretty awesome movie, though)

The third, is courtesy of snapchat. It reminded me of the advertisements on tv where  60 year old super models schlep their magic wrinkle cream. The filtres they use are so potent they could turn cow poop into coffee.

My point is this. Anybody can look pretty close to the societal definition of perfect with enough filtres. 

I really wish they would show us what they actually look like. If you want me to buy your magic potion, assuming you actually use it, show me your real face. If not, I'll save my 200 bucks and use snapchat. It's free.


For some strange reason, lately, I've been in the mood to watch superhero movies. Maybe watching things blow up and watching the good guys always win is my way of dealing with day to day frustration. Who knows.

Whatever the reason, they got me thinking that there is room for more female superheroes. 

For one in particular.

Here's my idea.

She will be a perimenopausal woman in a constant state of PMS.

- she's unpredictable
- she swears like a it's an Olympic sport
- her mode of transportation is a pimped out 1984 caravan

Her superpowers would be:

- she flashes- now, not like "the flash" so marvel or DC or whoever the flash belongs to, relax. No, she flashes. She has the ability to produce enough heat to cook a small chicken and, at times, this heat is accompanied by enough moisture to water a community garden. This defeats most enemies by simply making them extremely uncomfortable.

- She has the innate ability to remember absolutely everything except where she put her keys or why the hell she went into the kitchen.

- she has the ability to produce symptoms of puberty, pregnancy, and dementia simultaneously.

- she is awesome.

As for her costume:

The under armor consists of a push up bra and the best spanx money can buy. We then add a red leather corset that would make Scarlet O'hara feel like a wimp. Add booty shorts, thigh high stiletto boots, a cape, an emblem of a cougar and her silky hair blowing in the breeze, and voila!

Hahahaha, yeah,

The real  costume, A giant tshirt, yoga pants, a ponytail and bunny slippers.

I think I'm gonna give the guys at marvel a call, this is the REAL wonderwoman.

Real is always better than what shows up through the illusion of a filtre, whether it be an over-flattering filtre on snapsht or the over-harsh one through which we see ourselves. Real lives in the middle. 

Well that about does it for another week! Have a good one!

Until next time:

May we learn to celebrate the imperfections time brings, for they help tell our story.
May we forgive ourselves for not living up to impossible ideals, you are awesome, steep in your glory.

May we teach those that follow that they are treasures, as is, without alteration.
May we teach them that the images forced upon them are merely a digital mutation.

May we make them to put no stock on how many likes they get for their selfie.
May we get them to feel their value, so they can grow from the filtred photo and set themselves free.

Until Next Time... 

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