Friday, July 8, 2016

Everything and Nothing, All At Once...........


I know, I know, more photos of, well, everything and nothing all at once, I guess.

I guess I never get tired of the wide open space in which I feel very privileged to live. I am acutely aware if how lucky I am.

As you recall, I took a bit of a news vacation. Well, that came to an ugly and abrupt end this morning with news of yet another person dying at the hands of police compounded by more killings of police officers by snipers.

Violence creates violence. It just gets bigger and more vicious. The very worst of what we can be as humans, seems to be at the forefront, taking charge of the direction we are going, as a society. It's starting to feel like the bad guys are winning.

We can't let that happen.

We can choose to not allow these acts of violence to perpetuate hate and vomit misconstrued, misconceptions and hate-filled rhetoric all over social media.

We can choose not to jump to conclusions about everything. The actual, factual information we are given is extremely limited, we end up knowing very little about very little.

The loss felt by the families and friends touched directly by these horrible acts, though, is all too real. Before "sharing", plant yourself, your children, your parents or your friends firmly in their shoes. What you not want to see when you look at your phone?

We can choose to be kind. Always.

As long as there is one kind person doing one kind deed, there is hope. Let's be that person.

These photos are of everything. Everything is possible.
These photos are of nothing. Nothing in the way.


After taking a few days off for the long weekend, it's been anther busy week! Busy, busy at the shop, month end, installing doors, air conditioners, awnings etc. Pretty fantastic!

Was able to get in a bit of a hello with the grandbabies...........

Had a quick drop in visit with our niece and nephew.................

As for the days ahead..............

More fixing trailers............

Countdown to Flitflee is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squeeze some munchkins...


Until next time.........

May kindness flow from your lips as you speak, your fingers, as you type, your heart, as you view others.
May we see beyond the anger, beyond the blame, beyond the hatred, beyond the moment, these children, fathers and mothers.

May we begin to create a place of peace, plant a seed of hope, we need to start to rebuild humanity.
May we begin before we fall so far back, to long before we knew better, for that would be insanity.

May we begin from here, a place of understanding, where information availability makes ignorance an obsolete excuse.
May we begin now, for there has been more than enough bombarding our children's souls with this violent abuse.

Until next time

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