Saturday, July 2, 2016



This weekend, we Canucks celebrate the birthday of the fantastic country we have the privilege of calling home.

We have so much to be thankful for. So much to celebrate. So much yet to do.

We are such a young country, barely into toddlerdom, as countries go, really. So much to learn, so much we can learn from both the successes and mistakes of our older siblings around the world.

As any younger sibling, we watch, we learn, but need to forge our own path, one that best suits us. We aren't perfect, and will have to make our own mistakes Heck, even in our young life, we've already made quite a few. But, we will grow from these mistakes, ever becoming a better home for generations to come.

Let's never become the obnoxious sibling selfishly sitting on an incredulous wealth of resources which existed long before we got here, and will continue to exist long after we are gone. The only credit we can claim is that we found it.

Let's not pretend that our country just happened. The path that leads to where we are today is paved with pain, horrible injustices, unforgettable heartache, courage, back breaking hard work, ingenuity, and a belief in what could be.

Sadly, some of the heartache and injustices live on. We are still young, full of courage, ingenuity, and are more than capable of the back breaking hard work it will take to make the future something we can all be proud of. We can't rewrite history, undoing the mistakes, but we can move forward, creating a better one for those that will follow.

Happy Canada Day!

It's been, thankfully, very busy at the shop, We rolled up our sleeves and managed to get to the long weekend without anyone missing their camping trip!

I received, and was able to approve the proof for Flitflee Flanderfoodle! I'll have copies of the actual book in my hands very soon!!!!! So excited!

Some of the kids and all of the grandbabies were able to come by to partake in a belated birthday surprise for my hubby!

As for the next while...........

We will be taking advantage of the long weekend, hanging out with family an having some fun.....

We will then be jumping right back in at the shop.......

I should be getting a date of delivery for Flitflee....................

WR|ITE!!!!!!!! and I mean it this time!!!!

And that about does it for this week until next time...........

May the weather be too perfect for any kind of toque, and your two-fours be perfectly chilled.
May your double doubles be hot and your timbits fresh, and your poutine, never spilled.

May you have toonies and loonies aplenty, to play music all night on the juke, at the bar.
May there be no kerfuffles, at least none that end the fun, none that go too far.

May you have lots of serviettes in hand, in case of any celebratory mess.
May you have enough pop to mix with your mickey, for not enough can lead to various stages of unintentional undress.

May you, as you sit and enjoy the fireworks, in person, or on your chesterfield, in your housecoat, watching on tv.
May you appreciate what it means to be Canadian, for it is incredible to be able to live so freely.

May those who need this translated, be assured, I did not write it intending any kind of exclusion.
May those who need this translated, show it to the first Canadian you meet, they will be happy to settle any confusion.

Until next week.....

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