Sunday, September 25, 2016

We're Better Than The News Bytes!!!!!


Well, Mother nature did not change her mind. She stuck to her guns and gave us a pretty blustery day for our Word On The Street Festival.

My, not so co-operative model in the first pic was, once again a great helper. Our posters and easels weren't up very long, neither were loose copies of the books. Banners, business cards, and tent dividers were becoming air-born, or close to it, for the entire day.

But, in spite of less than stellar conditions, it was still an incredible day. It takes more than rain and wind to keep book enthusiasts away from books!

The rest of the week was filled with the usual. Working the shop, running errands, laundry and, of course, writing.

I did manage to see bits and pieces of news bytes along the way.

Imagine if our only experience of the world was through television news. They paint it with such a dark brush, making it seem like we should be afraid to set foot outside our doors. They sometimes throw in a small tidbit of something just a shade lighter, but those stories are so fleeting, they leave you wondering if you even saw it at all.

The world they paint, isn't the world I've experienced.

In the world, as I've experienced it, the good far outweighs the bad. I've encountered so many incredibly kind and generous people. Yes, I have also encountered those venomous parasites that feed off of others joy, creating fear, completely apathetic to the pain they cause, often finding pleasure in it.

But, for every venomous parasite I come across, I meet at least 500 kind, generous souls.

I'm so glad that the world that news channels portray is not actually the real world. They catch snippets of the worst of it. They highlight the most heinous and hateful things humans are capable of doing to each other. They then show it continually, until it doesn't actually seem real anymore, in effect, dulling our sensitivity the level of its tragedy. Why is that only the worst of what we can be is considered newsworthy.

This is not the real world. The world is filled with people who, every day, send their children to school, having them come home safe, full of wonder and excitement. The world is filled with  people who open doors for others, adopt rescue pets, help strangers with dropped packages, give homeless people hot meals and the shirts off of their backs.

Our world is more than, and we, as a human race are much better than the sum total of the horror-filled news bytes they like to make us believe represent us, and the society in which we live.

I do believe it's important to know what is going on in the world, for evil grows so much faster in the dark, without witnesses. I simply believe with equal fervor that it sure wouldn't hurt to shed more light on the good things along the way, for hope grows best in full sun with plenty of people to watch.

As for the upcoming week.........

I have to say, I'm pretty curious as to how the first American presidential debate will go, could be kind of interesting...............

Working the shop.....

Prep and participate in the Unity Fall Fair...........


Hopefully get a chance to squeeze a grandbaby or two or four..........

Until next time............

May you step out into this colourful world, enjoying every beauty it provides.
May you step away from the screens of darkness, step into the sunlight, spend real time outside.

May you greet the world with kindness, a ready smile, and embrace every adventure.
May each one take you to new, exciting places, every step becoming more sure.

May you stand strong through any hardship, any hiccup along the way.
May you see your strength, feel it, trust it, it's yours, it's forever here to stay.

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