Friday, October 28, 2016

Sneaky Ninja Ad Attacks!


Holy Cow! October is pretty much over! Halloween is upon us, and, if we are to believe ads on tv and in the stores, Christmas is the very next day!

The powers that be in advertising, seem to be in an incredible hurry to move the calendar along. They advertise spring allergy medication in January, they start the bikini body stuff right around March, they begin advertising 'back to school' sales before we can dip our toe in a lake, Halloween in August, Christmas in October.

What the hell is the hurry!

With all of this buzzing around our heads, it's no wonder we have trouble living in the moment.

One of my personal pet peeves is being rushed, and I feel like I'm being rushed by these people all the time. The relentless pounding of hurry hurry hurry, it's coming, it's coming, the next holiday, the next thing to prepare for, the next thing is coming! Their job is to create an urgency to make us want to rush out and buy. Buy whatever is the product or products of the upcoming moment/season.

I think it affects us without us giving it any real, conscious thought. Sneaky, ninja ad attacks.

I, for one, am going to make a concerted effort to fight the hurry, and take the time to enjoy now. Just because they want to put me in a panic, and try to make me feel unprepared, and rushed doesn't mean I have to let them.

So, to the sneaky ninja ad creators I say, I'll get ready for upcoming events, holidays, and seasons when I''m good and ready. I don't need you to add any more pressure to situations that can feel stressful enough all on their own. I'm perfectly okay with picking up the things I need when I need them and not when you would like to insist I need them.

If, by chance, the exact thing I'm looking for is somehow impossible to get at the time, I'm sure I will survive.

I'm choosing to enjoy the time that comes between now, and whatever comes next. Time flies by fast enough without any assistance from you, so do us all a favour and just chill.


Ths week has been pretty jam packed with helping my sister and her hubby move, a date night with my hubby, work, writing, visiting another fantastic school (Thanks again for having me Elrose Composite School!), and more writing.

The upcoming days will include, a Tradeshow, Halloween,writing, work, month end shenanigans, and more writing.

Like I said, life flies without assistance, let's sit in every moment we can, for as long as we can.

So, that about does it for another week.

Until next time......

May time slow down to an enjoyable, manageable pace, relaxed, unrushed.
May we quiet outside intruders who want to insist on panic, don't let them in, keep them hushed.

May you live your life at a measured cadence, one that brings you peace.
May you let go of all unnecessary, unwanted stress, free yourself, release.

May you give yourself permission to not chase, not care, not try, to keep up with false perfection.
May you see it's an exercise in futility, sacrificing your peace to feed others' perception.

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