Thursday, November 3, 2016

Most Humble, Most Kind!

Hi folks!

Well, here we are in November!

Soon, the United States will finally have a new president. Finally! I find it hard to understand why they drag their process for soooooooo long.

In my opinion, it shouldn't take longer to campaign for any office than it does to grow a human in a uterus.

It seems a bit crazy to me that they feel their process warrants this span of time. For one thing, it's got to be exhausting for those actually in the race. For another, that is a ton of money that could be so easily spent in better ways. Look into the hungry eyes of a child and tell me again how important it is that you spend millions for months, saying the same things over and over again. And for yet another thing. as if there needs to be another thing, if they were kept to a much tighter timeline, it would force all involved to focus more on policy and platform. There simply wouldn't be time for all of the silly, if at times entertaining, noise.

I haven't found another democratic country that does this. I would love to know the why behind it.

In my heart of hearts, I hope the citizens of America choose well, both for them, and the world they live in.

So while we wait to see who next resides in the white house, we carry on.

We carry on with babies being announced, being born, school pictures and Halloween. We carry on with new jobs, new houses, losing loved ones, meeting new friends, and cherishing those we already have. We carry on, crying on shoulders, and being the shoulder on which to cry. We carry on.

In my heart of hearts, I hope the citizens of America choose well, choose wisely, choose carefully. Putting the one in that historical home that has proven to hold dear the things for which we carry on. The one with their own history of working for the betterment of others. Past behaviors are a heavy determiner of future behaviors. Please push aside the noise, and take a clear, objective look at the lives of both. Choose the one who truly reflects how you want your country to be viewed by the world.  When you look at the leader of a country, a leader chosen by it's citizens, the world can't help but think that that leader is a true reflection of the nation that put him in such an esteemed position.


As for the past week around here,

Halloween.......I had the pleasure of giving the kids in our community a bit of a fright........hehehhehe

There was a trade show, month end, part finding, bill paying, customer care, writing, laundry and a dust bunny rodeo.

As for the next while...............

Some time with friends, writing, work at the shop, some more writing, and, with any luck a grandbaby snuggle or two.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish............

May you be thoughtful in your choices for their consequences linger.
May you weigh them carefully, the mirror is a hard place for pointed fingers.

May you see beyond the circus, beyond all that distracts from what truly matters.
May you look, with objectivity, who builds up those around them, who shatters.

May you make this decision keeping your world of neighbours in mind.
May you remember no one thrives in a bubble, pick who's most humble, most kind.

Until next week!

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