Friday, March 24, 2017

Cutting Loose The Concrete Shoes........................

Soon, my deck, sooooon!

I'm looking forward to this, and appreciate every moment times like these are possible.  Too many people don't get the opportunity for these simple pleasures, we can't take them for granted.

For now, I'm working hard on completing the first draft of this novel. I'm learning a lot through the process. Whenever you dive into something new, there is always so much to learn, and most of it, it seems, is not what you expected to learn.

When I first dipped my toe into the author pool, it felt very foreign. I had no idea how deep it was, if it was swimmable, if there lurked anything within its depths that could do real harm. It was truly a journey into the absolute unknown.

Up to this point, I have learned that "comfort zones" are prisons in disguise. The sense of security felt within them only serves to hinder us in the discovery of everything we are truly capable of.

I've learned that fear should never be allowed to be in charge of big decisions. I'm not saying that common sense caution should be thrown to the wind, but in being brutally honest with yourself, stripping away the noise, if, when boiled down to the core, you discover that fear is the real reason you don't do something, the zone becomes a prison cell.

I've learned that no matter what pool you dive into, there is the possibility if being bitten. There are those who will jump on any opportunity to try and take advantage of someone else's work. The trick is to learn to identify the snakes, figure out which ones are lethal, and which are harmless. It's okay to be proud of what you build, take appropriate measures to protect it. If you don't think it's worth protecting, who will?

I've learned that going from writing children's books to writing a novel is, for me, a little like going from paddling a canoe to being the captain of a cruise ship. When writing a children's story, you don't want to make it too complicated. You want to keep it light, bright, fast-paced, include some humour, using language that will draw them in, keep them engaged, and hopefully, in the end,  make them, at the very least, smile. In writing a contemporary novel, there are a lot more moving parts. Although what I'm writing is complete fiction, there is a certain amount of research that is needed for authenticity. The book is equal parts story and character. I find myself actually caring about these imaginary people, which can, in some cases, make it difficult to decide their fates.

As I am getting ever closer to completing the first draft, my mind wants to jump ahead, starting to contemplate book size, paper quality, font, margins, cover design, marketing, and all of the other million and one decisions that will need to be made once the story has come to its conclusion. If a person isn't careful, that storm can threaten to drown you, a set of concrete shoes. When I see this coming, I have to cut the shoes loose and grab the lifeline of now. Right now. What do I need to do today? What do I need to do right now, this minute? Breaking it down. A simple thing that calms the storm.

I've learned that the list of things I've learned and have yet to learn is infinite. As always, I'm sure I'm not alone.


Ths week...........

A busy one, still working from home, writing, and trying to stay on top of all things domestic.

As for the upcoming days............

Some time with the eldest grandbaby, some time with family, work, writing, and more writing (so close to completing that first draft!)

That about does it for now..................

May you cast aside the threat of concrete shoes, never feeling pulled under by decisions yet to be.
May you cut them loose, floating luxuriously on the surface, where your imagination runs free.

May you venture outside of your comfort zone, and any other box that seeks to hide your shine.
May you discover that once you do, you are limitless, everything is infinitely possible when dreams and effort entwine.

May you live in the 'why not' way more often than in the 'why,' for regrets tend to reside in the latter.
May you strive to live in whatever way brings you the most peace, unfettered, serenity and happiness matter.

Until next time..........

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