Friday, March 10, 2017

Fly Without Fear, Soar Without Guilt.......................................

This week marks the passing of a day to internationally celebrate women.  It's hard to fathom that it's only within the last couple of centuries we went to being deemed as property to leaders of nations.

We have come so far, but you don't have to do a lot of research to discover just how far we have yet to go.

For my part, I would like to do what I can to take some of the stink off of the word "feminism."

As a feminist........

I don't dislike nor do I have any disdain toward men. I like men, in fact, so much so, I married one.

I want to, in the society in which I live, carry the same value as my male counterparts.

I have freedom. I have the freedom to get married, or not. Have children, or not and wear whatever I choose to wear.

I want to be able to walk this earth without fear.  Without unwanted sexual attention, without being harassed, grabbed, groped, receiving unsolicited pictures of genitalia, or having some stranger's pelvis pushed up against me in a crowd. I want this for me, my daughters, my granddaughters and all those that will follow. I want our boys and men to absolutely absorb the fact that these actions are in no way okay, and trying to convince themselves that we should take it as a compliment is nothing more than a sick delusion put in place to make them feel better about being predators.

I want our upcoming generations of men to look at women as human beings that hold equal value to them, as an extension of their grandmothers, mothers, sisters, nieces, wives and daughters.

If I have the same experience, skill set, passion and seniority level as a man I work with, I should receive equal pay. If a specific position pays a specific salary, I fail to see what gender has to do with it. There should be merit based, not gender based pay.

I want anti-feminists to understand that feminism isn't about women wanting to be men, diminish men, or emasculate men. It is simply about affording the same freedoms and opportunities that men enjoy and take for granted, to women, eliminating double standards.

I want rape, even the very idea of rape, in all of its forms to become a distant, horrifying memory in the history book of humanity. No more drugging, dragging, threatening, demeaning, forcing or refusal in hearing the word no. No more blaming her for what she was wearing, or the fact that she was drinking, or walking alone, or the way she was dancing, or the fact that she agreed to be alone in a room with you..or....or....or....... no more blaming her..period.

This is why, to me, feminism is important, and not just for women.

We are a gender of survivors, not victims. We are not whining when we dare to speak up to give a voice to those who are silenced.

I want my granddaughters to be as free and safe as my grandsons, walking this world without gender imposed limits. That's all.


What a week!

I turned 51, which was celebrated, much to my surprise, by my dearest friend and all my kids (minus a few sons-in-law) showing up at the house! This, all being orchestrated by my amazing hubby! It was awesome!

I was able to get a few words on the page of my novel...

Working for the shop is still happening from our dining room table...........

Had a great time participating in my first spring trade show of the year!

As for the upcoming days................

Writing, work, a movie night (depending on whether Mother Nature has another tantrum), and the usual glamorous array of duties.


Well, that about does it for another week, until next time...........

May you fly without hindrance, soar without guilt, high above every glass ceiling.
May you walk with confidence, without fear, doing whatever you find appealing.

May you live your life free of the threat of unwanted touch, the uninvited infringement of your space.
May you never feel the need to silently manifest an escape route or change the cadence of your pace.

May "no" be heard loud and clear, especially and always if you've been rendered unable to speak.
May it echo in the ears of those refusing to listen, haunting their every breath, whisper becoming shriek.

May you fly without hindrance, soar without guilt, high above every glass ceiling.
May you walk with confidence, without fear, doing everything you find appealing.

Until next time...........

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