Friday, May 5, 2017

Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up.....Just Because

The world is a pretty crazy place right now.

So, basically, it's in the same shape it's been for generations.

Granted, it's a very different type of crazy compared to the days before seat belts, but every generation has grown up in some type of uncertainty and/or unrest.

Civil wars, world wars, trade wars, cold wars, we apparently can't live without some kind of war.

Racial discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual identity discrimination, age discrimination, weight discrimination, religious discrimination, more racial discrimination, cultural discrimination, discrimination against those who are differently abled. Basically, if there is any possible way to put down a segment of society, other than the one we exist in, we, as humans, will find a way to do so. If only we spent as much energy on celebrating what makes us alike as we do on what differentiates us. I'm all for a segment free world.

Crises have crept across time, Cuban missile, environmental, economic, refugee, famine, drought. Natural disasters have and continue to make their mark on history.

Technological advances have always been a part of our human fabric, from the discovery of fire to the contemplation and planning of humans actually living somewhere other than this planet.

Noble and evil leaders have had, and continue to have their days in the sun, spreading their unique brands of good and evil as deep and as far as they individually are able.

Even if the new crazy carries a smartphone and has better hygiene, it's still crazy.

When the worldwide chaos that surrounds us gets to be a bit much, it helps to remember that we are, by far, not the first to deal with it. Ours is but the umpteenth generation to feel this profound uncertainty, and we too will get through.

I think it's so important to keep from getting bogged down in all of it, getting weighed down by the enormity. One advantage/disadvantage we smartphone carriers have is the amount of information available to us. We are inundated with it, that it can quickly begin to feel like riding a bike in quicksand. Neverending, getting heavier with every push of a metal.

The answer?

For me, it's to remember to do things just because. It's keeping in mind that although it's important to live life on purpose, not every second of every day has to have one.

Just because.

A board game, an impromptu coffee date, a night at the movies, a bike ride without a particular destination, a day doing nothing but read a book.

Everyone's just because will look a little different, what blows my skirt up might not do the same for you.

So, remember that every once in a while, it's important to do whatever blows your skirt up for no reason other than....just because.


So this week was spent working at the shop, working on the marketing plan for "Once Broken", hangin' out with a grandboy, baking some buns, and a big  'ol pumpkin raisin cake.....just because.

In the upcoming week......

A trade show tomorrow, in Outlook

A visit with my baby bro......

Work at the shop.....

Work on having "Once Broken" available by Canada Day!


Well folks, that about does it for me.....until next time

May you do things 'just because', blowing your skirt up at every turn.
May you squeeze every ounce of joy from every single day, light your fire, let it burn.

May you dance like everyone is watching, and you're absolutely killing it.
May you sing like you do in traffic with the radio, talent overflow, spilling it.

May you see we live in but a minuscule window of time, many came before us, and many more will follow.
May you release the worries of the world, for they aren't yours alone, we share, deep waters become shallow.


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