Saturday, April 29, 2017

Live Life On Purpose...

Life has a way of happening. We make lists, make plans, set goals. All great things, but then life happens.

Curve balls of every kind come at us from all directions.

Loss of loved ones, illness, accidents. We meet new friends, reconnect with old ones. We meet people whose sole purpose for entering our lives is to teach us valuable lessons, some hurtful, some hard, some beautiful, all necessary, and eventually, appreciated.

There are surprise babies, and surprise career changes that lead you to discover new things about yourself and what you are capable of.

Some things knock the wind out of us to the point that we aren't sure if we will ever really breathe again. Some things lift us up to the point that we aren't sure if we will ever again touch the ground.

One thing, all of these things, good and bad, nudge us in the direction in which we are meant to go.

We can control very little when it comes to the really big things in our lives, the life and death things.

All we can do in between the curve balls is learn from them, use every ounce of them,  and live life on purpose.

Don't live life out of habit, doing things just because you've always done them. Do things you've never done. Help someone you've never met. Eat something you've never tried. Go somewhere you've never been.

Do it all because you meant to...on purpose.


So folks, Once Broken should be available by the end of June! There will more news on this front very soon!

The past few days have been spent proofreading, yet again, making contact with some book clubs, and creating a marketing strategy.

We also had the privilege of attending our oldest grandson's first basketball tournament! We are so lucky to live close enough to them to be able to take in their events!


In the upcoming week......

Month at the shop... more marketing.....

Well folks, that about does it for now......until next time...

May all you do be on purpose, not done just because it's what you always do.
May you catch yourself when you dip into habit, change it up, try something new.

May the curveballs that make you smile well outnumber those that make you cry.
May you embrace all of them, they are yours, their lessons will teach you to fly.

May light, love, and laughter become the biggest parts of your days.
May any dark clouds be obliterated by the sun's most brilliant rays.

Until next time.............

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