Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Canada Day!

Hi and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!

Well folks, tomorrow we are embarking on a bit of an adventure. We will be making quick stops in nine different communities to sell and sign books. So, if you are interested in meeting us to pick up a copy of Once Broken, or any of my other books, or just to say hi, feel free check out my event on Facebook for all of the times and places.  #OnceBroken Canada Day Turbo Tour Road Trip 

It'll be a fun day that, I'm sure, will go by way too fast.

When you look at the world, the countries, the cultures, and the turmoil that seems to relentlessly torment some, celebrating Canada Day and how lucky we are to live here, takes on a bit more meaning.

We are free to love who we choose, live where we choose, vote for whomever we choose, believe in whatever we choose to believe, or not. We are free to go camping, take in concerts, visit museums, visit each other, play, work and live in a place where almost all of us move through each day knowing we are safe.

I say almost all because we are not perfect. Far from it. We have too many who are homeless, too many that live in poverty, too many that live under the threat of some kind of violence, too many. Any, is too many.

Do we have things to fix about how our country works? Yup. Are the issues fixable? Absolutely! At 150 years old, as countries go, we are barely a toddler. We'll get it figured out.

In the meantime, we are a country where there are more lakes than all other countries combined. We are a country where we have room to run, as we have fewer people than the state of California, and more room than everywhere except Russia. We are a country of many cultures, all of which are important in weaving the fabric of our flag. We are a country that can handle the deep cold, in fact, we seem to find new ways to play in it all the time. We are a country that is

Even with our faults, quirks, and incessant need to apologize, we are a country that's pretty awesome. I, for one, feel pretty lucky to call myself a Canadian.

So, tomorrow, wherever on this planet you call home, if you come across a Canadian, be sure to say hi, and wish them a Happy Canada Day!


So these ramblings are hitting a  bit early because of the aforementioned road trip.

The past few days were filled with a shits and giggles day with the hubby, last weekend, working the shop, working at home, an unexpected visit with a nephew and his munchkins, and the obligatory laundry, and dust bunny massacre.

After tomorrow, the rest of the weekend is up in the air... I kinda like those.

Then, it will be back to the shop, month end, and whatever gets thrown our way!


Well folks, that about does it, for now......

With our nation's birthday on my mind, I'll leave you with wish.......

Dear Canada,

May we find a way to care for you, helping you flourish, grow and thrive.
May we find a way to care for each and every citizen, allowing them to shine, not just survive.

May we find a way to harness your gifts, without damaging you at your core.
May we find a way to share these gifts, for they surpass our needs, and could provide for many more.

May we continue to be reminded that we are mere stewards of this land, we own nothing, we are but brief trespassers, here for but a blink.
May we do our best to be a beacon of kindness in the world, humanity is a chain, we must strive to be a strong link.

May we always remember, in this world that can easily fill with fear and hate, that is not who we are.
May we always remember we are Canada, tough, funny, kind, courageous, a fierce and loyal friend, with a warrior's scars.


Until next time......

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