Friday, July 7, 2017

Just Keep Dancin' ......

The distance that divides these two photos is both a lifetime and a blink, thirty years and a minute.

We are living proof that you don't need a storybook beginning to have a happily ever after, that even if every statistic is stacked against you, you can make it, if you both want to badly enough. You don't have to have perfect or be perfect, you just have to be perfect for each other, and even then, there are challenges.

In in the summer of 1985 we met at a bar and danced...and danced...and danced.

In 1987, our vows took place on a mud-soaked day that pushed the limits of Murphy's law. I wish I was exaggerating. I would fill you in on all that happened, but, it honestly reads like a bad sitcom. Let's just say it involved car breakdowns, badly timed emergency dentistry, a flu bug, a tardy DJ, and cooking for people whilst wearing a wedding dress, and much much more. Regardless, by the end of the day, we were married.

As statistics go, we were 21 and 23 years old, we were two months from welcoming our second daughter into the world, we had only known each other for 3 months when we found we were going to be parents the first time. I had grown up in a very Catholic household, my hubby didn't have a religious background.

On paper, we should have been divorced within the first 5 years....if it took that long.

Yet, here we are, still dancing.

How? I can only tell you what has worked for us, as it's all I know.

*Hold each other's happiness as a priority, every day.

*Never hurt on purpose, it will happen often enough without trying.

*Kiss every day, not doing so can become a habit.

*Love your kids to death, but don't forget to be a couple, they need to grow up knowing what a healthy, loving one looks like.

*Have fun... even when you're broke, stressed, and the kids are driving you nuts.

*When you argue, and you will, don't do so in circles, get to the root, and find an answer.

*Hard times always get better if you let them, don't hold a grudge. Learn what not to do again, and move on.

*Keep promises....period. If you can't keep them, don't make them.

*Do nice things for each other for no reason.

*Hold on to each is a hell of a ride, holding each other steady, you can get through anything.

*Your spouse should never doubt, not even for a second, that they are your everything, and you are all in, every single day.

*Just keep dancin'.......


Well folks, our #OnceBroken Turbo Tour Road Trip is in the books!

Well over 500km driven, way too much junk food, and nine times setting up the car and tearing it down. We were pretty tired when we got home, but had a great day meeting new faces and catching up with some familiar ones. Thanks to all who gave some books a new home!

The rest of the past week has been a busy one at the shop, trying to get caught up on the dust bunny hunt and capture, and starting.

As for the upcoming days......

After a couple of cryptic phone calls and texts from various daughters, we will be heading to the home of our third daughter and her honey for something. We have no idea what. When I asked if we should dress "fancy", I was told, "You can dress as fancy as you like, but we aren't going anywhere. Oh and pack for overnight." This was followed by a text a couple of hours later..."Bring swim gear."

I'm intrigued. Whatever it turns out to be, it'll be fun, for sure.


Well folks, that about does it for now. With summer in full swing, I'll leave you with this wish....

May your sun-kissed skin feel every cool breeze as you sit with only the frostiest of drinks in hand.
May you find time to let your stresses go, play a game, squeeze your toes through the sand.

May your tent stay dry, your bathing suit wet, and the mosquitoes stay at bay.
May the s'mores be plentiful, and watermelon sweet, laughter filling every moment of the day.

May you, if a full-fledged holiday is not in the cards, get to enjoy every stolen moment in the sun.
May you take advantage of every possible second, and grab some friends for some summer fun!

May you watch some sunsets, some sun rises, and countless stars in between.
May you find a spot with big skies, warm blankets, and someone to hold, to enjoy the scene.

May your sun-kissed skin feel every cool breeze, as you sit with only the frostiest of drinks in hand.
May you find time to let your stresses go, play a game, squeeze your toes through the sand.

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