Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bit By Bit

Well, another week has gone by, "Lexi" is in a few more homes, and I have a tentative date for a reading/signing in the library in Kindersley. (Tentatively, Sat. August 14th.)

I think the week went pretty well. Along with selling some more books individually, I am proud to say that I've added another store to the list that carry "Lexi". She now is available at Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts on main street in Kindersley. Thanks Deb!

I can't really put into words the little thrill I get every time somebody buys a book. Each time, it takes me back to the day I jotted it down in one of the left over notebooks from the girls' highschool supplies. Each time, I have to give myself a little pinch to remind myself that it really is happening. "Lexi" is a real book, people are actually buying it, reading it, and genuinely seem to like it!

Slowly, but surely, "Lexi" is making her way. I know a few copies have made their way beyond the Saskatchewan borders. I have found out that she is now in homes in Alberta, BC, Seattle, Madill, and in at least one elementary school in South Korea.

Well, I better run. As I am not yet rich and famous,lol, and today is the only one I have to do it, the laundry and household chores are calling, ok, yelling.

Thanks to those who are reading this, and please feel free to tell your friends. (in case you missed it, that is what you call blatant self promotion, lol )

"Lexi's Magic Clothes" is now available at the following:

McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon,Sk

Paisley & Polka Dots in North Battleford,Sk

Crandleberry's in North Battleford,Sk

Milbanke's (downtown & the mall) in North Battleford,Sk

Our Drug Store in Unity,Sk

Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts, main street, Kindersley,Sk

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