Sunday, July 11, 2010

Onward and Upward!

It's been another week of learning, and again doing things that a year ago, if someone had told me I'd be doing , I would have asked them what they were drinking!

Let's start with the things I've learned. I've learned that when you start jotting down new ideas for kids' stories while watching a football game, the stories tend to have a somewhat aggressive edge to them. This results in having to rethink said stories! lol

I've learned to have a few pads of paper handy when jotting ideas. This way when new characters or stories pop in while I'm writing another, I can jot the new ones down right away, before they escape!

Thanks to a little girl I know, I also learned that inflatable swans with purple tiaras can lay incredible numbers of eggs in nests the size of a house!

Also, and I give this information as a public service, never and I do mean never debate video games with a 5 year old boy! You will LOSE!

As for doing new things, well, this week I did 2 newspaper interviews. For local papers, but interviews all the same.

It's a very strange feeling, answering questions about yourself and what you are doing. I suppose a person might get used to it after a while. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to do it often enough to become comfortable with it. Although, I really don't know how many times that would take, I'm guessing quite a few!

Now on to the future..... On Wed. July 14th I'm going to be doing a reading/signing at the Milden library. On July 20th 2pm I'll be at the Rosetown library. July 21st @ 7pm, Dinsmore library.
Aug 5th @ 1pm, Outlook library. Aug 14th Kindersley library.

I'm hoping to add a few more dates throughout the summer.

Well, I better run, literally, I feel like I've been neglecting my treadmill!

Oh yeah, Lexi is also available in a new store! Thanks Dennis and Ally!

Lexi's Magic Clothes is available:

Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford
Paisley and Polkadots in North Battleford
Crandleberry's in North Battleford
Our Drug Store in Unity
Tunes and Trinkets in Rosetown
Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley
McNally Robinson in Saskatoon
online at

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