Sunday, October 24, 2010


This past week.... the only thing that matters.... really..... is my Father-in-law passed away.

Yes other things went on, good things, happy things, but, as we all know, when something like this happens, a bit of a sad shadow is draped over happiness.

So, this week, I'm not going to tell you about the places "Lexi" and I went, or the places we will be going in the upcoming week.

This week, I'm going to ask that you indulge me, and give me a pass, until next week.

Until then....


May your heaven be filled with tuned guitars,
May the fishing trips there, be the best by far.

May you look down upon us and see your whole family thrive.
May you see us daily appreciate that we are full of life.

May you rest where you are in comfort, painless and peaceful as a spring rain.
May you rest knowing you passed leaving the very best of yourself in the ones who remain.

We love you.

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