Sunday, October 17, 2010

Short and Sweet!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! Is it just me, or as soon as thanksgiving is over, you start feeling like Christmas is just around the corner?
Well, let's see.... ah yes, this past week. Well the Halloween prizes are done! Yay!!!! Still need to nail down costumes for Randy and myself yet, suggestions?
I've booked the 21st off for reading "Lexi" in Rosetown. Turns out I'll be reading twice that day, to the pre-kindergarten class just before lunch and another group of kids right after lunch. I'm looking forward to it, I get such a kick out of the munchkins.
I still, however, have not started on a check list for North Battleford. I will, though, this week for sure! I've been trying to think of clever ways to draw interest to the "Lexi" booth. I would love to do something fun, but would like to stay on this side of screaming like a Carney! lol Again, any suggestions would be welcomed!
And, no I still haven't made that call to Outlook elementary. I had planned to do it on Wednesday, but ended up nursing a pretty sore neck that day. Still am, really. It's kind of an amusing story, if it hadn't ended in a mild case of whiplash!
On Tuesday, after work I was on my way to my sister's house for lunch. There I was innocently waiting at a red light, when I got hit from behind, and pretty hard, too! That's not even the best part, it was a COP!!!! I pulled over, and she came running up to my car apologizing profusely. I felt bad for her, she looked 12, and probably would have been in real trouble if I kicked up a stink. I felt fine, and there wasn't any damage to my car.(When she hit my foot was knocked off the brake, I think that's what saved the bumper!) It wasn't until that evening that my neck started flaring up. It's starting to let up now, though, I just have to be a little kind to it, and let it rest here and there.
AAAnnywaaay, I still need to call Outlook! This Wednesday, for sure!
Also this week, COSTUMES!!!
So you'll have to forgive me if this week's blog is a little shorter than normal, as typing too long makes my neck yell at me.
Until Next Week.......
May all the places you travel have the scent of wild flowers.
May you linger in your happy place for hours and hours and hours.
May your nights be extremely restful and your days even finer.
May you never have the stress of a cheating Chilean miner.
For a list of where you can find Lexi, please check out my first few blogs, as that was before I became lazy! lol

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