Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks, You Bet!

Well, hello there;

On this thanksgiving weekend, I would like to start off this post with a big thank you to Mother Nature for giving us, here in good old Saskatchewan anyway, the most gorgeous October weather! I don't remember an October when you could go outside in shorts and tanks!
It's Awesome!

Okay, down to business, or as close to business as this blog ever gets, anyway.

This week I managed to knock a few things off the list. I put the order in for more Lexi books, and they will be here a full week before the North Battleford trade show! Give me a Woot!

My business cards showed up in time, and look pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I found book proper uppers (still convinced that's their official name). On a suggestion from one of you guys, I went looking for a recipe book holder. I was sadly unsuccessful at a store that should most definitely carry such items. On my way to the car, deciding where else I should try, the dollarama store caught my eye. To make a long story short, I found a plethora of holders. I think they are intended for art or photos, but they work great for holding books!

I'm still figuring things out for the Halloween Bash, but I'm not too worried, I still have time, right?

The Rosetown Fall Festival was fun. the adult author they said I would be sitting with ended up being a friend of mine who writes books of short stories, Helen Mourre. I hadn`t seen her in a long while, so it was great to get caught up with her!

It didn't end up being a big selling day for "Lexi", I can't complain, though, the reason she wasn't selling real well was because most of the people that came by already had a copy! How cool is that!

I did sell a few books, though, one to the Kindergarten teacher from Biggar, for her classroom. Gotta love that!

I was also invited to read to the kids at the public elementary school in Rosetown on October 21st.

Oh, I almost forgot! I found Lexi's monkey! It will be perfect for North Battleford where my daughter is dressing up as Lexi!

All in all, a banner day!

Now for the upcoming week!

I will have to buckle down on Halloween things this week, for sure. Finish prize stuff and figure out costumes!

I will need to book the 21st off of work to do the reading in Rosetown.

I definitely need to start putting together a checklist for North Battleford so nothing gets forgotten. Will be interesting, as I don't really know for sure what I will need. Oh well, winging it has been working pretty well so far! lol

I also should give the Outlook elementary school a call, as I was approached about when I might be doing a reading by a mother of students from there yesterday at the festival. I was planning on seeing if they wanted to do one anyway, but now that I've had the proverbial kick in the pants I will get on it.

For now, I need to go and finish prepping for our thanksgiving supper!

Until next week, Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be hot and the stuffing be grand.
May your potatoes be lumpless and your veggies not bland.

May the pies be plentiful with crusts that are flaky.
May all the calories leak out so you remain lanky.

May you be surrounded by those you hold dear.
May you fondly remember those not near.

May you have nothing but warmth from those you've always known.
May you simply enjoy having everyone home!

I know lazier and lazier! lol

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