Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, let's see, where to begin.

This week went pretty well. Didn't miss any whole days of work for weather only one half day. You guessed it...more snow!!!

Dentist went well on Wednesday, and the craft fair was fun that afternoon as well. I was able to get caught up with some friends, sell some books, buy some stuff, in general, have a good time.

One lady told me, after kind of just standing there and staring at the books for a couple of seconds, how she thought it looked familiar. Apparently, she had seen and read a copy in the waiting room at one of the hospitals in Saskatoon, while her husband was in for an appointment.
She said she really enjoyed it,which is so nice to hear.

I sure hope the little thrill I get every time I talk to or hear of someone reading and enjoying "Lexi" never fades. I don't think it will because it's kind of like hearing nice things about your kids, you never tire of that either!

Friday, when we got home, I was rushing around, putting purchases away, getting things organized for the weekend and in the midst of the bustle, checked my email to find a pleasant note waiting for me. It was McNally Robinson in Saskatoon needing another batch of "Lexi" books! Apparently they were down to their last few again and wanted to stock up for the holidays!

Last night was my husband's work holiday party. It was a great time! Lovely meal, followed by 2 hours of stand up comedy that had us in stitches. Laughing until I cry is one of my most absolute favourite ways to spend an evening. This is why I try to do it on a fairly regular basis.

Also this week, I received more illustrations from Hazel. I wish I was more computer savvy and was able to put some up on here. I'm not giving up, I will figure it out. Hopefully in time for next week's blog.

For the upcoming week. Like most everyone out there I am getting ready for Christmas. I'll be shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating etc. In addition, I'm hoping to come up with some kind of clever, inspirational, free, fun, did I mention free, way to market "Lexi" for the Christmas season. I would love her to be in countless stockings, everywhere! Don't laugh! It could happen!

Also this week, I'm hoping to find out more about the Sask writers' guild, and what the benefits of membership are.

Until next week;

May all the shopping carts you push have had all their wheels aligned.
May none of them have that one stuck wheel that makes you feel you're driving blind.

May traffic be slight wherever you may roam.
May the skills of fellow drivers always be equal to your own.

May all the messages on your phone be nothing but good news.
May any telemarketers only call with offers that you would choose.

May none of your children need your assistance with homework once this week.
May they not have one squabble with a sibling, and be oh so sweet.

May they suddenly discover that chocolate cures cancer, obesity and insomnia.
May they find too that ice cream has this capability in it's formula.

See you next week!

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