Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who says you can't mix business with pleasure!

Well hello there! Long time no see!
I'm sorry I wasn't able to get my blog up last Sunday. I thought I was going to be able to, but didn't have wifi at the trade show and for some reason could not piggyback into my friend's wifi at her house. Not sure why, had her password, tried it on all the systems that my computer was showing as available. Hey, if one of you guys has an idea, please let me know. That information may very well come in handy another time.
Enough of that. The Mistletoe Craft and Gift Show in North Battleford was awesome! My oldest daughter came along, and there, we teamed up with one of my oldest and dearest friends.(bottom,center photo). Crystal, my daughter was a great sport dressing up as "Lexi."
I was able to meet a lot of very interesting people throughout the weekend, had a blast hanging out with Dana and Crystal, and sold 49 books!
Once again, without "Lexi," I would not have had this same opportunity.
Now, for this past week;
Well, I went to work Monday, pretty typical day. Tuesday, on the other hand was not so typical.
My husband and I attempted to get to work, but the roads were just too bad. They weren't exactly great when we started out and got progressively worse as we went! Highway was covered in slow/slush/ice. Yay Saskatchewan!
So with Wednesday being my usual day off, Thursday being Remembrance Day, and Friday my family didn't need me because they were getting company for the weekend. I had an impromptu 6 days off!
I took advantage of being home during office hours and ticked some things off my to do list.
*confirmed dentist appointment
*booked in for complete physical ( say it with me, yay!)
*booked a table for our local craft and gift show
*booked a consult with an eye laser place
*booked hair appointment
What does it say about me that the thing on that list that gets me most excited is the eye laser place? I know it sounds a little scary, but, my eyes need help and I'm terrible with glasses. Especially if I don't need to wear them all the time, I'll just end up losing them!
During this time off I also managed to put a few miles on my treadmill and break in my new mixer, which gets the assist in knocking off two batches of cookies to pop in the freezer for Christmas! That's right, Christmas baking has begun! lol
Now, before you nominate me for sainthood for being such a diligent little worker bee, I feel it necessary to inform you that in and amongst said time off, there was also some gratuitous Oprah, Dr. Phil, and movie watching. I also managed to sing through my entire collection of Christmas karaoke songs(60)! And before you ask, because I can! lol
Oh! I received the first sketches from "A Crazy Day" from Hazel! They are AWESOME! I showed you the character sketch last time, and I tried to give you a peek of what the actual story sketches look like, but I couldn't get them to load for some reason. I will figure it out and pop a couple on next week if I can.
So, for the upcoming week. Hopefully it will remain a normal work week, roads permitting. Wednesday is my above mentioned dentist appointment and the local craft fair. I'm looking forward to the fair, will get to catch up with some friends!
Oh, did I mention that I am now an official member of the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild? I'm not exactly sure what all the benefits of it are yet, it's still pretty new. I'll definitely keep you posted!
Until next time,
May all on your Christmas list give you obvious hints.
May you find all of the gifts you seek in the bargain bins.
May all you buy through the internet be delivered in one piece and on time.
May you be the millionth customer and win all the purchases you made on line.
May your office parties be truly fun, no awkward moments with the boss.
May the weird guy from accounting not striptease like last year, giving his undies a toss!
May your Christmas bonuses be huge and come with a big pat on the back.
May you be able to spend them freely without thought of the bills in a stack.
May you come out on the other end of this pre-Christmas season, with nothing but good experiences and a smile.
May you realize when all the craziness is over it was definitely all worth while!
Have a great week!

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