Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Boy!

Hello all my blog friends!

Let's see, things that happened in the past week. I now can confirm that my McNally Robinson event in Saskatoon will for sure be April 30th at 11am!!!!!! Woot!!!!

I'm sooo excited to start the "Crazy Day" roller coaster ride. I'm sure some of the ups and downs will be similar to the "Lexi" ride, but, I am just as sure that some of the twists and turns will be very different and carry their own surprises.

I have been playing phone and email tag with my web guy all week, hopefully somebody will win by the end of the upcoming one! I really need "A Crazy Day" on there soon.

This next leg of the book journey is one that I find the most challenging. I've been thinking about it, and have come to the conclusion it's because it all boils down to shameless self promotion! lol

Now, as a small town Saskatchewan girl, brought up with all of the guilt feelings about being prideful, this is quite a hurdle! Looking back through the last 9 months or so since "Lexi" came out, I've taken stalk of the most anxiety ridden moments, the events and processes I found most difficult, they all come back to that same sentiment.

I guess this falls under the category of Suck It Up And Get Over It

The fine line I don't want to cross, I guess, is this. I need to go out and promote my books, it's the only way to get them out there. I just don't want to enter the land of obnoxious!
But, all in all, I still feel very lucky and grateful that I even get to have this problem, if it even qualifies as one!

Well, there I go rambling again! lol

So for the upcoming week.

Looking forward to catching up with web guy. "A Crazy Day" should be showing up at my house by the end of the week! I should also be getting the details for my Prince Albert visit finalized. I'm looking very forward to reading this new story to the kids.

Let's see, I think that is about it for now.

Thanks for reading!

Until next Week!

May you be able to meet every day with a smile that comes from your core.
May you go through each day with a vigor that makes you glad that there'll be more.

May each day bring with it a great anticipation of something new.
May that something always turn out to be a positive thing for you.

May you be able to view the "day to day" with a sense of humour.
May you discover quickly, if you don't, you become a daily fumer!

Take Care!

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