Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wow! Here We Go!

Well hello there!

You know, when I sit down to write these, my ramblings and whatnot, every week, I kind of just sit quietly and try to reflect on the the week leading up to that point. I really try to let the impact of it soak in a little bit. You know what I mean, how all the little seemingly insignificant events, when strung together, can pack quite a wallop!

Well this week is no exception.

I had my appointment at the Lasik place. The good news? My eyes are not bad enough to even warrant a prescription pair of glasses, let alone a corrective laser treatment. The not so good news? The optometrist suggested I simply go down to the drugstore and buy the weakest strength reading glasses I could find. Yep, glasses. The kind that get lost, left behind, forgotten at home, broken etc. Exactly what I was trying to avoid with the whole laser thing to begin with! lol Oh well, at least they aren't expensive! Well, in the grand scheme of things, a pretty good problem to have.

On a bit of a sad note, the benefit we were going to perform at this weekend was cancelled due to lack of volunteers to run the event. My heart goes out to the organizers who were trying to put it all together. I know this preschool depends in a big way on this event to help keep it's doors open, I hope they stay around. It's an awesome preschool and Ethan along with my niece are both scheduled to attend in the fall. Here's hopin'!

On the happier side of things, well, this week was incredible!

First, I've found out that I have blog readers way beyond what I had ever dared to hope I have. Thank you all. I really want to say hi to everyone in Slovenia, Denmark, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Russia, the US and of course right here at home in Canada.

It completely blew me away when I discovered this. Thank you again, for taking this journey with me.

Another great thing that happened has to do with McNally Robinson. Well, two things, actually. First, I have a tentative date for the Reading/Signing of "A Crazy Day" it's Sat. April 30 at 11 am, in Saskatoon. Secondly, they sent me an email saying that considering the success of "Lexi", and the success they anticipate with "A Crazy Day" they would like to put copies of both books in their store in Winnipeg!

Cool or What!?

I'm so excited!

I was also contacted by the Library Services Consultant from the Prince Albert Grand Council, and invited to do some readings in the beginning of March. Two schools for sure and she is looking into doing a reading at a special needs school as well.

Yep, reflection, and soaking it in. I am so excited, a little intimidated, and a titch overwhelmed, by everything that is happening.

I get the feeling that "A Crazy Day" is going to push me out of and through comfort zones that "Lexi" only tickled the surface of. Don't get me wrong, even if it's with a touch of apprehension, I'm strapped in, and looking forward to the ride! I'm so appreciative that you will be going on it with me.

So, for the upcoming week.

As I haven't heard from my web guy yet, I will be getting in touch with him on Wednesday, to see what is shaking in that department.

I pretty much have my press release ready to go, I just need to get some feedback from some kids on "A Crazy Day", and confirmed dates, so I can add those in there.

It's still looking good for having books in my house in or around Feb. 16th or 17th. Can't Wait!

Until Next Week!

Thank you again for reading my ramblings!

May your week bring you news that is nothing but good.
May your job bring you satisfaction, as a job should.

May you experience the unbridled glee in a toddler's giggle.
May you come across something provocative that makes your mind wiggle.

May you crank the tunes from highschool, and dance like nobody else is around.
May you have a chance for quiet reflection where your breathing is the only sound.

Have A Great Week!

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